Saturday, 2017-10-28

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mithro\o/ \o/
mithroMeans I should be able to merge it03:38
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shornemithro: I only get patches I can hack when the kids and wife are sleeping/away :)06:53
shornegot to go06:54
shorneok, got a bit of progress09:08
shornethere is something wrong with litex_uart_console_putchar : uart_out32(ch, LITEX_UART_TX, port);09:09
shornein earlycon it uses a writeb (byte)  but here is 32 bits09:09
shorneif I change to writeb I get the real console driver to actually output09:10
shorneinput is not working yet09:10
shornebut its better09:10
shorneAlso, the request_irq i changed flag from IRQF_TRIGGER_LOW to 009:11
shornethe openrisc IRQ PIC does not support that I think09:11
shornewith that off IRQs work partly (i.e. I get an IRQ when I hit a button) but thats it...)09:12
shornewill be away09:12
shorneOK, now I see something more intersting in the uart isr when we read the ev_pending register I see12:44
shorne 0x0200000012:44
shornewhich should be EV_RX12:44
shornebut... thats LE and openrisc is BE12:44
shornewhich would explain why it doesnt work12:45
shornehmm, that doesnt make sense though12:55
shorneoh... and I get a console now13:06
shornegreat, I just switched writel and readl to iowrite32be and ioread32be13:06
shorneits a bit of a hack13:06
shornebut finally all working13:06
shornetime for bed... Ill clean this up and send patches13:12
shorneI am not so clear, do we need to do the be/le changes on the kernel side or qemu?13:13
shorneI guess kernel since bios works fine13:13
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mithroshorne: \o/19:48
mithroCarlFK: ping? I did a massive merge last night and probably broke everything. Can you do some user testing ASAP?19:49
mithroSupport for Arty, NetTV2 and Nexys Video boards added19:50
CarlFK[m]Sure, next 24 hrs19:58

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