Thursday, 2017-11-02

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mithrotumbleweed: The most likely problem is the fact the internal system clock in the Atlys runs at a different speed than the Opsis01:01
mithrotumbleweed: I think we are at the "beg _florent_" stage of testing :-P01:01
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CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): do you have the bunny blog thing you showed us handy?01:59
CarlFKthanks - turns out the guy sitting here at ps1 showing me Vivado02:15
CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC): mithro (IRC) is there anything I can do to help with my Atlys in the next few hours?02:22
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: nope02:42
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shenkimithro: what settings (env variables) should I use for targetting the arty?05:04
mithroshenki: "export PLATFORM=arty CPU=or1k TARGET=net" ?05:05
mithroshenki: Maybe take a look at the "litex-linux" branch on my repo?05:08
shenkimithro: the linux tree, or the litex tree?05:12
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware at litex-linux (at
shenkiwow, did it really build that fast?05:12
mithroshenki: Use "make load-gateware"05:15
shenkiok. that was the result of just typing 'make'05:15
mithroshenki: Yeah, I'm fixing that error05:17
mithroshenki: But you probably just want to be loading when developing05:17
shenki(H2U P=arty C=or1k R=litex-linux) [email protected] ~/dev/timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware :litex-linux05:20
shenki$ make load-gateware05:20
shenkimake: *** No rule to make target 'load-gateware'.  Stop.05:20
mithromake gateware-load05:20
shenki$ make gateware-load05:21
shenkiopenocd -f board/digilent_arty.cfg -c "init; pld load 0 build/arty_net_or1k//gateware/top.bit; exit"05:21
shenkiOpen On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0+dev-00166-g0e4fbfba0-dirty (2017-07-03-06:50)05:21
shenkiLicensed under GNU GPL v205:21
shenkiFor bug reports, read05:21
tpbTitle: OpenOCD: Bug Reporting (at
shenkiembedded:startup.tcl:60: Error: Can't find board/digilent_arty.cfg05:21
shenkiin procedure 'script'05:21
shenkihrm, need a newer openocd05:21
mithroconda install openocd05:21
shenkimithro: cool. got it loaded05:23
mithroshenki: "make firmware-load"05:23
mithroHrm... I was sure I had solved this previously....05:25
shenkiit hangs after this:05:26
shenkimake[1]: Leaving directory '/home/joel/dev/timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/build/arty_net_or1k/software/firmware'05:26
shenkiif i connect i can see the bios05:26
mithrocan you pastebin it so I can actually see probler amount of context?05:26
shenkiah. good ol' ccontrol was running with -j05:28
shenkimake -j1 fixed it05:28
shenkijust waiting at the starting prompt05:28
mithroHit enter05:28
shenkishould i reset the board?05:29
mithroI thought you said you were at the bios prompt?05:29
shenkiwhen i connect manually05:30
shenkiwhen i use make firmware-load it hangs05:30
mithroWhat is difference in the flterm commands?05:31
shenkioh, it loses state when i press the reset button. that's probably what i did wrong05:31
shenkiflterm --port=/dev/ttyUSB1 --kernel=build/arty_net_or1k//software/firmware/firmware.bin --speed=11520005:31
shenkithat hangs05:31
shenkiflterm --port=/dev/ttyUSB1 --speed=11520005:32
shenkithat gets me the BIOS prompt05:32
mithroWhat flterm version do you have?05:33
shenki$ flterm --version05:34
shenkiflterm: unrecognized option '--version'05:34
shenkiSerial boot program for MiSoC & LiteX - v2.4-15-gd17828f05:34
mithroUpdate flterm?05:35
shenkiget this now05:36
shenkisecond go worked05:37
shenkibeer time. bbl05:38
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CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC): "Verified the issue is still present in 840e634 (, which is 8 commits after Atlys support was added to the nextgen branch. So, it's been there since the beginning."19:26
tpbTitle: Fixes to · timvideos/[email protected] · GitHub (at
CarlFK[m]does that mean the issue was not present in the commit before?19:27
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: I was struggling to find commits around there that built19:49
tumbleweedI didn't test them all, but that seemed close enough to be confident19:49
CarlFK[m]I think I get you.  it 'might' be a code defect in one of those 8, but probably not and too hard to 'just try it' ?19:52

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