Monday, 2017-10-23

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shornemithro: yes, Arty, but I figured it its not available I can try to make way starting with the opsis11:39
shorneYes, I found the uart config in there 'litex ...'11:39
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mithroshorne: if you do manage to get Linux going, I will give you an Opsis board at LCA so that everyone has the same setups14:11
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samsagaz_guys, exist some way to get a discount to purchase some HDMI2USB hardware? we are in Argentina and looking an better hardware to record our pycon and python events (django girls, pyday, pycamps...)16:03
samsagaz_we was getting bad quality to record the conferences, and looking to improve that ASAP!16:04
CarlFKsamsagaz_:  I can kinda answer:   there isn'16:04
CarlFKsamsagaz_:  I can kinda answer:   there isn't much that we/anyone can do about the cost, but we can do things about helping you get the money/equipment16:05
samsagaz_Hi CarlFK16:05
samsagaz_thanks for the answer, and sorry for my english.. :/16:06
CarlFKyour english is fine - better than some native speakers ;)16:07
CarlFKdo you know anyone on the PSF board?16:08
samsagaz_i will read this week all about timvideos and hardware, software and cost of the equipment. I already asked like 1 year ago about the same... every time that one big python conference start we have the same problems, we need to solve this ... we are wasting time and getting video quality problems.16:08
samsagaz_CarlFK, sure, im just a member of python argentina, i dont have contacts in PSF, but our members have a lot of contacts16:08
samsagaz_they help us in every event16:09
samsagaz_with the international speakers and different support.16:09
samsagaz_and some of our members are python ambassador in latin america16:11
samsagaz_so we are in contact with the PSF, but not myself, i just recorded some conferences but last one was really crap because used small home cameras and the audio was very very bad, all the work that take to record and edit the videos and get very bad quality in audio for example16:12
samsagaz_we will need to solve that for next confs :)16:12
samsagaz_apart from the PSF there is another method to get equipped with the hardware? i will talk with the board of Python Argentina this friday, need to collect as much info as possible.16:19
samsagaz_I will create a list of different options to see which is the best for future events...16:21
tpbTitle: PSF Grants Program | Python Software Foundation (at
CarlFK[m]put together a plan for: how  purchasing some equipment will result in recoding 5, 10, 20 events over the next 2 years17:08
CarlFK[m]don't say "we need it for this next 1 event"17:09
samsagaz_sure, thanks for your support. will talk with the board members of Argentina :)17:12
CarlFK[m] 5, 10, 20 events - 10-20 talks each = 50 - 400 videos.    $500 per video is $2500017:12
CarlFK[m]so don't be afraid to ask for 5 - 10k17:12
CarlFK[m]warning: managing inventory is a huge pain.17:13
CarlFK[m]hopefully you are going to be the one that has possession of it and takes it to events17:14
CarlFK[m]sending equipment to an event ... kinda never works out well.17:15
CarlFK[m]im not sure it has ever worked.  you need at least 1 person who is familiar with it and made mistakes before17:15
samsagaz_What about the software? this are coded in C and have python scripts/gui to use it?17:17
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at
CarlFKstart there - "You should see the gui with 2 bouncing ball test feeds."17:19
samsagaz_thanks CarlFK17:19
CarlFKthat is pretty solid17:20
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/video-stack-deploy: fork of DebConf Video Team ansible repo (at
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CarlFK[m]samsagaz: don't try to save pennies on the equipment.    I made that mistake years ago, used $250 cameras that only got used once.  the $1200 cameras got used 10 times or more and everyone was happier  (me, vollees helping, presenters seeing pro stuff, viewers seeing nicer videos)18:05
samsagaz_yes i understand,18:33
samsagaz_which cameras recommend?18:33
CarlFK[m]xfxf and tumbleweed will have better answers - the $1200 were SD ones I got 5 years ago, which are now ... legacy ;)18:52
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tumbleweedwe bought a pile of Sony PXW-X70 for Debian, earlier this year21:12
CarlFKit is *very* valuable to use the same thing as the rest of us.  except we don't all buy at the same time, so what makes sense changes ...21:18
CarlFKccc recommended a JVC, I got 2, xfxf used one for a bit and found something much better21:18
CarlFKxfxf: wake up!!!21:18
CarlFKI would likely go with which ever is smaller21:19
tumbleweedwe played with a couple of cameras, to make the decision
tpbTitle: [Debconf-video] Report from last week-end's single-user single-day DebConf Video sprint (at
tpbTitle: #debconf-video log (at
samsagaz_thanks guys21:35
samsagaz_wow 2000USD :/ here in argentina cost like 4200USD :/21:36
samsagaz_we need 4 cameras for the confs21:36
samsagaz_will be hard to purchase that kind of camera21:36
tumbleweedyeah, those weren't cheap21:37
tumbleweedyou can get away with amazingly cheap cameras with HDMI capture21:38
tumbleweed(e.g. CarlFK's $10 camera)21:38
samsagaz_i found in argentina 3600USD each one21:41
CarlFKoh yeah, I remember thinking the DC cams were pretty expensive21:56
CarlFKand yes, I found a used camera on e-bay for $9.98 + $5 shipping.21:57
CarlFKwhich worked good enough21:59
xfxfi use canon xc20 and xc30's22:05
xfxfwhich are compact and nice22:05
xfxfalthough i'm hitting use cases now which probably mean i'm gonna have to look at buying some broadcast grade cameras22:05
xfxfbye bye money, i didn't like you anyway apparently22:05
CarlFKwhat's that?22:09
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xfxfCarlFK: bigger cameras with lenses designed for large rooms22:59
xfxfthe prosumer cams don't cut it22:59
CarlFKhope you are getting pro pay ;)23:00
tumbleweedxfxf: those sonys we have are suprisingly good in low light23:01
tumbleweedI guess CCDs have improved a lot in the last few years. They're smaller than our older cameras, and seem better in low light23:03
xfxfack, modern sensors are surprisingly good23:08
xfxfthis is less about light though, more about rooms where you need long throw23:08
xfxfprimarily keynote venues23:08
xfxfthink LCA this year, and the fact we ended up getting to use a broadcast camera anyway23:09
xfxfprosumers look garbage once you're at max zoom23:09
tumbleweedthis is true23:09

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