Thursday, 2017-10-26

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shornemithro: ok, the linux driver doesnt seem to be complete12:46
shorne1. interrupt handling is commented out12:46
shorne2. the device tree bindings don't seem to be defined12:46
shornenevermind on 2, but 1 yet12:47
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mithroshorne: That sounds likely -- you might want to have a poke around my repos at and see if there is anything else different / useful there...16:41
tpbTitle: Branches · mithro/linux-litex · GitHub (at
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NancyI want to contribute and want to learn through your oragnisation18:07
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shornemithro: ok, I have made some progress, I dont need keep_bootcon now22:05
shornebut I am failing to open /dev/console22:05
shornemaybe there is a problem with initramfs... looking at it22:06

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