Thursday, 2017-10-19

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jimmo@mithro i chatted to joel about steps for creating a rootfs. so that'll be my next thing. and attempting to debug getting to userspace in qemu.02:33
mithrojimmo: Oh cool!02:36
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johnnyangel6@find bone chiller03:00
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CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): what  fpga are you using for your lca workshop?05:30
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jimmo@CarlFK I think he's leaning towards the Arty05:37
jimmoMimas would be good at half the price, but the much faster gateware flashing and ethernet netboot on the arty is a pretty major plus05:37
jimmoalso being able to use Vivado instead of ISE seems like a good idea05:41
jimmoit makes me very sad because i spent ages writing new programmer firmware for the Mimas :p05:45
CarlFK[m]There is a guy here in chicago (just walked out the door to go home) with "something like the Arty" that wants t get into fpga05:47
CarlFK[m]I am trying to tell him to go to LCA05:47
CarlFK[m]he might05:47
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mithrojimmo / cr1901_modern:
tpbTitle: Calculating CRC with a tiny (32 entry) lookup-table | Lentz family blog (at
mithroCarlFK[m]: it will likely be the Arty - but there are now multiple Arty variants16:11
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