Sunday, 2017-10-15

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shorne_yike, I installed vivado and it crashes quite a lot01:06
shorne_good old java01:08
shorne_Probably this issue01:09
tpbTitle: Vivado crashes during startup - Community (at
shorne_"It seems like it is a bug of gnome using wayland."  which is what I have01:10
shorne_ok, ill try without the gui for now01:10
shorne_well, I tried with my own installed version of java and it works01:59
shorne_I cant believe, after installing vivado they installed the jre like 8 times02:00
shorne_mithro: during linux build I am getting an error ' ./scripts/ Cannot open 'openrisc-rootfs.cpio.gz''02:28
shorne_It seems that file needs to be in the linux root?02:28
shorne_I guess I need to download it from you somewhere?02:29
shorne_Ill try with my own root for now02:30
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shorneKernel: arch/openrisc/boot/vmlinux.bin is ready02:34
shorneI had to run : make build/opsis_net_or1k//software/linux/firmware.fbi03:00
shornekernel boots.. but fails loaded VFS (as I removed rootfs)03:00
shorneOK, now to try on a board...03:14
shorneIs there a place I can read about this hole architecture03:14
shornei.e. what other projects do I need to know of other than HDMI2USB-litex-firmware03:15
shorne  - What is in Platforms vs Targets03:16
shorne  - what is gateware / firmware03:16
shorneIll read through docs I can find03:16
shorneAnother question03:17
shorne  - What is this python hdl language?  Is it Chisel?03:17
sb0chisel is scala-based03:20
shorneah ok, I emembered wrong03:22
mithroshorne: 'm around now04:46
mithroshorne: Platform == FPGA Board + things connected to the FPGA board04:46
mithroshorne: Target == Configuration of the SoC04:47
mithroshorne: Take a look at docs/notes.md04:47
mithrojimmo: You should take a look at docs/ too04:47
mithroshorne: writing up some overview docs is on the to-do list04:57
mithroshorne / shenki / jimmo: I'm getting close to being happy to merge the arty stuff05:42
mithroI'm hoping I can get the CI for Vivado running, then I'll merge05:43
mithroNow I have to remember how to run the tarball generation script...06:11
mithroOh -- look at that, Vivado and ISE have a silent (batch) install mode ->
tpbTitle: AR# 32330: Install - Can I run the ISE installer in a silent (batch) mode? (at
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mithrojimmo: Did you try to rsync the build setup from your desktop to your laptop?09:37
jimmobut i re-ran download-env09:37
mithroTry make clean first?09:37
jimmomissing pyclean09:38
jimmobut i guess you meant from build/.../qemu09:38
mithroNo, from the top level -- wanted it to delete ./build/xxx_xxx_xxx/09:39
jimmoah right09:39
jimmocool yep that worked, thanks09:41
mithroI assume it was something like needing to rerun ./configure09:42
jimmoyeah i thought build-qemu did that, but now i see that it doesn't09:44
jimmocool i'm back to almost booting linux :D09:44
mithrojimmo: Not every time09:44
mithrojimmo: I guess we can attach gdb and see where Linux is stuck09:44
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anant3110mithro : Hi, we talked yesterday. I haven't been able to set up the environment as of now. (internet issues) I will get back to you once I m done setting things up.09:52
mithroanant3110: No worries, sadly the FPGA toolchain downloads are quite large in size :-/09:52
anant3110mithro : True that. I will have decent internet speed tomorrow and I would be able to get things ready. I am just thankful that most of the workflow for FPGAs is automated! :-P I ll make it work by tomorrow or latest by day after and get back to you.10:00
jimmo@mithro so on the opsis i should be able to `make image-flash` and then `make firmware-connect` ?10:26
jimmocool, got the H2U prompt10:33
jimmo"WARNING:root:unbind-helper not found, will have to run as root!"10:33
jimmocan i fix this with more udev rules?10:33
jimmo@mithro how to arty? missing flash.py10:37
mithrojimmo: If you have the udev rules you shouldn't don't need unbind-helper10:37
mithrojimmo: No flash support for the arty yet, just use load10:38
jimmogateware-load ?10:38
jimmoembedded:startup.tcl:60: Error: Can't find board/digilent_arty.cfg10:39
