Wednesday, 2017-10-18

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shorne_sorry, no time to try qemu net or linux firmware11:24
shorne_jimmo: where are you? how did you get into the hdmi2usb project?11:24
shorne_So... my tftp boot works ok on qemu, there was on issue12:19
shorne_originally the qemu command line params had: -drive if=mtd,format=qcow2,file=build/arty_net_or1k//qemu.qcow2,serial=m25p1612:20
shorne_I mean it was: -drive if=mtd,format=qcow2,file=build/arty_net_or1k//qemu.qcow2,serial=12:20
shorne_I update it to: -drive if=mtd,format=qcow2,file=build/arty_net_or1k//qemu.qcow2,serial=m25p1612:20
shorne_It seems an issue with the script passing the serial, maybe its my environment issue12:21
shorne_it looks like 'spiflash_model' is missing from "platforms/" thats probably on purpose12:23
shorne_IN build/arty_net_or1k/software/include/generated/mem.h "SPIFLASH_BASE" is available as 0x0000000.12:24
shorne_I guess if its 0000000 it means not populated12:25
shorne_because for opsis its ' SPIFLASH_BASE 0x20000000 '12:26
shorne_hmm, but in targets/arty/, arty is "spiflash": 0x20000000 too12:34
shorne_no, im wrong arty has 'SPIFLASH_BASE 0xa0000000'12:41
shorne_We are just missing a spiflash_model in platforms/arty.py12:42
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mithroshorne_: Hi! -- Merged!17:03
CarlFK[m]mithro: you made it?17:13
CarlFK[m](landed, have a place to stay, didn't get stuck in Fiji17:14
tumbleweedwelcome :P17:31
mithroYes, I did!18:11
CarlFK[m]Welcome to the ongoing comedy show known as american politics. :p18:23
CarlFK[m]I hope we don't get you blown up.18:23
tumbleweedor shaken down. (my neighbours)18:25
CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC): you are back in SF right ?18:36
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: yep, got back yesterday18:37
tumbleweedTSA rifled through my bag of opsis, and it missed my flight to SFO, so I was probably still sitting around there waiting for it when mithro landed :P18:38
tumbleweedI should ship yours back to you18:38
CarlFK[m]tumbleweed: don't worry about packing all the stuff - I can pick it up in Dec.  just send what I need to test new firmware and whatever is attached ( c2 ... I think that is all?19:13
tumbleweedYour opsis, C2s, and BM cards are all in the opsis box19:17
tumbleweedso I can just fedex it back19:17
CarlFK[m]that's fine too19:28
CarlFK[m]where should sheila get a $2000 Lenovo laptop from?19:33
tumbleweedfrom lenovo?19:33
CarlFK[m], amazon, local store...19:34
tumbleweedthe only way to get build to order is from lenovo19:34
tumbleweedor is this the lenovo 25? (which I don't think has any build to order options)19:34
tumbleweederr thinkpad 2519:34
tpbTitle: Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga 14.0" 2-in-1 Laptop Computer - Black 20FQ005XUS - Micro Center (at
CarlFK[m]but she does want 16g ram, 1T ssd19:35
tumbleweedthat's normally cheaper to do aftermarket19:35
tumbleweedbut try build to order via their website, and see how it compares...19:36
tpbTitle: | Lenovo US (at
CarlFK[m]"Only 8GB memory is available with Intel Core i5-7200U Processor."  wut ?19:44
tumbleweedlooks like an arbitrary limit they are enforcing19:46
CarlFK[m]grumble :p19:47
tumbleweedis the ram soldered or user-replaceable?19:48
CarlFK[m]Kamilion wake up!  we have hardware questions. :)19:49
CarlFK[m]"and notice the RAM column heading: Memory (soldered)"
tpbTitle: Solved: Is the RAM on X1 yoga self-upgradeable? - Lenovo Community (at
CarlFK[m]I/O (Input/Output) Ports  Mini-RJ4520:00
CarlFK[m] "The Mini I/O RJ45 is designed                      with eight contacts and conforms to all the standards of RJ45                      connectors."20:07
tpbTitle: Mini RJ45 Connector - Innovation - Xmultiple (at
KjetilRJ.5 is half the size of RJ45 but is quite expensive20:48
CarlFKis that the same as Mini-RJ4520:56
