Saturday, 2017-11-04

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cr1901_modern_florent_: I06:33
cr1901_modern'm overall rather confused by your S6 DDR PHY06:33
cr1901_modernWhy doesn't any of the data bits appear to go through an ODDR2?
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rohitksinghcr1901_modern: iirc S6 has hard-silicon DDR PHY...Most likely that's why you do not see ODDR2.06:49
rohitksinghcr1901_modern: On actually checking the the url you linked above, now I'm also confused :/06:52
cr1901_modernWell, at least I'm in good company06:53
mithrorohitksingh / cr1901_modern: It seems like the output is using SDR?06:56
rohitksinghmithro: still overall it looks like _florent_ implemented PHY from scratch instead of using S6 MIG hard-silicon?06:58
mithrorohitksingh: Yes06:58
mithrorohitksingh: Although S6 MIG hard silicon isn't really a huge amount of real hard silicon06:59
rohitksinghmithro: Ok okay! That is wonderful! :007:00
rohitksinghmithro: okay, didn't know that :/07:00
mithroTake a look at
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mithroThe only really special thing is "IODRP2_MCB" usage...07:03
mithroWhich is described as07:04
mithroPrimitive: I/O Control Port for the Memory Controller Block07:04
mithroThe IODRP2_MCB is a component used by the Memory Interface Generator (MIG) core in conjunction with the MCB block to implement external memory interfaces. The use of this block outside of MIG is not supported.07:05
rohitksinghmithro: Thanks! So MCB hard-silicon is just BULPLL_MCB + :) Xilinx chose to provide no documentation on these07:15
_florent_cr1901_modern: we are using OSERDESE2 and not ODDR2, used as a 4:1 serializer. (you can see an ODDR2 as a 2:1 serializer)07:45
cr1901_modern_florent_: I see, thanks08:16
cr1901_modernmithro: Before I added tinyfpga support to either misoc or litex, I have to get this merged:
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tsukasa_aujimmo: You around?23:16
tsukasa_auI am trying to set up the HDMI2USB stuff on arch, and am hitting a compile error while building QEMU. Mithro suggests you may have hit and fixed the same issue23:17
tsukasa_auAny idea?23:17
CarlFKtsukasa_au: I probably can't help, but pastebin the error23:23
tsukasa_auThe error is
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tsukasa_auIt looks like arch is enabling some warnings as errors (which fail on this older version of qemu)23:25
CarlFKcc1: all warnings being treated as errors - yeah.  any idea how to turn that off?23:31
mithroMaybe "-Wno-werror" ?23:36
CarlFK[m]how do I tell what res monitors I can hook up to a laptop?  I was expecting xrandr --prop --verbose to do it, but nope:
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CarlFK[m]Thinkpad x1 yoga 2nd gen23:52

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