Monday, 2017-09-11

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mithroIf you could get an Opsis for $200 USD each -- how would that change your thoughts on the Opsis?00:53
cr1901_modernmithro: I can't give an unbiased opinion, but if that were the case my thought process would be along the lines of: "this totally kicks the ass of the Pipistrello"01:07
cr1901_modern(well it still does :P, but that would seal the deal)01:07
mithroThe pipistrello is nice and small :-P01:31
cr1901_modernYes, but... it has a few issues that prevent me from recommending it despite the massive LX45 size. Mainly, no built-in Ethernet, and the FT2232H connections are insufficient to use one of the FT2232H's channels in queue mode.01:39
cr1901_modern(Opsis gets around this by... well, using the FX2)01:39
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whatnickI am happy with a $200 opsis06:23
whatnicknow I have an ice40 and the mimis06:23
whatnickxilinix chain on windows meh06:24
whatnickicestorm almost there06:24
mithroThis is cool ->
tpbTitle: WaveDrom Editor (at
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whatnickthat is nice07:48
whatnickgood for explaining protocols07:48
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paddatrappermithro: built sigrock with your additions. Ran into a problem with the ethernet - I have no gigabit nics, so need a cross-over cable. Ordered the USB one13:56
froztbytepaddatrapper: yo15:43
paddatrapperfroztbyte: hey15:43
froztbytepaddatrapper: I tried to phone you earlier but apparently my network didn't allow it15:43
froztbytewe're on for 2pm tomorrow15:43
froztbytewill that work for you?15:43
paddatrapperfroztbyte: odd. Cool that works for me15:43
froztbyte(I only heard that time from PvO ~4pm)15:43
froztbytemithro: I'd take some opsis boards at $20015:45
froztbyteI don't really know why the $200 is relevant15:45
froztbytebut I'd buy such hardware15:45
froztbyteoh right it's a bunch cheaper. yeah, I'd go for that. would like 1080p capture though15:57
froztbytenot sure I yet know anyone who does 4k capture15:57
froztbytewhatnick: what are you doing with the ice40? I keep wanting to buy one and then fighting with myself over not having an electronics lab15:58
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paddatrappermithro: later in the week I'll make a crossover cable to use until the USB adaptor arrives17:10
CarlFKpaddatrapper: you don't need crossover cable if one of the ports is gig-e17:11
froztbyte13:55:51 < paddatrapper> mithro: built sigrock with your additions. Ran into a problem with the ethernet - I have no gigabit nics, so need a cross-over cable. Ordered the USB one17:20
CarlFKhey froztbyte17:23
CarlFKpaddatrapper: what are you hooking up to what?  the Opsis is gig-e - also many 100's do auto crossover negotiation (I think that's what it is called)17:24
paddatrapperCarlFK: then maybe the issue was somewhere else. I just couldn't connect to the opsis over ethernet last night. Assumed it was that and ran out of time to debug properly17:33
paddatrapperCarlFK: connecting opsis to laptop which is 10/100 NIC17:33
CarlFK[m]paddatrapper a linux kernel hacker (bwh Ben Hutchings) who also worked for a nic company said auto crossover negotiation is part of the gig-e spec.17:36
CarlFK[m]I would hope that the Opsis followed that bit of the spec.  I would guess it is implemented in the chips and so it doesnt have a choice.17:37
paddatrapperCarlFK[m]: ok. I'll be able to test some more later in the week when I don't have assignments breathing down my neck17:38
froztbyteCarlFK[m]: MDI-X (the name of the auto-negotiation)17:38
froztbytepaddatrapper: `ethtool ethn` to see interface capabilities17:39
paddatrapperfroztbyte: thanks. Shall check in a bit17:40
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ ethtool p3p117:44
CarlFKSupports auto-negotiation: Yes17:44
CarlFKneat - now to port that to the Opsis :p17:44
paddatrapperCarlFK[m]: it does support auto-negotiation, so must be something else17:44
paddatrapperProbably something stupid I missed. It was pretty late last night when I tried it17:45
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cr1901_modern_florent_: Ping if you're still awake?20:30
cr1901_modernWhat JTAG adapter do you use to program Opsis from Windows? And what openocd commands do you use?20:31
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cr1901_modernmithro: Current status: Bitbang write/read works on the opsis, but the xmodem xfer crashes before I even get into the xmodem routine.22:47
* cr1901_modern sighs heavily... all this work, just to get a nearly-impossible-to-debug-crash-in-a-varargs-routine23:02
cr1901_modernI wonder if I'm going to be desperate enough to do an iverilog simulation (that's gonna take hours, and I don't even know how to feed it input to a fake UART...)23:22
cr1901_modernIt's the same goddamn bug w/ the memory bus that I couldn't diagnose back in January, isn't it T_T?23:26

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