Friday, 2017-08-18

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CarlFKmithro: I have a project for you ;)02:01
CarlFKor anyone else that wants to hack on this relay board02:02
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CarlFK[email protected]:~/temp/crelay/src$ sudo ./crelay 1 on07:53
CarlFKclick and the on light comes on.07:53
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mithroCarlFK: Do you want me to send you a wiring diagram for how to setup the relays16:31
CarlFKmithro: good luck finding ... pinout?16:31
CarlFKtech support told me: ... sec...16:31
mithroCarlFK: I mean how to wire up the Atlys / Opsis boards...16:31
CarlFK'You can use the multimeter to check which is the closing end, which is the opening end."16:32
CarlFKmithro: "yes" only because I am curious what you are talking about ;)16:32
CarlFKand we need docs for how it is wired up so you know what "./crelay 1 on"  does for you16:34
CarlFKmithro: I have about 14 hours, then sleep, wake up early and fly to mom's house in Ca16:35
tpbTitle: Opsis to Relay Wiring Diagram - Google Drawings (at
mithroCarlFK: something like that...16:45
mithroAnyway, it is almost 3am here16:46
mithroI'm going to head home16:46
CarlFKmithro: hold up...16:46
CarlFKmithro: can you ssh into the box the opsis is hooked up to to verify that bit works16:47
CarlFKgiven the 14 hours we have left to get things setup16:47
mithroCarlFK: Getting the relay stuff setup is not urgent16:47
mithroI have an opsis board sitting here16:47
CarlFKbut you are going home ;)16:48
mithroI also kinda expected you to take a bit longer to get the board too... :-p16:48
mithroThe end goal is a "Opsis-powercycle" script which will power cycle the connected Opsis16:52
CarlFKim close to that - waiting to hear which of the 3 pins are common, no, nc16:52
CarlFK"tech support" has asked the engineers :p16:52
CarlFKbecause I didn't like the "you figure it out" answer16:53
CarlFKI might  use a multi meter to verify16:53
CarlFKor just hook it up and see if it works.16:53
mithroI would definetly verify16:54
CarlFKwell, if we get it wrong, it either never closes, or it closes when we tell it the string "off"16:57
CarlFKso it isn't like anything will be damaged.  just confusing, and I can fix it quick enough in a pinch16:57
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paddatrapper_mithro: ping?18:19
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CarlFKpaddatrapper: 4am, he better be asleep ;)18:28
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paddatrapperCarlFK: oh yes.. timezones...18:39
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