Wednesday, 2017-08-23

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paddatrappermithro: ok. I'll write that spec once I have got an idea of what it requires, which should be once I've finished with the loopback device. Yes, it's largely empty04:11
John_K@mithro just tested my Python CypressFX module on windows, was very easy to setup (install libusb, use Zadig to setup libusb for the device, run
John_Khah, I'm using slack too much04:56
John_Kthere we go05:00
John_Kso that's loading vendor_ax.hex and dumping 8 bytes of EEPROM05:00
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Ishan_Bansalmithro : ping05:10
cr1901_modernmithro: ping if you're around06:17
cr1901_modernmithro: To test my firmware updates thus far, add "" as a remote, and checkout the "xfer-fw" branch. It is already rebased to the tip of upstream head.06:23
cr1901_modernThen I invoked this command (yours will vary a bit): "make TARGET=base CPU=lm32 PLATFORM=mimasv2 PYTHON=python3 firmware"06:23
cr1901_modernFirst thing you should notice is a new submodule is checked out. Second thing you should notice is that after all files are compiled but before the final link step, the Makefile will "cd third_party/libmodem" and compile libmodem.a for you.06:24
cr1901_modernThen, run, run script to flash the gateware normally.06:25
cr1901_modernThen I suggest adding a change of some sort to your local tree that changes the CRC of the firmware.06:26
cr1901_modernRecompile the firmware, use ./ script at the root of the tree to get the length and crc32, and lastly >>06:26
cr1901_modernAt the H2U> prompt, type "write spi xmodem $FLASH_BOOT_ADDRESS (in generated/mem.h) $LENGTH $CRC". An xmodem session will start06:28
cr1901_modernIf using minicom, type "^A+S" to get a prompt to send files, and follow the prompts to find your just-compiled firmware to upload06:29
cr1901_modernLet me know if there are issues (I can think of potentially one)06:29
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cr1901_modernmithro: We have a massive problem... xmodem xfers stopped working after the rebase and I'm unable to figure out why. The only proof I have that the xfers ever worked at all is an old firmware that I didn't delete11:36
* cr1901_modern sighs11:36
cr1901_modernmithro: Erm, false alarm. I can't really explain well what happened, but it was a cascade of a lot of stale files from the rebase, not only from libmodem but HDMI2USB as well. Resetting/stashing the stale libmodem files, and _then_ doing a full clean fixed the problem12:01
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