Wednesday, 2017-08-09

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xfxftumbleweed: i find venue av people repeatedly become surprised, common comments like "huh, this never works as well as this, what are these things!?"00:23
xfxfin reality a usual video matrix unit with the EDID locked down does the same, but they're always grossly misconfigured with other crap between it and the presenter laptop00:24
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mithroxfxf / jea: You should have gotten an email about
tpbTitle: Notes on running Xilinx ISE on Mac OS X under Wine - Google Docs (at
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Kamilionwas great to see the videos appear so quickly, con hadn't even ended yet and I was able to watch some of the ESP32 IOT content from friday. Thanks to everyone who made that happen so quick.02:35
mithroKamilion: Your very welcome, xfxf did a great job in organising that02:45
Kamilion... wait02:51
KamilionI just detached from #tomu to join here; I didn't realize02:52
KamilionThanks for Tomu as well!02:52
mithroKamilion: I have too many projects :-P03:21
Kamilionknow the feeling.03:22
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): were is your ccc vid that could have been titled "software guy rants about hardware" ?03:22
CarlFK[m]Kamilion (IRC): ^^^03:23
KamilionI have that downloaded in fact03:24
Kamilionalong with recon201603:24
Kamilionyep, definitely remember watching this somewhere in january.03:24
Kamilionand chuckling along with your confusion over EDID03:25
Kamilionthat really trips people out to know there's a little ROM in your monitor that's powered over the video cable03:26
KamilionFeel free to poke me if you ever end up needing to hear history of how a lot of those ended up the way they did03:27
* Kamilion am hardware nerd03:27
Kamilionand TTY annoys the heck out of me03:28
Kamilion  I need spend some time figuring out how to get bearlibterminal commands streamed over a serial port instead of dealing with 70s VT & Wyse terminal escapes03:30
tpbTitle: en:bearlibterminal:design [divergence] (at
Kamilionthen things like libcaca and aalib would be truly obsoleted03:30
Kamilionand relegated to artistic uses.03:30
Kamilion   Sixels still exist; but gah! That's like base64 encoding images before serving them as static files03:31
tpbTitle: GitHub - saitoha/PySixel: View full-pixel color graphics on SIXEL-supported terminals(xterm/mlterm/DECterm/Reflection/kermit/RLogin/tanasinn/yaft) (at
* Kamilion digresses03:32
xfxfmithro: that thumbnail is great03:35
mithroKamilion: My talk at PyCon AU would definately interest you it sounds like03:35
xfxfmithro: only if those talks were recorded :P03:36
KamilionI'll catch it when I get to it; I'm still making my way through03:36
vys_xfxf: oh?03:36
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vyswere there talks which might not have been recorded?03:36
xfxfvys: only tim's, to mess with him03:36
KamilionI've watched ... one or two of the ESP32 talks, and was meaning to go back and watch some more this weekend.03:36
Kamilionbut CarlFK prompted me to stop by and say [19:35:29] <Kamilion> was great to see the videos appear so quickly, con hadn't even ended yet and I was able to watch some of the ESP32 IOT content from friday. Thanks to everyone who made that happen so quick.03:37
* Kamilion points at xfxf03:38
Kamilionmithro indicates this was you. Thankee.03:38
xfxfKamilion: no worries!  some of the av core team regulars hang in here too, wouldn't have happened without their help03:38
Kamilionalso, some of the others from #esp32 relay their thanks as well.03:38
xfxfKamilion: i'm just the guy that waves his arms around and points at people to do things :P03:38
mithroKamilion: were in the world are you located?03:39
KamilionSilicon valley.03:39
Kamilionand havn't left it in many years03:39
mithroKamilion: My PyCon AU talk -
mithroKamilion: I visit Mountain View about once a year03:40
Kamilionah, great.03:40
KamilionI'm in campbell. Used to be up in mountain view / moffett field.03:40
Kamilion  <-- I work here.03:41
tpbTitle: M-Cubed Global (at
xfxfi was there two months ago or so03:41
xfxfalthough it was pretty much a drive through to raid a few of the Fry's03:41
xfxf(visited SF after pycon)03:41
Kamilionah, might wanna raid us next time you're in the area then.03:43
tpbTitle: mcubedglobal | eBay (at
xfxfthat said, hard to take a 2RU server back on me with a plane :P03:44
xfxfi collect 70-90's era gear tho03:44
Kamiliongot some good deals on cableless 2U servers (SAS backplane direct attaches to the ODM motherboard)03:44
Kamilionoh, we can ship *those*, lol03:44
