Saturday, 2017-08-12

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mithroCarlFK: maybe in a couple of hours?00:24
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Choco31415mithro: What's the status on the Numato Opsis?01:00
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mithroxfxf: Releasing new PyCon AU videos?12:24
xfxfmithro: yeah the conference close got chopped out of the lightning talks video for some reason, just uploaded a new video instead12:25
mithroxfxf: Since you are doing things, want to get me a copy of my lightning talk?12:26
xfxfand i got your message - will start thinking about that in a couple of weeks :P  having a break for a bit12:26
xfxfsure, have somewhere i can attempt to rsync it to?12:26
xfxfin theory i have 40mbit out...12:26
xfxfit's gonna be like 10gb of data12:26
xfxf(i'm assuming you want the raw video - if you want the encoded mp4, i can give you that easier)12:27
xfxfwas yours on the sat or sun?12:27
mithroSat I believe12:28
xfxf[email protected]:~/Videos/veyepar/pyconau/pycon_au_2017/mp4$ ls -lah *ightnin*12:28
xfxf-rw-rw-r-- 1 videoteam videoteam 307M Aug  7 14:51 Lightning_talks_and_Conference_Close.mp412:28
xfxf-rw-rw-r-- 1 videoteam videoteam 416M Aug  5 19:14 Pycon_au_2017_Saturday_PM_Lightning_Talks.mp412:28
mithroEncoded mp4 would be fine I think....12:28
xfxfwhere's your ssh pubkey, github?12:28
xfxfyou can just scp from me12:28
xfxfthis might already have it on it12:28
xfxfdo you have ipv6 where you are, or just ipv4?12:29
xfxfso dhclient6 on that box has decided to get like 7 real ipv6 addresses for some reason12:31
xfxfsent you a message with the ipv4 port forward12:32
mithroxfxf: Actually, my lightning talk is the first one...12:42
xfxfgrab whatever video files you need, you have access12:42
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msantana+CarlFK: sorry, what is this channel about? :-]23:09
CarlFKmsantana: open source tools for conference video23:10
CarlFKpretty much the same as dc-video, only not just dc23:10
msantanawow, it interest me a lot!23:10
msantanaCarlFK: thank you so much for letting me know!23:11
CarlFKwhat country do you live in?23:12
msantanaCarlFK: Brazil23:12
CarlFKneat - I have been wanting to do video for PyCon Brazil23:13
CarlFKthis is where the Opsis came from23:15
msantanaCarlFK: hmmm... I don't remember to see any conference in Brazil using this kind of equipment.23:17
CarlFKthey dont, that is why I want to go23:18
msantanaah, got it!23:19
msantanaSorry, I need to go out. My family is waiting to hang out. Can we continue this talk other time?23:21
CarlFKof course - we are hear all the time23:30
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