Friday, 2017-10-06

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juliusbmithro: sounds good, I'm around that week you're intending on doing the hardware stuff and could join you after work most days05:45
mithrojuliusb: you fill out the form?06:32
mithrojuliusb: did you see the spreadsheet where I took a look at the resource usage of the different mor1kx configs?06:33
mithrojuliusb: We should also do dinner Sunday evening07:00
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tumbleweed1/3 opsis boards worked on day 207:31
tumbleweednow they're cooling off during the first session07:31
tumbleweedone just wouldn't POST07:31
tumbleweedanother one isn't able to capture more than a frame or two07:32
tumbleweedand the atlys is still running the broken firmware I was showing you. Oops07:32
tumbleweedthe one that wouldn't boot07:35
tumbleweedI tried about 5 times, in the room07:35
tumbleweedwith a good 20 seconds off between power attempts07:36
tumbleweedpower it off, take it away07:37
tumbleweedpowers up perfectly in another room07:37
tumbleweedmaybe we have an atlys udev rule that was causing trouble, I must look07:37
tumbleweed(these opsises were set up for atlyss)07:37
tumbleweedyes, that07:39
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tumbleweedhad to reboot projectors too. #WTF08:48
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CarlFK[m]tumbleweed is not having a good day13:36
xfxftumbleweed: if this was easy, they wouldn't need you :P13:49
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: this is the problmem with using an existinginstall on the odroid, that's used to atlys14:07
tumbleweedit mostly works14:07
tumbleweedif you get the boot order right :P14:07
tumbleweedalso that noise issue14:07
tumbleweedwe got some interesting noise on green backgrounds too14:07
CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC): im surprised you didn't re-whatever them14:07
tumbleweedI think it was an HDMI cable way out of spec14:07
tumbleweed(length wise)14:07
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: i did ansible them. But that doesn't delete things...14:08
CarlFK[m]ah right.  that makes soup.14:08
tumbleweedand now our NOC has been given to a sponsor for VR demos14:08
tumbleweedand we had to clear out during the last talk14:08
tumbleweedfun :(14:08
tumbleweedthis happened last year too. And somebody must have said "that worked well, let's do it again"14:09
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: if odroids didn't require a shity kernel (and weird fs) I'd totally have re-imaged14:09
CarlFK[m]has anyone used the mino? tidbit? board for 'this' ?14:14
tumbleweedonly at a minidebconf, I think14:15
tumbleweedor maybe that was just at the sprint? I can't really remember14:15
CarlFKmeh, I don't have enough shows coming up to swap the c2's out14:17
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tumbleweedour audio was also pretty nasty14:30
tumbleweedhad to use camera audio for a few talks because the desk feed was clipping14:30
tumbleweednot enough volunteers to be monitoring it properly14:31
paddatrappertumbleweed: it was at the sprint14:44
CarlFKpaddatrapper: do you think they will become the standard thing to pair with the Opsis ?14:45
tumbleweedthat was the plan14:46
tumbleweed(at least for debconf)14:46
paddatrapperCarlFK: by the sounds of it. They're what RattusRattus wants and he's building the boxes14:46
tumbleweedbut maybe ethernet will be working first :P14:46
paddatrapperAt this rate, quite possibly14:48
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: I think doing audio for recording is significantly different to doing it for the PA system, and that's possible something worth doing some training with the techs about, next time14:48
tumbleweedsame goes for buzz @ debconf14:49
paddatrappertumbleweed: good point. I also need to look at finding a way of splitting off earlier/making what we get to the cameras more independent. I wonder what the TV/news industry does...14:49
tumbleweedusually a post-fader send is all that we need14:50
tumbleweedbut they must not mute the only source, during what would be recorded14:50
paddatrapperWhen we work the audio, yes14:50
paddatrapperThat's why the ambient, but they didn't use them properly/we didn't train them how to use them properly14:51
tumbleweedwithout them having headphones on that send, they won't get it right14:51
tumbleweedand those ambient mics weren't sensitive enough14:51
paddatrapperWell they're actually too sensitive, except all they get is the aircon...14:52
tumbleweedso, some baffles14:52
tumbleweedthey didn't have any wind shields on them14:52
paddatrapperYup. And moving them to other places in the room14:52
CarlFKwhere is a vocto->youbube anything?15:54
CarlFKsomething I can reference for
tpbTitle: Streaming to YouTube Live · Issue #162 · voc/voctomix · GitHub (at
CarlFKtumbleweed:  ^^ and
tpbTitle: Clipping alert · Issue #164 · voc/voctomix · GitHub (at
tumbleweedCarlFK: vocto -> youtube is in the ansible16:15
tumbleweedit's the same rtmp streaming that we use for anything else16:15
CarlFKI looked.. oh..16:15
tpbTitle: pyconza2017-video/all.yml at master · CTPUG/pyconza2017-video · GitHub (at
tumbleweedthat's all it takes16:16
CarlFKneat - I'll post that in the issue  - it's enough of a pointer to dig up and make an example script16:16
tumbleweedyou'll want to combine that with a link to the ansible side16:17
CarlFKyou should add that to the github ...  "parameters used by static playbooks            …" which then points to the DC video master16:20
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/video-stack-inventory: parameters used by static playbooks (at
CarlFKone big web of repos16:20
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