Friday, 2017-08-11

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Kamilionespecally ARM cores :< :<00:00
Kamilionso many different possible AMBA peripherals00:00
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CarlFK[m]mithro : what do you want installed on top of ubuntu?00:17
CarlFK[m]I may as well make ansible do it00:17
mithroCarlFK[m]: hrm?00:26
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): I am setting up a box to test the atlys and opsis things on.  if you ssh in, what packages do you want installed, and git repo's cloned, and anything else that I can make ansible do00:29
mithrogit clone && cd HDMI2USB-litex-firmware && sudo ./script/ && ./scripts/download-env.sh00:30
tpbTitle: GitHub - timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware: A version of the HDMI2USB firmware based around LiteX tools produced by @Enjoy-Digital (based on misoc+migen created by @M-Labs) (at
mithroCarlFK[m]: Plus manual install of the Xilinx ISE WebPack I guess...00:30
whatnickmithro: doing the windows install01:04
whatnick(with ubuntu bash)01:04
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mithrowhatnick: Cool01:20
xfxflol, no go at you, but why the heck does everybody just call it 'windows/ubuntu bash'01:24
xfxfit's an entire linux ecosystem, windows's kernel has supported different personalities since forever, it's how they did OS/2 binary support + win16/win32 apps on newer kernels01:24
xfxfbash on windows has been done forever with cygwin, it's the fact you can run practically any linux software on windows now given there's a linux kernel ABI01:25
paddatrapperxfxf: officially it is the Linux Subsystem for Windows01:29
xfxfack, i just mean it's almost always referred to as 'bash on windows' which totally undersells what it really is01:30
xfxfas much as i want to poop on windows, the kernel design is quite neat01:31
whatnickxfxf: it is what the launcher calls itself01:48
whatnickI have always used msys myself, however ran into trouble over symlinks during pyconau sprint01:49
whatnickso the subsystem it is01:49
whatnickmithro: so ISE webpack is the first stop01:56
mithrowhatnick: Hrm?01:57
whatnicktoolchain stuff for Numato Mimas V201:58
mithrowhatnick: What do you mean "is the first stop"?01:58
whatnickFirst thing to install02:10
mithroAhh okay02:11
mithroI thought you meant the first thing that was broken02:11
whatnickOr should I get the cut down version you mentioned02:11
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whatnick1woah churn02:13
whatnick1mithro: I am at "Prerequisite (Xilinx)" on
tpbTitle: HDMI2USB-litex-firmware/ at master · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
whatnick1Xilinix captcha is the weakest ever02:18
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whatnick1Okay ISE is downloading02:39
whatnick1will keep hanging out here for more pointers02:40
whatnick1off to conference02:40
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mithrojea: You tested right?04:21
tpbTitle: Fix the download-prebuilt script. by mithro · Pull Request #340 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-litex-firmware · GitHub (at
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CarlFK[m]paddatrapper - I am guessing yes to hacking on Opsis15:59
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paddatrapperCarlFK[m]: I don't follow what you're talking about?16:04
CarlFK[m]paddatrapper - your Q in #dc-v16:04
CarlFK[m]hmm, I guess it is up to the DC group as they own it?16:05
paddatrapperCarlFK[m]: ah yes. We have spoken about it and there were no objections, but I haven't had an actual yes yet16:06
CarlFK[m]paddatrapper (IRC): yes.16:06
CarlFK[m]there you go ;)16:06
paddatrapperCarlFK[m]: Thanks :)16:06
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tumbleweed18:34 < highvolt1ge> tumbleweed, videoteam_buzz turns out it was a X200 that can only do   16:10 or 4:3 output18:46
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tumbleweednever mind, that was VGA18:49
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CarlFK[m]whoopie - I have a r&d box built with ansible20:29
CarlFK[m]and an atlys plugged in20:29
CarlFK[m]which I am not sure has been flashed right20:30
CarlFK[m]anyone want to ssh in and take a shot?20:30
CarlFK[m]which will both vet my setup and maybe fix my atlys20:30
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