Monday, 2017-10-02

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shenkimithro: i couldn't get qemu to work01:15
shenkimithro: i went back to using the version of qemu you specify in the script, still no good01:15
shenkimithro: re: evbar, thanks for the explaination01:16
shenkimithro: perhaps we should post them verbatim to start discussion?01:16
shenkii don't understand why userspace is exiting on the hardware01:17
shenkiit's loading the initrd01:17
mithroshenki: you were trying to rebase qemu?01:19
shenkionce upon a time, yeah. but not last night01:19
mithroOh, the script will probably pull the TimVideos qemu, not mine01:22
mithroshenki: Give me a moment, I'll get you my qemu rev01:24
shenkican you update the repo so it works?01:25
mithrocommit 47ba4b987e96a0380b2ad2c2f3b62b631a2f6943 (HEAD -> master, mithro-litex/timer-fix)01:25
shenkimithro: here's my linux tree if you want to try testing in qemu
tpbTitle: Commits · shenki/linux · GitHub (at
shenkimake litex_defconfig01:29
shenkishould produce your arch/openrisc/boot/vmlinux.bin01:29
mithroshenki: "cd third_party/qemu; git remote add mithro; git fetch mithro; git checkout mithro/timer-fix -b timer-fix; cd ..; ./scripts/"01:29
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mithroshenki: If we can get the jump to address zero working (IE don't need this, then I can merge the stuff into litex01:50
tpbTitle: Temp: Jump to 0x100 · mithro/[email protected] · GitHub (at
shenkimithro: why do you need to +100?01:54
shenkithe ethernet is really flaky. i can't get it to establish a 1000bmit link today02:01
mithroshenki: That is where the reset exception vector is02:07
shenkimithro: is there a way to reset the cpu without resetting the entire thing? (so the ethernet stays up?)02:08
shenkialso, still can't get 1000mbit02:08
shenkiwhen i force the port to only advertise 1000 i don't get a link02:08
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CarlFK[m]shenki (IRC): can you force your side to 100mb?02:27
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mithroshenki: Are you still using the ethernet in the x1c?03:11
mithroshenki: I've generally found that to be super unreliable full stop03:12
mithroshenki: the GMII IC is in the dongle -- which is super dodgy03:19
mithroshenki: What is "kbuild test robot" ?03:54
tpbTitle: Symbolator Symbolator 1.0.1 documentation (at
mithroshenki: I believe my evbar patches for or1k for qemu should be upstream I think....04:04
mithroshenki: in theory the space between 0x00 and 0x100 should be zeroed04:05
mithroshenki: BTW Do we want to consider porting uboot to the Opsis instead of our own bios?04:10
mithroshenki: is getting JTAG or arty support more useful for you? <----04:47
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jimmo@shenki @mithro - the master branch of the Mimas firmware is now the xmodem implementation.09:37
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shenkijimmo: awesome! thank you10:47
shenkiCarlFK[m]: when i force my side to 100mb it doesn't work10:47
shenkimithro: yeah, i was using the x1c10:48
shenkimithro: do i need it to be 1000mbit? I'm not sure if my usb dongles have that speed10:48
shenkii have a dock at the office that does 1000mbit10:48
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mithroshenki: never tested with 100mbit..11:10
mithroshenki: poke _florent_ about it11:10
_florent_mithro/shenki: not sure indeed that it's working at 100mbit/s (if you are speaking about opsis)11:18
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shornemithro: hello,  I was kind of thinking you would say you did run the bios in qemu :)13:03
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mithroshorne: I did not get a chance to investigate further14:02
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mithroshorne: I'll get shenki to send you some initial or1k patches soon21:57
mithro shorne: would be good to know if you can figure out a better solution to my EVBAR hack21:58
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mithroIshan_Bansal: I'm going to look at your pull request today, no matter what22:05
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