jimmoi see there's a patch you've written10:40
jimmobut it doesn't seem to have been applied10:40
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mithroI wonder why that didn't apply...10:43
shornemithro: thanks I read through a few thing, like migen and misoc and how they use the term gateway as well10:44
shorneThe python is migen10:44
shornemithro: please sse my comments on the google doc10:45
shorne"LiteX Linux Support Random Notes"10:45
mithroshorne: You mean "gateware" ?10:45
mithroshorne: Things get confusing when you have a soft-cpu :-P10:45
shorneyes, gateware ... sorry its a typo my hands are used to typing gateway10:46
jimmo@mithro looks like the other patch did apply10:51
shornemithro: so I got linux booting on qemu, should I try on mimas or arty now?10:51
shorneor anything you want me to look into in qemu?10:51
jimmo@shorne did it boot to userspace?10:51
shornejimmo: for qemu it didnt because I dont have the rootfs10:53
shornebut it booted up until rootfs mount with is pretty much user space10:54
shorneI can try with my own busybox rootfs (on qemu) but was waiting to here what I "should" use10:54
jimmotim gave me a rootfs last night that he got from joel10:55
tpbTitle: shenki-openrisc-rootfs.cpio - Google Drive (at
shornejimmo: thanks Ill try that out10:56
mithroshorne: Arty10:56
mithrojimmo is just trying to do exactly the same thing10:56
shornemithro: ok, I just set 'export PLATFORM=arty' then trying the same boot10:59
jimmo@mithro any hints on the openocd patch?10:59
mithrojimmo, create build/conda/share/openocd/scripts/board/digilent_arty.cfg10:59
mithroWith contents ->
tpbTitle: Digilent Arty config for OpenOCD. · GitHub (at
jimmoyep, but why isn't that happening automatically?11:00
mithrojimmo: Can fix that later :-P11:02
jimmohow does conda know what "timvideos" channel is?11:03
jimmodid you register something?11:04
mithrojimmo: Yes11:04
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/conda-hdmi2usb-packages: Conda build recipes for the toolchains needed by LiteX / MiSoC firmware (at
jimmo@mithro the tarball at only has one of the patches applied11:13
jimmoso something's going wrong with the conda builder11:13
mithrojimmo: yeah11:13
mithrojimmo: But lets get your arty working first11:13
mithroThe builds are done here ->
jimmoahh i thought this might be it11:20
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithrojimmo: Ahh.... - wonder the correct way to fix it11:27
mithrojimmo: Got "make gateware-load" working?11:33
mithroshorne: Are you able to look at where the kernel is stuck?11:33
jimmo@mithro sent you a pull request11:44
jimmoto fix the conda11:44
jimmo@mithro do you have udev rules for the arty?11:48
mithrojimmo: No, I just manually chmod the /dev/bus/usb device at the moment11:49
jimmoif i create some where should i put them?11:50
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-mode-switch/udev at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: WIP: Mimasv2 support by mithro · Pull Request #68 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-mode-switch · GitHub (at
mithrojimmo: I'm pretty sure conda is broken because we are using a feature that isn't supported any more...11:52
jimmoi tested that change though11:52
mithrojimmo: How?11:52
jimmoconda build              ?11:52
mithroguess we will see in a second ->
mithrojimmo: I think that error is caused by my attempt to get static linking of libusb / libftdi12:00
jimmoyes, that failed for me too12:00
mithrojimmo: The thing that I thought was going to fail at was12:01
mithroValueError: support for __conda_version__ has been removed as of Conda-build 3.0.Try Jinja templates instead:
jimmowhat changed between 202 and 203?12:04
jimmodoesn't look like there were any commits12:04
mithrojimmo: I assume that is when they removed the support above?12:04
jimmoThe log length has exceeded the limit of 4 MB (this usually means that the test suite is raising the same exception over and over).12:06
jimmoThe job has been terminated12:06
jimmolol, because the path became _h_env_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_pl12:08
jimmooh and that's generated from the __conda_version__ ?12:08
