Saturday, 2017-08-26

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tpbTitle: FX2 FIFO Interface - Google Docs (at
Ishan_Bansalmithro : I have made some changes to the Final Report, Kindly review it whenever you are free.09:39
tpbTitle: GSOC Final Project Report - Google Docs (at
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John_KAnyone with hardware care to test my HDMI2USB-mode-switch PR to replace fxload with a pure python implementation?22:03
mithroI'll look at it today23:04
mithroJohn_K: probably a couple of hours23:04
mithroJohn_K: could you write up some instructions for windows?23:05
John_KNot at home right now, but follow libusb instructions to install on windows, use Zadig to associate your USB device with libusb, then run scripts like normal23:59

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