Saturday, 2017-10-14

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shornemithro: I am working on it :) I got my gdb and qemu patches done00:41
shorneRight now I am working on vivado (maybe not needed yet) but just need to get to it00:42
mithroshorne: awesome! I'll be around in like an hour for most of the afternoon00:42
mithroVivado is needed for the Arty00:42
shorneI had a read through your google doc, I think I can complete that tonight00:43
shornetoday there are a few family things to do, and all this week work00:43
mithroISE is needed for MimasV200:43
shorneSo goal, by tonight have it running in qemu00:43
mithroIt should only take a few hours to get set up unless you hit issues00:44
mithroQemu doesn't need ISE or Vivado00:45
shorneright, I noticed that there was no spartan-6 support in the vivado I downloaded00:45
mithroYeah :-/00:45
shornewhich is a bit unfortunate after a 14gb download00:46
mithroThe mimasv2 doesn't quite work yet00:46
shorneYeah, but I figured I would blink and LED or something first to understand the workflow on these boards00:47
mithroAt the moment the DDR controller needs the core to run at 83mhz and ISE has trouble routing things on the lx9 at that speed00:48
mithroWorks fine at 50mhz but then the DDR isn't working correctly it seems..00:49
mithroNeed to chat with _florent_ about the fix for that00:49
shornewhat is the lx9?00:50
mithroSpartan 6 LX9 - means it has about 9000 cells00:50
shornemaybe we need multi-clock domains with some cross clock domain fifos?00:51
shorneI see right I remember you saying that the higher clock rate doesnt route00:51
mithroThe Opsis and Atlys have LX45 (45000 cells)00:51
mithroThe Arty is an Artix-7 35T which means it has ~35,000 cells00:52
shorneI see, those numbers make sense then00:54
shorne9,45,35 :)00:54
mithroThey are generous in rounding up00:55
mithroAnd the Spartan 6 cells and a bit different to the Series 7 cells00:55
shornewell, I am getting started.. now family calling00:57
mithroBut yeah, generally the Xilinx parts have the cell counts in the part name00:57
mithroNo worries, have fun!00:57
shorneright, I never noticed any logic to the numbers on the altera parts00:57
shornemithro: for the first part litex-firmware00:59
shorneI find these branches01:00
shorne  remotes/origin/or1k-debug01:00
shorne  remotes/origin/or1k-fixing01:00
shorneor1k-fixing being the latest01:00
mithroSpartan -> Artix -> Kintex -> Virtex -> Ultrascale01:00
mithroshorne: check my email about the Arty?01:01
mithroOn my phone, so can't look easily01:02
mithroWill be at a computer in about 30 minutes01:03
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at merge-arty-soc · mithro/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Google Groups (at
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mithroshorne: I'm at a computer now, but I assume you have probably gone to do stuff with your family?01:22
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shorne_mithro: yes... hmm somehow my connection reset01:33
shorne_I need to be away01:33
mithroshorne_: No worries, maybe I'll have stuff merged by the time you get back...01:34
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mithroshorne_: Gah - it turns out that I had not merged a bunch of patches - doing now01:59
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mithroWoot! The merge builds!04:42
mithroCarlFK: I'm about to do a super huge merge - can you do some testing after I do the merge?05:00
CarlFKmithro: I only have Atlys (and I am in Los Gatos, CA right now, fly home in 12 hours )05:01
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CarlFKtumbleweed has my Opsis.  I think he is back 'here' in a few days05:02
mithroI think he arrives like 30 minutes before I do05:03
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mithroCarlFK: Will you have time to test when you get back home?05:56
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): yes - I have an atlys and desktop sitting near each other, might even be plugged in, ready to go05:58
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shorne_running download-env.sh07:29
shorne_interesting, this really is a whole environment with python and everything07:30
shorne_mithro: ok, for the first issue with fxload missing07:31
mithroshorne_: You most definitely want to update to what I pushed an hour or two ago...07:32
mithroshorne_: BTW - I'm hoping to merge that branch in the next couple of hours07:32
shorne_+echo "Installing fxload (tool for Cypress FX2)"07:33
shorne_+# conda install fxload07:33
shorne_ check_exists fxload07:33
shorne_why is "conda install fxload' commented out?07:33
shorne_I updated to the latest07:34
shorne_IM going to uncomment that and try again07:34
shorne_I dont need cypress but might as well07:34
mithroshorne_: I think because we don't have a conda package for fxload yet....07:34
