Thursday, 2017-09-21

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CarlFK[m]rohitksingh: hi!13:40
rohitksinghCarlFK[m]: Hi Carl!13:41
CarlFK[m]does the Opsis have a place I can pull 5v 500ma ?13:43
CarlFK[m]like to run an odroid c2 sbc (I think 500 is enough, dont really know13:43
rohitksinghCarlFK[m]: While it does have 5V rails which are used by HDMI ports, its current is limited to 100mA (as per this datasheet:
tpbTitle: Texas Instruments - datasheet pdf (at
rohitksinghAlso, I don't think you would get any header to source current from14:18
CarlFKpretty sure 100 won't be enough14:18
CarlFKbut that's based on the c2 having a heat sink on the cpu.  and some other even less useful hunches :p14:19
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CarlFK[m]     Switching Power Supplies 25.2W 12V 2.1A16:13
CarlFK[m]any reason not to use that with the Opsis?16:13
CarlFKalso, how can I power a 5v odroid c2 sbc?16:24
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mithroI'm back in Australia now!23:34
CarlFK[m]I wanna be in Australia now ;)23:38

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