mithrojimmo: they do binary patching - so need the path length to be as long as possible...12:09
jimmoi have no idea what you mean by that12:09
mithrojimmo: They patch path strings inside the binaries12:10
mithrojimmo: They can patch it with shorter paths by moving the '\0'12:11
jimmoso why did the newlib logs change so dramatically?12:11
mithroNOTE: The prefix length was changed in conda build 2.0 from 80 characters to 255 characters. Legacy packages with 80-character prefixes must be rebuilt to take advantage of the longer prefix.12:12
jimmoand did you move to conda 2.0 about 20 days ago?12:15
mithrojimmo: Not deliberately12:16
jimmolooks like it12:17
jimmoor whatever12:18
jimmoit's definitely that12:18
mithrojimmo: Stop getting distracted, we can get this later12:18
jimmobut this is the stuff that breaks people's setup12:19
jimmoi.e. every step is "oh crap gotta ask tim for the latest workaround"12:19
jimmowe need to fix this stuff12:19
mithrojimmo: Sure and we need to fix it, but at the the moment those things we can see how to fix12:19
jimmoevery thing i've been stuck on so far is nothing specific to my setup12:19
mithrojimmo: I have no idea if you can get the arty booting or not12:20
jimmoi can't get a USB serial device from it12:20
jimmoprobably udev but i can't see what's wrong12:20
mithrojimmo: You just plugged in the device, what did you get from lsusb?12:21
shornewhere am I supposed to get
shornewhen I run 'make flash' it says missing flash.py12:21
mithroshorne: Flashing doesn't work on the arty yet12:21
jimmo@shorne you're exactly where i am12:21
jimmorun `make gateware-load` instead12:22
jimmobut it'll fail because you'll be missing digilent_arty.cfg12:22
jimmo`cat ./build/conda/pkgs/openocd-0.10.0_166_g0e4fbfba0-20170703_0650/info/recipe/digilent-arty.patch | grep '^\+' | grep -v 'b/tcl' | cut -c2- > build/conda/share/openocd/scripts/board/digilent_arty.cfg`12:22
shornewhich is the openocd config12:22
shorneok, where can I put the config?  I have written openocd configs before12:23
jimmo@shorne - that command should copy it from the patch that didn't apply12:29
shorneright I see it12:30
shorneIt seems I dont have access to my device12:31
shornemaybe something missing in udec12:31
shorneI need to go12:32
jimmo@shorne yep, exactly what i'm trying to debug now.12:33
mithrojimmo: What does lsusb show?12:33
jimmoit shows exactly what i have a udev rule for12:33
jimmoBus 001 Device 025: ID 0403:6010 Future Technology Devices International, Ltd FT2232C/D/H Dual UART/FIFO IC12:34
mithrojimmo: Try "chmod a+rwx /dev/bus/usb/001/025"12:34
jimmoSUBSYSTEM=="usb", ACTION=="add", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0403", ATTRS{idProduct}=="6010", MODE="0666", GROUP="uucp"12:35
mithrojimmo: What is the permissions on that file?12:35
jimmoargh i'll bet sigrok is overriding my rule12:36
mithrojimmo: What is the permissions?12:37
jimmosigrok installed a udev rule in /usr and it's putting it in a group that doesn't exist on arch12:37
jimmoBAD SIGROK12:37
mithrojimmo: So, you have permission now?12:41
jimmoi think so but still dont' get /dev/ttyUSB*12:44
mithromodprobe ftdi_sio ?12:44
mithro[6739081.055551] usb 3-14.3: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB012:45
mithro[6739081.057763] usb 3-14.3: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now attached to ttyUSB112:45
mithro[6739190.901365] ftdi_sio ttyUSB0: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now disconnected from ttyUSB012:45
mithro[6879735.975604] ftdi_sio ttyUSB1: FTDI USB Serial Device converter now disconnected from ttyUSB112:45
jimmoargh yes not quite but i know what it is12:47
mithroWhat was it?12:49
jimmoi did (the equivalent of) an apt-get upgrade earlier today12:49
jimmowhich included a kernel upgrade12:50
jimmoand hadn't rebooted12:50
jimmo(i don't really know what happens here but FTDI devices don't work until reboot)12:50
jimmook, cool i can serial12:50
jimmodo i have to netboot?12:51
mithroYou need to set up your network to be
mithroYou want to install atftpd too12:51
jimmoi can't make firmware-load with linux?12:52
mithrojimmo: Hrm?12:53
jimmowhy do i have to netboot?12:53