Kamilionbut we have a lot of stuff here at the warehouse that we don't list on ebay03:44
mithroKamilion: I have no idea from your website what your guys do... :-P03:44
Kamilionyou know WEEE?03:44
Kamilioneuropean electronic waste disposal regulations?03:45
Kamilionpretty much says that our ODM/OEM customer's equipment has to come back to 'murica to be scrapped.03:45
* mithro is in Australia 03:45
Kamilion"not in my european backyard"03:45
Kamilionso offlease and take-back programs03:46
Kamilionthey end up here, we carve them up03:46
Kamilionanything that doesn't have our client's logo silkscreened on it, we're free to resell.03:46
KamilionIntel/AMD CPUs, Ram sticks, any harddisk that isn't special-order and has vendor's name/logo on the label, ODM motherboards from Tyan and Supermicro, ODM chassis...03:47
Kamilionif it's got their name on it, we shred it.03:48
Kamilionor use it inhouse until it dies then shred it. :303:48
Kamilionwe also deal with all the compliance paperwork and certificates of destruction, ETC03:49
Kamilion  Here it is in a nutshell image.03:49
xfxfso you kill infrastructure :P03:49
Kamilionand some of it's quite insidiously secured, too!03:49
Kamilioncustom firmwares, secured bootloaders, TPM modules and partial disk encryption...03:50
Kamilionand I get to be the guy that figured out how to break all that and get, say, supermicro's firmware back on it.03:50
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Kamilioncomes down to finding a physical exploit that'll let me boot freedos or the uefi capsule firmware updater.03:51
Kamilionand/or getting really dirty and busting out a raspberry pi or odroid and hooking the flash chip up to the SPI bus and using flashrom to shove a clean image on it03:52
mithroOff to catch a plane! BBLR03:52
Kamilionor any of the other nasty tricks I've learned from defcon, CCC, blackhat, pycon, recon, and every other conference that has VIDEO RECORDS :D03:53
Kamilionwhich is what y'all do. So thanks.03:53
KamilionYou make me more useful.03:53
Kamilionthe last computer conference I went to was either a CES/SIGGRAPH sometime in the 80s, while the atari ST was the hot stuff at the conference.03:55
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): safe flight03:55
CarlFK[m] Real-time programming with BeagleBone PRUs  from 2014 - 19k views (and someone just left a comment)03:56
Kamilionstill need to get me a logic cape for my black03:57
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mithroKamilion: got any of these you want to send me? :-P
KamilionNegative, the only norco chassis we get isn't jbod05:05
Kamilionthink it's got an X8DTsomething in it05:05
Kamilionwe've got an HP SAS tray we've been trying to get rid of though05:06
tpbTitle: PowerVault MD3200/MD3220 Spec Sheet | Dell (at
Kamiliona single MD3220, mix of drives with it05:08
Kamilionfancy SAS multipath modules; but it still can't share drives05:08
Kamilionuhhh, think we've got some 40ish bay 4 or 5U supermicros05:09
Kamilionsomething like 32 in the front and another 8 in the back05:10
Kamilionat least one of them has no motherboard and has a bare AST2400 BMC by itself, in place of an ATX mobo.05:10
KamilionWe've got a lot of weird one-off stuff that comes out of prototyping labs; hacked up cases, preproduction units, but mostly finished goods inventory05:11
Kamiliononly the FGI stuff really makes it to our limited ebay auctionspace05:12
Kamilionthe rest is "you'll only know if you stop by or talk to Kamilion on IRC" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯05:12
mithroI just care about JBOD type thing - don't know why anyone would trust their data to hardware raid....05:14
Kamilionsame. Most of the 2Us we have are LSI SAS2008. No RAID, just JBOD.05:21
Kamilionthese run quite fine with a single C32 opteron, no need to fill both sockets.05:22
Kamilionit's got a pair of hexcores that come with it though.05:22
KamilionWe rarely get ram, the jerks pull it before palletting it up and hucking it our way, and we've been yelling at the chain back that it's unacceptable to receive incomplete machines05:23
Kamilionrather; "if you ship us stuff we can't test; you get the scrap prices, not the trade in prices."05:24
Kamilioncouple 2GB sticks of ECC DDR3, and btrfs is how I like 'em, even though they have them listed as freenas machines (and it includes a USB stick for freenas to boot from)05:25
Kamilionthey weren't moving at all before we added "includes freenas!" to the listing... heh.05:25
Kamilionthey're also really good ceph OSD machines.05:26
Kamilion  The backplane directconnects to the motherboard. Only cable in there's the ATX feed and the fans05:27
