Saturday, 2017-09-30

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jeamithro: ping02:54
mithrojea: pong02:54
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Ishan_Bansalmithro : ping05:56
mithroIshan_Bansal: Pong!05:56
mithroIshan_Bansal: BTW Have you filled out the hackfest doc?05:56
Ishan_Bansalmithro : asking about the same :)05:56
mithroIshan_Bansal: Please do fill it out05:57
Ishan_Bansalmithro : as if I fill more than one response does the second one overwrite the previous one?05:57
mithroIshan_Bansal: hrm... Not quite sure - you could give it a try...05:57
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Actually I filled the form twice and I want to remove my second response as it was just for testing so should I fill  the form one more time ? :(06:01
mithroLet me go check if you have filled it out twice....06:01
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Hmm06:01
mithroIshan_Bansal: looks like you have filled it out twice...06:02
Ishan_Bansalmithro : so can you please remove the second one.06:02
mithroIshan_Bansal: Fixed the form settings now06:03
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Should I fill the form again ?06:03
mithroIshan_Bansal: Give it a go, you should get emailed a receipt which lets you edit it afterwards06:03
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Still showing a new form on clicking the fill in form thing.06:06
mithroIshan_Bansal: Yeah, you'll have to fill it out one more to before that works I think06:06
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Works fine now :)06:12
mithroIshan_Bansal: Looks like you can't make it? :-(06:12
Ishan_Bansalmithro : for the LCA'18, during that time I have my mid exams going on here. :(06:13
Ishan_Bansalmithro : I am more disappoint for this. ;(06:14
Ishan_Bansalmithro : But I can come for the hackfest.06:20
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Choco31415@CarlFK Are you here?17:21
CarlFKChoco31415: yup17:22
Choco31415Talk to you in 20-30 minutes.17:22
CarlFK[m]k - i'll probly be here, (matrix side for sure, it buzzes my phone)17:23
Choco31415CarlFK: Any idea why some presenter laptops are outputting at below 30FPS, ex 8FPS?17:52
Choco31415They're using Windows.17:53
CarlFK[m]what is reporting 8 ?17:53
Choco31415My ElGato VCD.17:53
Choco31415VCD = Video Capture Device17:56
Choco31415It supports up to 60 FPS.17:56
Choco31415However, it requires 30 FPS minimum.17:57
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Choco31415CarlFK: I hope my VCD didn't scare you.18:09
CarlFK[m]oh.. I got distracted - you have url of specs?18:10
Choco31415Presentor's laptop specs?18:11
Choco31415He said his laptop had a low resolution screen.18:11
Choco31415I guess low specs.18:11
Choco31415CarlFK Is that the issue?18:13
CarlFK[m]no - vcd device18:13
CarlFK[m]VCD = Video Capture Device18:14
CarlFK[m]I bet that isn't the formal name I can google ;)18:14
CarlFK[m]My ElGato VCD18:14
CarlFK[m]url for that18:14
Choco31415Looking for a good specs page.18:15
Choco31415ElGato Game Capture HD 6018:16
tpbTitle: HD60 S | (at
Choco31415It's a little down the page.18:18
Choco31415By the way, thank you for the help. :)18:24
Choco31415It's very useful talking to another streamer.18:24
CarlFK[m]what event are you at?18:25
Choco31415Ohio LinuxFest18:25
CarlFK[m]oh wow.. I'll bump this up the priority list18:25
CarlFK[m]where do you see "8" ?18:26
Choco31415El Gato Capture HD60 S ... [8 FPS] This is in the Game Capture HD app provided by El Gato.18:27
Choco31415Macs seem fine.18:27
CarlFK[m]ah, so the device is sending 8fps to 'Game Capture HD app" (lets call that "app")18:28
CarlFK[m]what os is running app ?18:29
Choco31415MacOS, latest.18:29
Choco31415I'm currently recording another Mac.18:29
Choco31415No FPS issues right now.18:30
CarlFK[m]in linux I would try to find a simple command line utility that reports fps18:43
CarlFK[m]of a v4l device18:43
Choco31415I have bash.18:43
CarlFK[m]I suspect you don't have anything like that18:43
Choco31415With homebrew, I probably do.18:43
CarlFK[m]not sure I would mess with that during a show18:44
Choco31415I'm waiting until off time at minimum.18:45
CarlFK[m]this is one of the design goals of the hdmi2usb - being able to get details about what is going on18:46
Choco31415I wish I had one now.18:46
CarlFK[m]it will report what the incoming conection fps is and the outputs18:46
CarlFK[m]if the input says 30, then you know not to bother the presenter18:47
Choco31415I also wish the Numato Opsis was being sold.18:47
Choco31415Have you faced FPS issues with the Opsis?18:51
CarlFK[m]well, that's a broad question ;)18:57
CarlFK[m]I wouldn't say any fps problems have prevented recording18:57
Choco31415Also, for some presenters, the VCD is outputting dimmer video.19:05
Choco31415It didn't do this in testing.19:05
CarlFK[m]we had that problem with the opsis at first19:09
Choco31415What solved it?19:09
CarlFK[m]the edid is telling the presenter's laptop that it is a very bright display, so the presenters laptop was compensating19:10
CarlFK[m]we fixed the edid in the firmware19:10
Choco31415Would color correction help?19:10
Choco31415Gamma, brightness?19:10
CarlFK[m]no clue19:10
CarlFK[m]I would stop spending time on what you have and get an opsis or atlys19:13
Choco31415The Opsis isn't on sale right now.19:14
CarlFK[m]you can get Atlys on ebay for $150 ish i think..leme check19:14
Choco31415It'll work on Mac?19:17
Choco31415More importantly, will it be detected by OBS?19:20
CarlFK[m]don't care ;)19:25
CarlFK[m]if it doesn't, I think I know of whole system that works ;)19:26
CarlFK[m]thats just part of the whole system19:32
Choco31415What else is there?19:32
Choco31415Laptop/Linux/Voctomix/empty file?19:32
CarlFK[m]a somewhat defined api to the conference system19:33
CarlFK[m]  that kinda defines 'the system'19:33
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/video-stack-deploy (at
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