jimmojust because it's faster?12:53
mithrojimmo: Because its *much* faster (IE 10 seconds compared to ~5 minutes)12:54
jimmook but i can at least check that it works this way12:54
mithroAnd I've never booted Linux via serial12:54
jimmolooks like make firmware-load doesnt' respect the FIRMWARE env var12:54
mithrojimmo: Possibly - as I mentioned I've not tested this way12:55
mithrojimmo: Then you should just be able to do "make tftpd_start" and "make tftp" then reboot the Arty12:57
jimmoby reboot you mean the reset button?12:58
jimmo(i.e. not power cycle obviously)12:58
jimmonetboot would be simpler if this PC had a spare ethernet port, or if i had a switch in this room12:59
mithrojimmo: Just do a "make gateware-load" should reboot it12:59
jimmoi have a USB ethernet dongle somewhere i'll find that13:00
jimmoi think it's in sam's room13:00
mithroDon't have working wireless?13:01
jimmo[FLTERM] Booting the device.13:01
jimmo[FLTERM] Done.13:01
jimmoExecuting booted program at 0x4000000013:01
mithrojimmo: What did you do?13:02
jimmomake image,  make gateware-load,  make firmware-load13:04
jimmoTARGET=base, PLATFORM=arty, CPU=or1k13:04
jimmoi'll leave TARGET=net building and try with netboot tomorrow13:06
mithroOkay, I'll try again here in a bit -- maybe I broke something -- still trying to get the CI going so I can merge the pull request13:09
jimmoUnable to download cmdline.txt over TFTP13:23
jimmoNo command line parameters found13:23
jimmoUnable to download initrd.bin over TFTP13:23
jimmoNo initial ramdisk found13:23
jimmo@mithro do you have them to go with that rootfs that joel made?13:24
mithroypi dpm13:24
mithroyou don't need them...13:24
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithrojimmo: hrm...13:26
jimmocan you send me your third_party/linux-litex/arch/openrisc/boot/vmlinux.bin13:26
jimmoactually i doubt that's it, because i could boot that file on qemu (and on the opsis i think?)13:27
mithrojimmo: yeah - does the qemu thing still work?13:28
jimmo@mithro netboot doesn't appear to be working in qemu13:36
mithrojimmo: Can you try CPU=lm32?13:38
jimmonah i'm pretty sure it's my network config13:38
jimmoyour script uses ifconfig, hwich i don't have13:38
jimmoso updating it to use `ip addr`13:39
jimmoBooting from network...13:44
jimmoLocal IP :
jimmoRemote IP:
jimmoOct 16 00:41:05 jimmo-nuc atftpd[25005.139839388460800]: socket may listen on any address, including broadcast13:44
jimmoOct 16 00:41:05 jimmo-nuc atftpd[25005.139839388460800]: Serving boot.bin to
jimmoUnable to download boot.bin over TFTP13:44
jimmoNetwork boot failed13:44
jimmoNo boot medium found13:44
mithrojimmo: Can you load the normal firmware?13:47
jimmonot by netboot13:48
mithroBut it works via firmware-load ?13:49
jimmoto the arty, yes13:50
jimmo(the H2U firmware)13:50
mithroChecking now13:51
tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
mithrojimmo: Oh, do you have any modifications to litex?13:58
jimmo@mithro i can netboot the arty to hdmi2usb fine14:01
mithroBut not Linux?14:01
jimmobut can't seem to qemu it to either right now14:01
jimmoand yeah, can't netboot to linux either14:02
jimmoyep just double-checked, same problem - on the arty it loads boot.bin but then freezes at `Executing booted program at 0x40000000`14:04
mithrojimmo: what Linux are you using?14:05
jimmois that what you mean?14:05
mithrojimmo: No - I mean were did you build it from?14:06
jimmo[email protected]:mithro/linux-litex.git origin/litex-minimal14:07
jimmomake litex_defconfig14:07
mithroIs your third_party/litex on or1k-linux?14:10
jimmowhich origin?14:12
jimmo(remote, i mean)14:12
jimmo$ git submodule update14:13
jimmoSubmodule path 'third_party/litex': checked out 'db6c88bbef0bdd64890e38aacf069f1f29d675ee'14:13
jimmook, making gateware now14:18
jimmo(qemu still doesn't work, should it?)14:18
jimmowhat do i need to rebuild?14:18
mithroTesting here now...14:18
jimmocan't get the arty to netboot now14:30
jimmoshould i be able to TARGET=base ./scripts/ ?14:32
jimmo(with FIRMWARE=linux)14:32
jimmoi'm guessing there isn't qemu spi flash for arty ?14:35
jimmoi need to sleep now... sorry i couldn't get anything to work14:37
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