Monday, 2017-08-14

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mithrocr1901_modern: how would use intergrate that into the firmware?00:11
cr1901_modernmithro: Link to it as a static library00:11
cr1901_modernmithro: You _intended_ to use a serial xfer impl across hdmi2usb subprojects, correct?00:13
cr1901_modernnot just in hdmi2usb00:13
* mithro logs issues on cr1901_modern project :-P00:14
mithrocr1901_modern: yes00:14
cr1901_modernmithro: Ack, I'll take a look. It does need cleanup.00:15
cr1901_modernWhen things are working, maybe graft the xmodem impl I whipped up for hdmi2usb into the test suite just to see what was wrong... or maybe I'll reuse the code. The current xmodem-rx impl... is showing its age00:16
whatnick1hmm Xilinix toolchain with windows-linux compatibility barfed00:56
whatnick1error while loading libOpenssl00:56
whatnick1Whee security issue execstack01:09
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mithrowhatnick1: chat to cr1901_modern he does stuff on windows04:36
* cr1901_modern waves04:39
cr1901_modernmithro: I'm liking what I see of meson so far. I may stop by #mesonbuild and see if I can figure out how to add custom targets04:40
cr1901_modern(later of course)04:40
shenki_whatnick1: you were using the linux toolchian with WSL?04:40
cr1901_modernin any case, SCons needs to go in libmodem lol04:41
cr1901_modernahh I've never used WSL04:41
cr1901_modernI'm on 7 still04:41
shenki_whatnick1 used it to good effect to build the ESP32 toolchain the other day04:41
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whatnick1hey cr1901_modern05:31
whatnick1WSL is having some load shared objects issues and Xilinix installer script is barfing05:32
whatnick1in other news my Mimas and ADC arrived05:32
cr1901_modernwhatnick1: Sadly, I've never used WSL, so I'm not able to debug :(06:04
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whatnick1cr1901_modern: well I will use a "real" Linux environment in the meantime06:12
whatnick1(which will be my mediacenter on intel NUC)06:12
cr1901_modernwhatnick1: Cool, and that's prob better IMO06:23
cr1901_modernmithro: So current status; if you look at that source, you'll notice I depend on the existence of time.h. That really shouldn't be there and I'm mulling over the best way to remove it06:40
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valessioCarlFK: hi16:54
valessioCarlFK: This year will be held the second international conference of free software in Cuba http://www.cubaconf.org16:54
tpbTitle: CubaConf 2017 (at
CarlFK[m]valessio (IRC): have a look at one of these vids:
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: PyOhio Pyohio_2017 (at
valessioWe don't have internet link for live broadcast, but could be made several records and then when leaving the island, make available somewhere on the internet.16:55
CarlFK[m]the youtube url is under "host"16:56
CarlFK[m]there are a few things about that room - A) the audio had issues.  B) the HD camera was a small thing I bought from ebay for $916:57
CarlFK[m]the screen capture was done same as DC (DebConf) using hdmi2usb which is ~200 (ebay Atlys less support) or $400 for new Opsis (better)  (all these prices are USD16:59
CarlFK[m]as for Old Equipment - that will be much harder to use as it isn't supported well at all.   You will have much better luck finding a company to sponsor video for $1000 and use the money to purchase new equipment17:01
valessioCarlFK[m]: Could you help me get this sponsorship? I'm in Canada until the end of October; It is complicated to send money to Cuba, much more equipment; I know 3 people who can enter each with an equipment.17:08
valessioOld equipment here is something new for Cuba. I remember having difficulty finding a projector with HDMI support there. So maybe the old man down there brings some good results.17:08
CarlFK[m]people involved with the conference will have a much better results asking for sponsorship17:11
CarlFK[m]also.. it is worth looking into $40 usb web cams17:12
CarlFK[m]there is someone ... in #voctomix I think?  using raspberry pi with camera17:13
valessioCarlFK[m]: Which companies you think you should contact. All US companies or with US partnership, can not donate to Cuba due to the blockade. It should be an individual sponsorship/support.17:13
CarlFK[m]oh interesting...17:14
CarlFK[m]use your social network - twitter, facebook, github?17:14
valessioIt seems like a great solution, working offline, we can write a project and carry on. I'm part of the team organizing the conference. I'm not a Cuban, but I already have direct contact and trust in them to continue to seek support.17:15
CarlFK[m]you want friends who know you enough to trust you and say to people in their company "we should help"17:15
valessioCarlFK[m]: Having an account on social networks is different from CASH.17:15
CarlFK[m]I do most of my events offline17:16
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at
CarlFKstart with that now17:19
CarlFKdon't wait till the day before the event17:19
CarlFK[m]bb in 20 min17:21
valessioI'm leave now, I'll be back in a few minutes.17:23
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shankzHi, is it possible to customize the Numato Opsis board to replace hdmi input/output with analog input/output? I have an analog camera that I want to use to create a joystick controlled servo camera system that records continuously.21:54
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CarlFKshankz: "yes" with the addon board, but im not sure it makes much sense23:17
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