Thursday, 2017-10-05

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mithroshenki: Effectively the "litex / misoc IRQs" hang off the integrated OpenRISC IRQ controller04:03
tpbTitle: mor1kx/mor1kx_pic.v at 75b928a2287ca926d320915fa4ff165957bb0eaf · openrisc/mor1kx · GitHub (at
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shenkimithro: we have OPTION_PIC_TRIGGER set to LEVEL?04:06
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mithroshenki: Yes04:06
shenkiheh, having the verilog as documentation++04:07
shenkimithro: i really want to get into this but I have to do some other stuff first04:07
tpbTitle: misoc/ at master · m-labs/misoc · GitHub (at
mithroshenki: No worries04:16
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mithroshenki: You should join #openrisc06:12
mithroshenki: Also ->
tpbTitle: MimasV2 and mor1kx tuning for Linux - Google Sheets (at
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mithroshenki: what does " * We WFI while spinning in the boot loop." mean?08:11
tumbleweedmithro: interesting interaction with opsis + long HDMI run + projector at pyconza08:11
tumbleweedblack areas get green noise08:11
tumbleweedatlys doesn't have that problem08:11
mithroGreen noise?08:12
tumbleweedand putting a magic cable on the output, before the long HDMI run fixed it08:12
tumbleweedI'll pull out the magic cable at some point, and grab you a photo08:12
tumbleweedbut black areas seem to get lots of green coloured noise08:12
tumbleweedmostly white screens look fine08:12
mithroVideo of it would be useful to08:12
tumbleweedbut any black block (terminal / whatever) looks horrible08:12
tumbleweedalso, with that hdmi cable plugged in, the opsis wouldn't boot08:13
tumbleweedI'm guessing power drain on the HDMI port?08:13
mithroCheck the 5v regulators08:13
tumbleweedhrm, so there are regulators for each output08:15
tumbleweedthat doesn't really explain that then08:15
mithrotumbleweed: Was anything plugged in to the other end?08:19
mithroTry putting an opsis at the other end of the cable and seeing what the debug output says08:21
tumbleweedthat would require some scaffolding...08:21
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paddatrapperWhich they pulled down yesterday08:55
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mithropaddatrapper: I assume you haven't gotten anywhere with the fx2 stuff recently?09:17
paddatrappermithro: no. Wanted to work on it last week, but didn't end up happening. Spent waaaay too much time organising pyconza...09:27
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CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC): will you have the cable when the show is over? (like take it to sprints)12:26
tumbleweedno, it's built in to the building12:26
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shorne_mithro: yes, eactly that de0 nano13:59
shorne_it can run 2 mor1k cores and boot smp linux14:00
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shenkimithro: WFI? Wait for Interrupt? Did I write that?14:11
shenkimithro: heh, why does half of the memory tests fail in the 'B1' sheet?14:17
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mithroshorne: what "config" do you run the de0 nano cores in?19:35
mithroshenki: the B1 probably fails the memtest as the clocks for the SDRAM are now probably wrong19:36
mithroCan everyone in here fill out this form, even if you don't think you can make the TimVideos hackfest ->
tpbTitle: TimVideos Hackfest 2018 (before LCA2018) (at
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mithroThird time lucky!20:04
shenkithat will get everyone's attention :)21:01
mithroshenki: The "WFI" comment was in the Linux RISC-V support patchset that you forwarded me...22:37
mithroshorne: This board right? ?22:38
tpbTitle: Terasic - DE Main Boards - Cyclone - DE0-Nano Development and Education Board (at
mithroshorne: Oh, I already asked you that the other day :-P22:39
shornemithro: yes that board, its 50mhz, the configs we all keep in fusesoc orpsoc-cores22:43
shorneI am working on my multicore branch right now22:44
tpbTitle: orpsoc-cores/systems at multicore · stffrdhrn/orpsoc-cores · GitHub (at
shorneThere are 2 soc configs for de0_nano single core and 2 core22:44
shorneThe main config for the soc layout is here:22:45
tpbTitle: orpsoc-cores/wb_intercon.conf at multicore · stffrdhrn/orpsoc-cores · GitHub (at
shorneThe toplevel is here:22:45
tpbTitle: orpsoc-cores/orpsoc_top.v at multicore · stffrdhrn/orpsoc-cores · GitHub (at
mithroshorne: Your quicker then I :-P -- was about to paste that...22:47
shorneOnce I start on mimas and arty I was planning to use fusesoc23:05
shornebut it seems you guys use something a bit different23:05
mithroshorne: Correct - we use LiteX (a soft fork of Migen/MiSoC)23:19
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware: A version of the HDMI2USB firmware based around LiteX tools produced by @Enjoy-Digital (based on misoc+migen created by @M-Labs) (at

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