Monday, 2017-10-09

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juliusb mithro: that migen issue is spot on, it should be an option for the reasons stated03:05
juliusbmithro: by "boot" what do you mean? basic firmware runs?03:05
mithrojuliusb: Our bare metal firmware works as far as I can tell03:06
mithrojuliusb: But the bare metal firmware doesn't do much on the BaseSoC :-P03:06
juliusbCool. Any closer to Linux?03:07
mithrojuliusb: Well the Opsis still gets the furthest03:08
mithrojuliusb: I could try loading Linux via the serial port...03:08
mithroThe network seems to be broken on the Arty, so that was what I got distracted by03:11
mithrojuliusb: Did you see ?03:12
tpbTitle: GitHub - FPGAwars/apio: Experimental open source micro-ecosystem for open FPGAs (at
tpbTitle: GitHub - BBN-Q/vivado-docker: Dockerfile with Vivado for CI (at
mithrojuliusb: Have you tried setting up the HDMI2USB environment yet?03:27
juliusbyes I'm still trying to understand what this apio thing is03:38
mithrojuliusb: Have you seen before?03:38
juliusbis it basically FuseSoC?03:41
mithrojuliusb: I think it's FuseSoC that cares only about the toolchains / IDE side of things03:42 is all about getting you an environment for doing embedded development quickly it seems03:42
juliusbwhat sort of development? software?03:43
mithroOh wait...03:43
mithroIt's not
tpbTitle: An open source ecosystem for IoT development · PlatformIO (at
juliusbokay yeah I think I get it. FuseSoC's core repos have also got a load of ready-to-go board builds too as far as I'm aware03:44
mithroPlatformIO is an open source ecosystem for IoT development03:44
juliusbwhat makes something an "IoT development"03:46
juliusbnetwork-connected embedded development?03:46
juliusbanyway, I could go on about what a nebulous term internet of things is and how it's so far been a solution looking for a real problem, but I won't ;)03:48
juliusbnope, there's no one in #fusesoc :)03:51
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mithrojuliusb: I assume they got funding to do platformio via some IoT thing04:00
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whatnickjuliusb: I assume IoT stuff has a device fleet management capability04:29
whatnicki.e. push updates, provisioning , certificates, device shadows, locked firmware etc.04:29
whatnickwhile the end point devices run some sort of rtos , rather than linux04:30
juliusbsure, I just don't see what makes platformio especially "IoT"y, looks like a plain old IDE and embedded systems build flow05:05
whatnickya well, "buzzword"05:09
whatnickmay be ability to code in an online IDE and push ...05:09
mithrojuliusb: So, you should follow the instructions here ->
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
mithrojuliusb: Linux Ubuntu or Debian only at the moment...05:26
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