Thursday, 2017-08-17

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Kamilionheh. I've got a gem of a mac mini behind me... last of the PPCs00:00
mithroxfxf: nope, but I'm sure that LA would be willing to let me borrow it - this is to test getting the toolchain up and running on Mac OS X00:00
xfxfright, i probably can't get you it anytime soon though, it's a 3.5hr round trip00:07
mithroThis is weird...
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paddatrapper_mithro: yup04:59
paddatrapper_mithro: it's up in the usual doc05:01
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Ishan_Bansalmithro : ping10:36
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paddatrapper_mithro: my bag arrived! I'll be able to start working tomorrow18:10
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tpbTitle: SainSmart 8-channel 12 V USB Relay Board Module Controller For Automation Robotics 3D Printing, Arduino, Robotics | Sainsmart (at
CarlFKI have it plugged in.22:46
CarlFK can someone find me some clue how to poke this thing?22:46
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