Friday, 2017-09-15

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tpbTitle: Zexia H.264 Hardware Encoder in VHDL (at
mithroVHDL :-(00:54
John_KAh interesting on the other fx2 python loader - not very full featured though03:37
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John_Kshould have some time this weekend to work on the fxload integration03:40
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mithroAnyone looked at
tpbTitle: Magewell Pro Capture Quad HDMI Card | Vision Dimension (at
froztbytemithro: I haven't, but that looks pretty interesting10:29
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CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): I really want to know more about Features: Mounting Hole.  :p15:00
froztbytePCIe card15:58
froztbytemaybe they mean the screw bracket?15:58
froztbyteor possibly on server-mount type boards, where the corner of the board can be screwed in on a specific point15:58
CarlFK[m]none of those seem like enough of a  "feature" to get a goofy icon and all that.16:53
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