Wednesday, 2017-10-25

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mithroshorne: It needed some clean up at the time00:01
mithroshorne: shorne: I think working on  getting the qemu emulated environment to user space is probably the first step00:01
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_florent_shorne/mithro: yes we can merge it when it will be working/validated/cleaned up.08:04
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shornemithro: ok sure12:39
shorneqemu first12:39
shorneok, probably I found it... trying one thing13:04
shorneok it doesnt crash now.. but not working13:07
shorneI updated13:07
shorneset UART_INTERRUPT 213:07
shornehmm let me try again, but updating litex mapping13:07
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froztbytehave we seen ?21:09
tpbTitle: GoPro/CineForm Insider: CineForm Goes Open Source (at
froztbyteugh, that f'n blogspot hostname change crap21:10
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mithrocr1901_modern: ping?23:15
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shornemithro: so, I think the issue with qemu/kernel is uart interrupts23:20
mithroshorne: I would guess that too - it does die around the time uart interrupts get enabled...23:21
shorneto problems, we need to set keep_bootcon23:21
shorne2 problems23:21
shornekeep_bootcon, I want to eliminate that23:21
shorneuart interrupts, they just keep firing, it seems they dont get reset after servicing23:21
shornei.e. the system boots until I hit a key, then it locks up servicing the interrupt23:22
mithroshorne: I wouldn't trust the uart driver nor the qemu emulation of it :-P23:22
shorneyeah, thats what I suspect23:22
shorneone or both, ill have to review both sides23:22
mithroshorne: Please do ask for pointers / help23:23
mithroshorne: If I can make it quicker for you to understand something, that is a good use of my time...23:23
shornemithro: no problem, I am familiar with the qemu and linux bits, but I will ask23:24
shorne2 questions23:24
shorne 1. is there any spec on this uart?23:24
shorne 2. does the bios uart software use interrupts?23:24
mithroshorne: Nope - no spec, just HDL23:26
mithroshorne: I'm unsure23:26
mithroshenki might be a good person to poke - he wrote a "minimal" uart driver somewhere to better understand it23:26
cr1901_modernmithro: Pong. Kinda multitasking tho (badly)23:26
mithrobut he is currently riding around Taiwan....23:26
shornemithro: sure no problem Ill review all and the hdl23:27
shorneI guess once we get uart the rest will move quickly23:27
mithroshorne: You'll want to look at the "eventmanager" ->
tpbTitle: litex/ at master · enjoy-digital/litex · GitHub (at
mithroshorne: Luckily I actually added some documentation for that a while back :-P23:28
shornemithro: ok, what is it?23:28
shornepart of uart?23:28
mithroshorne: You can think of it as the generic way of doing IRQ like CSR registers23:29
shornei see23:29
mithroshorne: "Provide an IRQ and CSR registers for a set of event sources."23:29
shornegot to go to work23:29
mithroshorne: Okay, I'll probably be in bed by the time you get home23:30
cr1901_modernmithro: So I didn't get to work on fixing qemu that much this week. I have an idea to try now though23:30
cr1901_modernprintf debugging doesn't work in this case b/c stdout is already in use while the xfer is taking place, so I'll use a global/shared buffer to store return codes23:32
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