CarlFKI got the feeling it used the same plug, just took up less space in the device?20:56
KamilionCarlFK: ?21:07
CarlFK[m]you know hardware stuff.   got a bunch of questions, like what is Mini-RJ45 ?21:07
Kamilionnever heard of mini-rj45.21:07
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Kamilion"The iXP1 Series of Mini RJ45 connectors are one of the most compact RJ45 connectors in the industry."21:08
Kamilionstill RJ4521:08
CarlFK[m]it is on a laptop skay is looking to buy, trying to figure out if we should get the $35 cable21:08
Kamilionthey just messed around in making the metal shell low profile by nipping a chunk out the top for the clicklock to latch into21:09
CarlFK[m]that's what I thought too.21:09
KamilionReally wish they WOULD make a half/quarter sized RJ45 clone, though21:12
tpbTitle: ThinkPad X1 Yoga Laptop | 2-in-1 Convertible for Business | Lenovo US (at
CarlFK[m]Up to 1TB PCIe SSD OPAL2.021:19
CarlFK[m]I see 1T for $470 to $740  - what do we get for the extra $?21:22
CarlFK[m]ok, gonna get it maxed out from lonovo.com21:43
Kamilionpersonally, I've always gone for clevos21:49
Kamilionbut this seems like it's for someone else21:49
Kamilionhave a look through the selection of models; see if anything catches her eye for a better price.21:51
Kamilion is one of their nicer units.21:53
Kamilionthat's with a 1060 GPU; sufficient for all business and some light to medium gaming21:54
Kamilion is the 1070 GPU; a good all around.21:54
Kamilionbut I've looked at the Lenovo Thinkpad anniversary edition; it's certainly bulletproof-feeling like the old IBMs21:55
Kamilioncan find custom'd clevos from a lot of vendors though21:58
tpbTitle: Clevo P950HR 15.6" Core i7 GTX 1070 Gaming Laptop | AVADirect (at
Kamilionrolls in at about $2100 for the 4K screen plus 32GB memory, half a TB PCIE SSD (960 Evo m.2), and a 2TB rust platter, which is the maxed config.22:01
Kamilionit's much more of a 'desktop replacement' than the lenovos22:05
Kamilionportability and power savings are sacrificed for performance, reliability, and maintainability.22:05
Kamilionbut some folks prefer style over substance; so the lenovo may be the only option. *shrug*22:06
Kamilion... what22:08
KamilionBattery: Up to 15 hours*22:08
tumbleweedwhen a laptop isn't built for performance, such things are possible (although divide that by half :P )22:08
Kamilionhow the fuck do they expect me to believe a 3 pound laptop can last 15 hours, when others in the class can barely top four hours?22:08
Kamilion"you can listen to mp3s with the CPUs at 200Mhz for 15 hours!"22:09
KamilionGee, that's swell, guys, but can I work on this multimedia document for 15 hours?22:09
tumbleweed15 hours of working in vi is a very productive 15 hours22:09
Kamilion*sound of raucious laughter*22:09
* Kamilion squints22:10
KamilionIf you worked in vi for fifteen hours, why would you need a laptop like that?22:10
tumbleweedwell quite :)22:10
KamilionA corporate dell would do the job a million times better with the module bay batteries.22:11
Kamilionand you don't need a GPU.22:11
tumbleweedwhich means better linux support too22:11
KamilionAnd you can really get by with a dualcore, not a octocore (if you count the hyperthread cores)22:11
Kamilionheck, at that point, I could run vim from a flippin' z80 board for hundreds of hours off a set of AA batteries22:12
Kamilion168mhz z80's a lot more powerful than people give it credit for22:12
KamilionI'd still choose nano though.22:13
* Kamilion laughs and runs before the pitchforks get whipped out and the emacsers show up with the torches22:13
Kamilionactually, that gets me thinking22:14
* Kamilion wanders off to look for FPGA reimplimentations of the symbolics lisp machines22:14
xfxfmithro: when are you back in sydney?23:44
xfxflooks like i'm coming up to sydney next week for UTS stuff23:44
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