Sunday, 2017-10-29

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mithroshenki / jimmo: ^--- See what shorne said00:09
shornemithro: I created a PR if you want to try03:14
tpbTitle: Fixes for openrisc litex uart by stffrdhrn · Pull Request #1 · mithro/linux-litex · GitHub (at
shorneNeed to go03:14
mithroshorne: Awesome! I'll get shenki and jimmo to test03:14
mithroshorne: I merged the arty soc stuff (and NeTV2 and Nexys Video) into the HDMI2USB-litex-firmware03:19
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shornemithro: cool, ill check it out, do you know why this driver would have worked on opsis? were you using keep_bootcon?08:37
shorneI dont see how input would have worked on openrisc with that driver08:38
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shorneSorry, I just remembered I did make one change in qemu-litex to move the IRQ for serial from UAT_INTERRUPT to 209:42
shorne-    litex_uart_create(CSR_UART_BASE & MEM_MASK, irqs[UART_INTERRUPT], serial_hds[0]);09:42
shorne+    litex_uart_create(CSR_UART_BASE & MEM_MASK, irqs[2], serial_hds[0]);09:43
shorneits kind of neat that we include csr.h into qemu, but I think its probably better that we make that internal to qemu09:43
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mithroshorne: yeah13:03
mithroshorne: I assume I have a branch somewhere that also has that be fix13:03
mithroshorne: my plan with qemu is to make each peripheral take a CSR base as a config option13:24
mithroThen have a little python script which generates the command line from the csr.csv file13:25
mithroshorne: my other thought was to make qemu read the CSV directly13:27
mithroshorne: I have some C code which reads the CSV files for the litescope<->sigrok integration stuff13:46
tpbTitle: libsigrok/csr.h at litescope · mithro/libsigrok · GitHub (at
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tvCommitBot[website] mithro created add-code-of-conduct-1 (+1 new commit):
tvCommitBotwebsite/add-code-of-conduct-1 bad8c8b Tim Ansell: Adding Code of Conduct....16:05
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tvCommitBot[website] mithro opened pull request #17: Adding Code of Conduct. (master...add-code-of-conduct-1)
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mithroThis is super cool ->
tpbTitle: Probot | GitHub Apps to automate and improve your workflow (at
mithroI've added a couple of the Probot apps to the TimVideos repo18:46
mithro(Like the WIP bot and the Url expander)18:46
mithroSee it doing the expanding here ->
tpbTitle: Change frontend to be static website · Issue #125 · timvideos/streaming-system · GitHub (at
mithrotumbleweed: ---^18:51
tumbleweedmithro: you have a mement?19:17
mithroNope! But I do have a moment :-P19:18
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shornemithro: about csv.csv csr.h I think its a good idea, but just for going upstream we will need to include the csr.h into the repo23:07
mithroshorne: We don't want to include csr.h into the repo - hence I think we want to make the liteXXX peripherals just take a csr_base / irq values as config values?23:10
shornemaybe we can include a base one in qemu and the have a way to override the .h file with CFLAGS ot config.  Not a priority right know, but just thinking of upstream when I see that23:12

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