Saturday, 2017-09-23

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jeaCarlFK: you are welcome over here any time05:14
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CarlFK[m]Awww thank you :)05:41
Ishan_Bansalmithro : ping10:41
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Choco31415@CarlFK: ping16:39
CarlFK[m]Choco31415 (IRC): pong16:39
Choco31415I'm the person you chatted with earlier about streaming OhioLinuxFest (although you probably don't remember).16:40
Choco31415Anyway, it's official. I'm streaming.16:40
Choco31415I remember you mentioned one thing to watch out for was audio levels/copyrighted materials being presented.16:41
Choco31415Is there anything else I should watch out for?16:41
tpbTitle: conference (at
Choco31415That looks beautiful. Thank you.16:45
CarlFK[m]do you plan on using voctomix?16:45
Choco31415I'm planning on using OBS.16:45
Choco31415Voctomix doesn't seem like it gives any major benefits compared to OBS.16:46
CarlFK[m]if I understand what you are doing for OLF, you are right16:48
Choco31415Yep. A simple recording of presenter+presentation, a little bit of cropping and audio fixing, then uploading.16:49
CarlFK[m]audio fixing ?!16:49
CarlFK[m]streaming - live, right?16:50
Choco31415Audio fixing as in adjusting audio levels. OBS has support for making an audio stream louder/softer.16:51
Choco31415"fixing" was a poor word.16:52
CarlFK[m]I really really suggest you do some 1 or 2 talk meet up16:54
Choco31415I'll be doing that asap.16:54
Choco31415I'm aiming for Tuesday. OSU CWDG.16:54
CarlFK[m]do they use mics/pa system?16:54
Choco31415Unfortunately not. They have everything else.16:55
CarlFK[m]meh, thats not a good test16:55
CarlFK[m]audio is harder/ takes more time/ more important...16:56
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Choco31415_They also have a volunteer meetup day before the event, so I can test systems then.16:57
CarlFK[m]that doesn't sound like something you can rely on -16:59
Choco31415_Still, it'll help.16:59
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CarlFK[m]I would also look for events you can record even if you don't care about the content - like I did Java meetups17:08
Choco31415_I'm not sure any building around here has a PA system.17:09
CarlFK[m]quite a few I showed up, tried to get setup, but wasn't ready so the talk started and I lost the first talk17:09
Choco31415_I've done video streaming before. Just not conferences.17:10
CarlFK[m]video streaming doesn't tell me anything17:10
Choco31415_Carl, just so I don't forget, thank you for all the tips and help over the past month or so.17:10
CarlFK[m]if it is your own stuff on your own schedule - very different from being at someone elses event with a room full of people17:11
Choco31415_Oh no no17:11
Choco31415_This is competitive eSports where there is a set schedule, I need to incorporate multiple audio streams, and switch between a few video streams too.17:12
Choco31415_THey will and have started without me.17:12
Choco31415_The major difference are no external audio, no copyrighted material, and politeness issues with recording people.17:13
Choco31415_(I'm still reading through that page you linked.)17:13
CarlFK[m]hopefully it will work out for you17:14
CarlFK[m]its possible ;)17:14
Choco31415_I really hope audio works out.17:14
CarlFK[m]im off for a while - see ya17:15
Choco31415_Thanks Carl! See ya!17:16
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