Wednesday, 2017-10-04

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mithroshorne: You mainly use DE0 Nano boards previously, right?00:28
mithroRandom Link -
tpbTitle: DrMIPS :: About DrMIPS (at
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rohitksingh_workmithro: Hi!04:42
mithroHey rohitksingh_work05:19
rohitksingh_workmithro: hi! :) I got your mails yesterday05:21
mithrorohitksingh_work: Yes, I saw your replies05:22
rohitksingh_workmithro: great, and you have got awesome progress with Linux on Opsis!05:29
mithrorohitksingh_work: You still don't have an Opsis board, right?05:30
rohitksingh_workmithro: That's right. I have a personal Arty and MimasV2 though. I saw both of these mentioned in your update mail.05:35
mithroYeah - we are targetting support for both of them05:35
rohitksingh_workmithro: great! I can try on them05:43
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shenkimithro: how is the arty support going?09:56
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shornemithro: yes mainly de0 nano, so not much in terms of hardware other than what a built, like some ADCs and DACs13:21
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mithroshorne: Which DE0 Nano? This one? there seem to be a lot of DE based boards...21:47
tpbTitle: Terasic - DE Main Boards - Cyclone - DE0-Nano Development and Education Board (at
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Choco31415CarlFK: ping22:27
CarlFK[m]Choco31415 (IRC): pong22:28
Choco31415I wanted to share the Ohio LinuxFest videos with you: s22:28
Choco31415There are definitely audio issues, and in some places video issues.22:29
Choco31415However, it's not too shabby. :)22:29
Choco31415Thank you again for helping out over the past two months!22:30
Choco31415By the way...22:32
Choco31415Do you know what port this is?22:32
Choco31415The microphone and house audio ports here:
CarlFK[m]mic is xlr - google "balanced audio"  - it is good long runs.22:36
CarlFK[m]no dea about the house audio22:36
Choco31415I'm assuming 1/8" line feed.22:37
Choco31415I'm looking to get an audio capture to go alongside the El Gato VCD. That is, until I have a need for the Atlys.22:37
Choco31415Thank you!22:37
CarlFK[m]the vid you linked above.. looks like "something" is ... letterboxing? the slides22:39
Choco31415That was my fault.22:39
Choco31415I was screen capturing the window showing the VCD output, and forgot to recrop. I forgot that OBS could natively read in the VCD output, so no need for messy cropping.22:40
Choco31415I've since learned post production editing is easier.22:40
CarlFK[m]never mind.22:40
CarlFK[m]stop making your life harder :p22:41
Choco31415I'm learning :o22:42
Choco31415This is what I meant:
CarlFK[m]owe my eyes.22:43
Choco31415The lack of bash?22:43
Choco31415The GUI??22:43
CarlFK[m]the lack of voctomix ;)22:43
Choco31415Oh you. :p22:44
CarlFK[m]how many people attended this keynote?22:45
Choco31415about 4022:46
CarlFK[m]weird  -  I was expecting 100's22:47
Choco31415It was hard to tell since I never really looked back.22:47
CarlFK[m]at 1:10:57 the camera goes to the main screen22:47
CarlFK[m]but it was black for a good min22:48
Choco31415The keynote?22:48
CarlFK[m]make that 4 min22:48
xfxfChoco31415: CarlFK is right, you're really making your own life harder. get an opsis and use vocto...  good job on successfully recording tho.22:48
Choco31415xfxf: The opsis isn't being sold anymore.22:49
xfxfi thought mithro sorted out some stock?22:49
Choco31415Carl: That's much better then "No signal found. Check for hdmi input."22:49
mithroChoco31415: They should be in back in stock soonish...22:49
Choco31415That would've been fixed via post production.22:50
Choco31415*mixing in post22:50
CarlFK[m]from 1:06:11 to  1:07:4422:50
Choco31415xfxf: My other worry is, compared to the atlys, the opsis is much more expensive.22:50
Choco31415$400 versus $15022:51
xfxfit's not that expensive and it's cheaper than the post prod time you're gonna spend if you record a few more events22:51
mithroChoco31415: Were are you getting Atlys for $150 from?22:51
Choco31415Ebay. Carl found it.22:51
CarlFK[m]if $500 is going to stop you from making good videos, don't bother to make videos.22:51
Choco31415xfxf: Thanks for the encouragment. :)22:51
Choco31415What does the Opsis have, compared to the Atlys, that's worth the difference?22:52
CarlFK[m]it's hard to compare.22:53
CarlFK[m]like the Opsis has screw holes so you can mount it in a standard mini itx box22:53
CarlFK[m]the Opsis has an expansion slot that you might want to use22:54
CarlFK[m]might ;)22:55
CarlFK[m]if you can't get an Opsis any time soon, it doesn't matter22:55
Choco31415As a college student, it is slightly hard.22:56
Choco31415mithro: Any idea around when it'll be back?22:57
Choco31415The opsis?22:59
CarlFK[m]an event like this can cover your costs - if they know ahead of time they can sell video sponsorship22:59
Choco31415I suggested that to them.23:01
CarlFK[m]wll.. it gets loopy - the company that wants their logo on the video doesn't really care who gets it23:01
CarlFK[m]but the event staff may get tangled up in paying for a service vs investing in equipment23:02
Choco31415Tangled up in deciding to pay vs invest?23:02
Choco31415How much do you tipically charge for an event?23:04
CarlFK[m]yeah - and if they should care if you are making any profit...23:04
CarlFKI don't have a 'typical' at all23:05
Choco31415That name change. o.o23:06
CarlFKlist price if they go out on the market and hire a company starts at like $3500 / day23:06
Choco31415For one room?23:06
CarlFKmatrix bridge is wonky, I gave up23:06
CarlFKand that may not cover editing.  thats just to record and hand off a disk of files23:06
CarlFKif I like the event (like linux/python) I'm happy with $200023:07
Choco314153,500 is enough to get equipment for 3 rooms...23:07
Choco31415500 for board, 300 for camera, 200 for cheap-o laptop, 120 for cords23:08
Choco31415Either way, I want to continue writing my blog post about this.23:08
CarlFKif an event staff is going to bother with this, they should get coverage in all the rooms. (maybe... OLF may have little mini rooms that don't count23:08
Choco31415OLF doesn't have mini rooms. 6 medium rooms, with 2 that merge for keynotes.23:09
CarlFKah, I was expecting more23:09
CarlFKanyway, start working with vocto so that next year you are ready to train volunteers23:10
Choco31415I'll need an Atlys or Opsis first.23:10
CarlFKhave you tried to use your device with gstreamer ?23:11
Choco31415This is my first time hearing that.23:11
Choco31415My current VCD?23:11
CarlFKyou have a bunch of hardware you know something about - may as well experiment23:11
CarlFKalthough that may be poor use of time.. hard to say23:12
Choco31415I'll look into voctomix at least. ;)23:12
CarlFKI gotta run, need to feed a friends cat and lead a python study group23:13
Choco31415Good luck!23:13
Choco31415Study groups are hard. >.>23:13
Choco31415xfxf: There really wasn't that much post production beyond me fixing my mistakes.23:19
Choco31415Also, some basic audio level balancing.23:19
Choco31415Resolve makes that so easy.23:19
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