Tuesday, 2017-08-08

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tsgloveHello all!  Where can I get a ballpark for the upload bandwidth of a 1080p stream, 30fps ?13:05
tsgloveI have no idea if it's 900kbps, or 6Mbps  .    Any suggestions?13:05
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thaytantsglove, depends how good you want it to look ;)13:41
thaytanhttps://support.google.com/youtube/answer/1722171?hl=en has google's guideline bitrates13:41
tpbTitle: Recommended upload encoding settings - YouTube Help (at support.google.com)13:41
thaytanThey suggest 8mbit/s for 1080p @ 30fps13:41
thaytanwith B frames and CABAC in High Profile13:42
tsglovethaytan, that is super useful.  Thank you!14:01
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CarlFKtsglove: I would find out how much you have and use most of it14:21
tsgloveCarlFK, definitely.  I want to do a "stress-test".   I will be using a LTE modem, and on a quick speed-test, it blasted at 18Mbps upload.  Yet I want to do an 8 hour run to see if that's sustained.14:23
tsgloveOr if the ISP was giving preference to the speed-test website.14:24
CarlFK[m]18 seams plenty.  I think I used 2 for 480i,   1080i is 4x that.  I think.14:28
paddatrappermithro: ping?14:59
tumbleweedmithro: fwiw I haven't heard of a single report of a laptop that wouldn't talk to the opsis, yet15:37
tumbleweedI'm very happy with that :)15:37
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