shorne_ah, Ill see, ill just comment out the check07:34
shorne_I am assuming I dont need it for qemu firmware build07:35
mithroshorne_: ./scripts/ <-- that installs fxload via apt-get07:36
shorne_I see07:36
shorne_Ill put a note in the docs on that07:36
mithroshorne_: Do you have edit access?07:37
shorne_I can comment07:37
shorne_ok, i need the ftdi lib/driver too ill run the root env thing... but I run Fedora :)07:40
shorne_let me convert this to dnf07:41
mithroThat libftdi stuff should be fixed soon -- I think I have figure out how to make openocd statically link against libftdi and libusb07:41
shorne_well, yum (they call it dnf in fedora now)07:41
shorne_the package manager07:42
shorne_apt-get equivalent07:42
shorne_hmm, the ftdi stuff doesnt match fedora 'looking for', but fedora has libftdi1.so07:45
shorne_let me see what it really needs07:45
mithroOh, I think we had instructions for that somewhere....07:45
shorne_I am trying `sudo ln -s /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib64/` it seems to work07:55
mithroshorne_: You could actually do a "ln -s /usr/lib64/ build/conda/lib/" probably07:57
shorne_ah, just into the local path08:05
shorne_right, it seems to work either way08:05
mithroThe environment tries very hard to get everyone *exactly* the same environment...08:06
shorne_mithro: environment seems to be loaded08:10
mithroshorne_: Awesome!08:10
shorne_running build-qemu08:10
mithroHopefully that works - I haven't run it in the last couple of hours :-P08:12
shorne_yeah. I guess running on fedora I am in a bit of a no mans land?08:12
shorne_I should probably try to run this on docker08:13
mithroA bit, but once you have the enviroment it shouldn't be all that dependent on the outside environment08:13
mithroI guess qemu is possible the one case where it would be...08:13
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anant3110Hi, I am just starting out and I love the work being done in your organisation specially the HDMI2USB project. I know basic to intermediate verilog programming, java, python and C++. Is there anyway I can contribute?08:19
mithroanant3110: Hello!08:19
mithroanant3110: There are plenty of things to contribute too, how much time do you have? :-P08:20
anant3110I can give 7-12 hours per week.08:21
mithroanant3110: Cool, were in the world are you located? I'm guessing maybe India?08:22
mithroanant3110: So, what part interests you more? You interested in doing more stuff running on hardware side of things - or more stuff running on the computer?08:25
anant3110I would be much more interested in the hardware part as long as I get the resources easily. My institute does have a lot of FPGA models but I will have to check if your requirements match with them. If that doesn't work out, I would be okay to do stuff running on the computer.08:28
mithroanant3110: The boards you should look out for are "Digilent Arty" and "Digilent Atlys"08:32
anant3110I m pretty sure I have seen a Digilent Atlys in my lab. But I m not sure about Arty.08:35
mithroshorne_: Hows that build going?08:36
shorne_mithro: sorry, had to be away08:38
mithroanant3110: You can get the build environment setup before having hardware...08:38
shorne_I got an error 'ERROR: configure test passed without -Werror but failed with -Werror.' ...08:39
shorne_no time to loo kat right now08:39
shorne_on my way out again08:39
mithroshorne_: Okay08:39
shorne_(that was on qemu)08:42
anant3110mithro: That would be cool. Can you give me a link to the code base? If not this :
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware: A version of the HDMI2USB firmware based around LiteX tools produced by @Enjoy-Digital (based on misoc+migen created by @M-Labs) (at
mithroanant3110: Yes - that is the correct thing to start with, there should be a "" file in the repo08:46
mithroshorne_: Will test here08:46
anant3110mithro: I ll get back to you once I m done!08:48
mithroanant3110: I might be in bed by then, but I should be around again tomorrow08:49
anant3110mithro: Sure!08:50
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jimmo@mithro just compiling linux now. qemu worked with gcc7 after i disabled Werror11:29
mithrojimmo: Ahh cool11:29
jimmobuilding a buildroot11:31
jimmo@mithro do you have instructions for that?11:31
mithrojimmo: No - I can11:32
mithrojimmo: No, I can't remember how I created mine...11:32
mithroI'm pretty sure it didn't work either, I ended up having one from Joel11:32
mithrojimmo: <-- shenki-openrisc-roofs.cpio11:42
tpbTitle: shenki-openrisc-rootfs.cpio - Google Drive (at
mithrojimmo: That is the one I have been using...11:43
mithrojimmo: Any luck?11:58
jimmoi gziped that file and put it in the right place i think11:59
jimmonow it's just compiling11:59
jimmojust failed11:59
jimmoor1k-elf-ld: cannot find libgcc.a: No such file or directory11:59
mithrojimmo: try "conda install gcc-or1k-elf-newlib" ?12:00