Kamilionand I had 'em save all the usable backplanes from machines we've scrapped (some of them were produced without the second CPU socket populated05:29
Kamilionwe've got nearly a pallet of something like six hundred and eighty spare power supplies05:29
Kamilionlot of other scrap boards and stuff, some have FPGAs and could be desoldered and reballed05:30
Kamilion Here's one of the 24 bay 2.5" models loaded with sas SSDs05:32
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CarlFK[m]here s me falling asleep - see ya06:10
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CarlFK[m]Kamilion: is your store open to the public?  or really can  I come over and look at all the stuff?17:24
KamilionSure, biz hours are 9am to 4:30pm, there's a camera in the lobby and someone should notice you after a few minutes17:30
KamilionI'd suggest coming somewhere between 11am and 3pm, the owner's around during that time and he's normally happy to handshake and show around17:31
Kamilionsales guy's usually off around 1pm for a half hour17:31
Kamilionwe do accept walk-in sales; although we are not 'open to the public'17:32
Kamilioncan't just wander in our warehouse, and we don't have any cash registers ;)17:33
Kamilionthey'll print off an invoice upstairs and can accept cash and major cards17:33
Kamilionthere's also a doorbell just outside the front door; ring it two or three times and let yourself into the lobby if the front door's open. The two doors leading further in are pinpad access controlled.17:35
Kamilionescort only past that point, safety and such17:35
CarlFK[m]neat - I'll ping you a few hours ahead of time.17:36
* Kamilion nods17:36
CarlFK[m]do you want a twinpact vga/firewire thing?17:36
CarlFK[m]hmm, how many lbs of firewire stuff can I drop on the floor?17:36
KamilionI'm low on funds this month after ordering a bunch of stuff from itead last month.17:37
CarlFK[m]also 2x2 vga active video matrix boxes.17:37
KamilionAnything you wanna get rid of, we'll certainly take; and possiby if it's got some worth to it, the owner may elect to give you scrap prices for some stuff...?17:37
Kamilionotherwise, there's a lot of other places here in the bay area that will charge you for disposal of electronics (especally non RoHS stuff)17:38
Kamilionwe've got stacks of PS/2+VGA KVMs that nobody wants these days17:39
CarlFK[m]meh, hardly worth me packing it for 'that' - I was wondering if you were personally interested in it for some odd reason17:39
Kamilionoh, I'm definitely personally interested in videocap gear17:39
KamilionI'm just broke right now *laughs*17:39
Kamilionordered a boxfull of these:
tpbTitle: Sonoff Pow: Electricity Usage/Consumption Monitor Switch (at
CarlFK[m]I'll give you a box of stuff - happy to see it go to someone like you17:40
Kamilionanything gifted personally stays personally gifted17:40
Kamilionwould be a dickmove to resell a gift between hackers ^_^17:41
Kamilionlikewise, I've got a stock of esoterics; you're welcome to walk away with one or two if you can find a meaningful use17:42
Kamilionlike, I've got three of these:
tpbTitle: ODROID | Hardkernel (at
KamilionIf you can come up with a usecase that wows me, I'd be totally willing to just hand you one *G*17:44
Kamilioni got them to use with the pi noir 5mpix camera modules -- they have the 8mpix models now, and it'll still work.17:45
Kamilion<.< Never did end up ordering the camera modules themselves though... heh.17:46
Kamilionwork ended up buying a full set of Hikvision cameras, and I just reflashed 'em to work with a swann branded DVR.17:46
Kamilionnice me-tal enclosures, power over ethernet...17:49
KamilionI was gonna try stuffing it all in a monoprice security camera housing:
Kamilionkinda glad I didn't have to.17:50
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CarlFK[m]Kamilion: I have 10 or so of these    2X2 SVGA VGA MATRIX Switcher Splitter Amplifier Multiplier 250MHz19:12
tpbTitle: 2X2 SVGA VGA MATRIX Switcher Splitter Amplifier Multiplier 250MHz - (at
CarlFK[m]I'll bing you one for giggles19:13
CarlFK[m]I guess if you want more of my stuff I can box it up and ship it19:13
Kamilionoh, that'd be handy to run a VGA cable upstairs from the swann DVR to the accountant's big wallmount monitor19:13
* CarlFK[m] adds vga over cat5 gizmo 19:34
CarlFK[m]how are you on 1' and 3' vga cables?19:35
Kamilionlow. Got maybe five or six 6' cables... buncha DVI, no HDMI outside of my personal stash.19:38
Kamilionwe mostly rely on IPMI remote iKVM anyway, so it hasn't been a big deal. Short cables are easy to store though.19:38
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