Saturday, 2017-10-21

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Choco31415@CarlFK ping00:53
CarlFK[m]Choco31415 pong00:53
Choco31415I've been making more recordings, and it I wanted to share one:00:55
tpbTitle: YouTube (at
Choco31415This one is a Microsoft talk on their AI services and research.00:55
Choco31415Ops, wrong link?
CarlFK[m]No camera?00:58
Choco31415I didn't think I would be able to this talk.00:59
Choco31415I'm really happy with how audio came out, although I can faintly here some very light audio feedback in the first 10 minutes.01:06
CarlFK[m]its kinda echoy01:07
CarlFK[m]good audio is hard01:08
Choco31415The room has a microphone that connects to an audio system.01:08
Choco31415I tried toning it down a little to avoid massive echo... should've done more.01:08
Choco31415*audio system = speakers01:09
CarlFK[m]how did you get audio?01:09
Choco31415I connected to the room's PA system.01:11
CarlFK[m]did the sound coming out of the PA sound like that ?01:13
Choco31415The echo? Yes. General noise/static? That's the audio capture.01:14
CarlFK[m]what were you using for audio capture?01:17
Choco31415Until I get an Atlys, the Behringer U-phoria UM2. (
tpbTitle: UM2 | Audio Interfaces | Computer Audio | Behringer | Categories | MUSIC Group (at
Choco31415CarlFK, what do you use besides the Opsis/Atlys?01:30
tpbTitle: Blackmagic Design: DeckLink Tech Specs (at
CarlFK[m]I have 4? cameras that have hdmi out. plugged into that card01:33
CarlFK[m]I have some 6 channel Behringer mixers - which is really just a $150 box to hold a single fader (slider pot instead of a knob)01:36
CarlFK[m]fader is good for adjusting as the person is talking01:36
CarlFK[m]i5 desktops for voctomix01:37
CarlFK[m]a bunch of mic/PA system stuff.   im not sure I recommend anyone invest in that if they just want to do recording01:38
Choco31415Why do you need 6-channel mixers??01:52
Choco31415Wouldn't you need 3 at most? PA, computer, audience?01:52
Choco31415Oh, my last question is, how do you mix audio/video if sources are, say, over 100 meters apart?01:54
cr1901_modernjimmo: Something I've been wondering; is there any particular reason your improved mimasv2 firmware won't fit with the free C compiler?02:03
jimmo@cr1901_modern: it's been a while since i tested it, but i was starting to get close to the limit even with the pro compiler02:07
jimmotheres something like a 2x difference between free and pro02:09
cr1901_modernI see... I wanted to try to port libmodem _as an experiment_, but I'm not going to "waste" my free trial on it.02:09
cr1901_modern(not to mention meson doesn't support the PIC compilers afaik)02:09
jimmoI don't think it's worth spending much more time on the mimas firmware - I'm not sure what gains there are to be made02:10
jimmoi.e. what would libmodem get you?02:11
cr1901_modernno gains except to retroactively justify convincing mithro to use my old library I resurrected ;)02:11
jimmowhat it really needs is a better usb stack :)02:11
cr1901_modernProb that too, but I'm not great w/ USB02:12
cr1901_modernThe point of libmodem is that it's supposed to run _everywhere_. From your core i7 to your PIC18. But I've not actually been able to test the lower limits of the library (unless MSDOS counts).02:14
cr1901_modernMaybe I'll port it to msp430 next...02:14
cr1901_modernjimmo: In any case, this was a q I've been meaning to ask for a while, but just never got around to it02:14
Choco31415Why not a raspberry pi?02:15
cr1901_modernBare metal RPi is an idea...02:15
cr1901_modernChoco31415: If you're asking about *nix, nominally libmodem just wraps termios02:15
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shornejimmo: I am not sure if you saw my message above... I am trying linux on arty but it just gets to 'Executing booted program at 0x40000000'02:32
shorneyou mentioned that before02:32
shorneNow I am trying to connect openocd to debug... but didnt get much luck... here is my openocd output+config02:33
tpbTitle: trying litex openocd connect · GitHub (at
jimmoyep same as me02:33
jimmohaven't had a chance to investigate further02:33
shorneok, do you know if mithro has gotten further?02:34
shorneFYI, I think this was discussed before, but this is how you confirm the binary for openrisc02:37
tpbTitle: openrisc or1k raw binary objdump · GitHub (at
shorneLet me confirm the hardware is setup02:38
shorneI mean... if it works on opsis and not arty there must be a hard problem i.e. the linux dtb doesnt match arty hardware platform02:40
shorneill look at those and compare... but it would be good to learn how to connect openocd on this board02:41
shorneone possible issue?03:39
shorne        "uart":   0,03:39
shorne   or1klitex.dts  interrupts = <2>;03:40
shornebut... earlycon doesnt use interrupts I am pretty sure03:40
shornehmm.. this code is iffy in head.S05:25
shorne  #define TEMPORARY_SETUP                 l.mfspr r0,r0,SPR_EVBAR05:25
shorneusing r0 as a temporary register? r0 should always be 0x005:26
shorneshenki: is this change from you?05:26
shorneI see what you are doing though... I guess its safe05:27
shorneWe have switched to use shadow registers in openrisc upstream, the patches should be merged to upstream soon05:28
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