jimmoconda was more fun when we were on google's internet12:01
jimmo@mithro are you going to update scripts/download-env or should i?12:02
mithrojimmo: xxx-newlib seems to be only needed for Linux / MicroPython firmware -- not the bare metal ones12:03
jimmowhat libc does hdmi2usb use?12:04
mithrojimmo: None! \o/ :-P12:04
jimmoi feel like download-env should grab it anyway?12:04
mithrojimmo: See scripts/ ?12:05
jimmowhy not just install by default12:08
jimmoCRC failed...12:08
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithrojimmo: Need more further back then that...12:09
mithroBut I'm guessing that you are trying to use Linux on the flash with the mimasv2?12:09
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithroThe mimasv2 flash size is too small to store the firmware...12:12
mithroRemaining space   -2174436 bytes (-16 Megabits, -2.07 Megabytes)12:13
mithroI wonder why that didn't error....12:13
jimmoargh. ok trying minispartan6 now12:14
jimmonope. unsupported SPI flash chip12:16
mithroUse the opsis target12:20
jimmoah yeah, looks like no SPI flash support for the arty either?12:25
mithrojimmo: I've yet to get it working...12:25
jimmocool well not a login prompt, but linux is booting12:28
mithrojimmo: Pastebin?12:28
tpbTitle: Snippet | IRCCloud (at
mithrojimmo: Yay! That is what happens on the hardware12:29
mithroWill without the unexpected IRQ trap...12:30
jimmobut your doc says it boots to login ?12:31
mithrojimmo: Yeah - something has obviously broken since then... I blame shenki :-P12:31
mithrojimmo: Try editting third_party/litex/litex/soc/integration/ and replace move the uart to "interrupt_map" IRQ 212:32
mithrojimmo: Are you using the base target or the net target?12:33
shorne_mithro: I fixed the qemu thing it was an issue with my CFLAGS12:34
shorne_I deleted a path earlier today it cause a issue with qemu configure12:34
mithroHey shorne_!12:34
shorne_nothing related to litex12:34
shorne_but.. my time is up today unfortunately12:35
shorne_looks like I got hup to qemu build12:35
mithroI think jimmo might have accidently stumbled on something interesting...12:35
shorne_next will be linux tomorrow if I get time12:35
jimmochanging the irq got rid of the irq 0 error, but otherwise identical12:35
mithrojimmo: What did you rebuild after changing it?12:36
jimmo(i don't think i have built anything else?)12:36
mithrojimmo: Damn, getting there here too...12:38
mithroI wonder if Joel broke something when rebasing12:39
shorne_on qemu build I am getting12:41
shorne_block/blkverify.c:318:29: error: ‘%s’ directive output may be truncated12:41
mithroshorne_: Ask jimmo about that12:42
jimmoshorne_: gcc --version ?12:42
shorne_gcc (GCC) 7.2.1 20170915 (Red Hat 7.2.1-2)12:43
shorne_ah, maybe too new12:43
jimmosame as me12:43
shorne_and qemu to old?12:43
shorne_ok, then ill look into it12:43
mithroI started rebasing and splitting each feature into their own branch12:43
jimmoor remove -Werror from configure:475212:43
mithroshorne_: For now you can just disable the -Werror12:43
shorne_ok, I can do that too12:43
mithroshorne_: I was doing the rebase stuff here ->
tpbTitle: Branches · mithro/qemu · GitHub (at
shorne_oh... it builds12:49
shorne_then I guess runs12:49
shorne_Executing booted program at 0x4000000012:49
shorne_HDMI2USB firmware booting...12:49
shorne_opsis_eeprom: Init...finished.12:49
shorne_then a bunch of other stuff12:49
mithroshorne_: You should get all the way to the prompt12:49
mithroshorne_: Is this lm32 or or1k CPU?12:49
shorne_my env was or1k12:50
mithrookay cool12:50
shorne_and yes all the way to the H2U propt12:50
mithroshorne_: great!12:51
shorne_mithro: cool, on splitting features out to branches, I was splitting all of the openrisc backlock out to feature branches12:52
shorne_it made the work of upstreaming a bit more pragmatic12:52
shorne_I tried to document what I was doing here
tpbTitle: commit batches · stffrdhrn/linux Wiki · GitHub (at
shorne_but... sorry, need to go good night, finally :)12:54
mithroshorne_: Thanks!12:55
mithrojimmo: So, you going to try get hardware Linux?12:57
jimmo@mithro - that's only possible on the arty?13:08
jimmoi'll have to install vivado then13:08
mithrojimmo: Or the Opsis - which you have two of13:08
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jimmo@mithro i'll leave vivado downloading and opsis gateware building13:20
mithroOpsis gateware should only take a couple of minutes13:20
jimmo@mithro the opsis has no programmer firmware right? because the fx2 gets its firmware as part of the programming process?13:37
mithrojimmo: More complicated than that - but you can think of it like that for now13:38
jimmo@mithro so i don't need to do anything on those two boards - i should just be able to gateware-load or gateware-flash?13:39
jimmocool ok i will try tomorrow13:40
mithroHow did it get to almost 1:00am :-(13:42
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