Tuesday, 2017-08-01

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xfxfmithro: sorry, busy with #dayjob.  i don't think there's a MSY in the city, only CPL.  officeworks may be the most convenient place07:02
mithroI ended up getting some from the may near my place07:21
mithroAt the airport now07:25
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paddatrappermithro: current weekly update up. Still slightly a work in progress as I want to try add tomorrow in as well, depending on how it goes and how jet lagged I am10:18
mithroI made it to Melbourne10:53
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CarlFK 3). What problems usually come up during a day of recording a convention?15:35
CarlFKI forget to eat.15:36
tumbleweedCarlFK: where should we document opsis flashing?15:53
tumbleweed(or where is the documentation that should be improved)15:53
CarlFKtumbleweed: sec...15:54
CarlFKhere is my wiki https://github.com/CarlFK/HDMI2USB-mode-switch/wiki15:54
tpbTitle: Home · CarlFK/HDMI2USB-mode-switch Wiki · GitHub (at github.com)15:54
CarlFKI would cut/paste that into some other wiki and tweek as needed15:54
CarlFKor feed me stuff and I'll tweek mine15:55
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Choco31415Hello! I wanted to ask about the Numato Opsis board? It's "Out of Stock" on numato.com, and crowdsupply.com's "Order Now" button doesn't work. Is the board still available?17:19
CarlFKChoco31415: mithro will be able to answer in a few hours.17:21
Choco31415CarlFK: Thank you!17:22
CarlFKChoco31415: I think the answer is Yes, or sort of.  like you may need to wait till enough people want to order17:22
CarlFKit isn't a product that is manufactured 1000's at a time to make sure they are always in stock17:23
CarlFKthat does not happen, but I am not sure what does happen.17:23
Choco31415CarlFK: The reason why I'm asking is because I'm looking into streaming the Ohio LinuxFest. Currently the videos are awful! The streams should have a copy of the presentation in them, hence Opsis.17:27
CarlFKoh hi!17:27
CarlFKare you the person I just send a huge email about audio ?17:27
Choco31415CarlFK: Apparently.17:27
CarlFKwhen is it?17:29
CarlFKdo you call it OLF?17:29
Choco31415CarlFK: Ohio LinuxFest is September 29-30. I haven't heard OLF yet.17:30
CarlFKOhio LinuxFest is too much to type :p17:30
Choco31415Fair :p17:31
Choco31415Carl, do you know if there is an Opsis for rent? That thing (and every VCD) is expensive.17:31
CarlFKthose of us that have one wouldn17:32
CarlFKthose of us that have one wouldn17:32
CarlFKdamm it..17:32
CarlFKthose of us that have one wouldn't take your money like that17:32
CarlFKYou need it days or really weeks ahead of time to practice with17:33
CarlFKwere you at PyOhio?17:33
Choco31415CarlFK: Agreed. I still don't know if it can connect with OBS.17:33
Choco31415Unfortunately no. I'm away at the moment.17:34
Choco31415*No, I wasn't at PyOhio17:34
Choco31415If the Opsis isn't being rented or sold, is there a chance it can be borrowed? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯17:36
CarlFKthats more likely17:36
CarlFKit is a similar thing to "can I get commit privs to your git repo?"17:37
CarlFKbut first wait for mithro to come around and see what he says17:38
Choco31415Which most people don't give.17:38
Choco31415Sounds good.17:38
CarlFKmost people don't have a git repo ;)17:38
CarlFKif you have a deb/ubuntu box handy... here is something I can help you with:17:39
tpbTitle: GitHub - CarlFK/voctomix-outcasts (at github.com)17:39
Choco31415I hope you're not insuating that SVN's the standard...17:40
CarlFKmost people aren17:40
CarlFKmost people aren17:40
CarlFKdamm touchy enter key...17:40
CarlFKmost people aren't coders.  most coders work for ABC Corp... etc.  but there are plenty that do use github, and plenty that do give commit privs17:41
CarlFKI give privs to anything that tumbleweed asks me for because I am delighted he will fix my stuff17:42
Choco31415It's hard to know when all your friends are coders (ignoring the one neuro-surgeon). :p17:43
CarlFKin 2007 I spent months making videos of every single user group talk I could find.  even the Java group, and I have 0.0 interest in Java.17:44
Choco31415IRC chats?17:45
Choco31415You said "user group talk"? Were those IRC chats?17:45
CarlFKdon't you attend monthly LUG meetings?17:46
Choco31415I haven't heard of LUG meetings?17:46
CarlFKpeople in a room, 1 or 2 talks - like a mini conference17:47
CarlFKit is perfect for getting up to speed on recording talks.    no one will be annoyed if you mess up17:48
CarlFKyou should also set stuff up in your living room, but it isn't the same17:49
Choco31415When I did my first livestream, people actually enjoyed the mistakes. There were so many, like once I was playing the stream's audio while recording.17:50
Choco31415Test watching the stream has caught so many audio problems.17:51
CarlFKhere is something that happeened at PyOhio - still not sure why.  the quality is good enough, but I really wish I understood what happened to make sure it doesn't happen again:17:52
CarlFK  http://youtu.be/o0VsZq7qWA017:52
CarlFKpresenter: The sound is rather choppy. Is that something that can be fixed?17:52
CarlFKit is bad enough that he would say that.17:52
CarlFKit can be hard to rate how bad things are17:53
Choco31415There was a second talk like that! Moment...17:53
CarlFKthere is "no audio" and "awful" .. those are easy.17:53
CarlFKI think all the ones in that room were like that17:53
Choco31415It was a different room.17:54
CarlFKthis year was "let the venue handle audio, they have a new system, they tell me it will be great."17:54
CarlFKit was OK, but it wasn't great.17:55
Choco31415Never mind, it wasn't so bad, but the audio has a ton of fuzz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XY1p1UiP-fY&list=PL2k6bbM_wgjtIH-DmrBuj8QiB8DkDUeqb&index=317:56
Choco31415Some stuttering too.17:56
CarlFKyeah - that qualifes as good enough, but I can do better17:58
CarlFKif you were in the room you could hear that too. but somehow it isn't as distracting17:59
Choco31415About Vocto, it records from a AV source, and writes it. Does it only write ts? Also, is ingest.py literally a giant bash script generator?18:05
CarlFKso... a few things about 'that'18:10
CarlFK"Voctomix" does not do hardware or files or streaming - it only mixes18:11
CarlFKjust like postgresql or mysql does not do contact management UI18:11
CarlFKif you join the #voctomix channel and talk to the devs about problems, it is good to know whos problem it is18:12
CarlFKmixing problem is voctomix.  can't read from camera ... likely my problem18:12
CarlFKingest also gets config parameters from the mixers (super handy but not critical) ....18:13
CarlFKingest connects to the mixers clock source - without this you risk sources drifting out of sync, even if you think you can fix that.18:14
CarlFKbut otherwise, yes: constructs a gst pipeline that you can cut/paste and run in bash - which I do for testing and bug reports18:15
CarlFKyou can encode to any format you want - just write the gst pipeline18:16
CarlFKwe use something that is a good compromise between disk space, cpu load and quality18:16
Choco31415If Voctomix only mixes, then the video would disappear to the lands of unused RAM. Unless you meant it builds the gst pipeline, so it doesn't directly deal with videos/hardware?18:21
CarlFKyou need to built the gst pipeline to save and or stream too18:24
Choco31415By the way, I hope I'm not asking too many questions! It sounds like you have some free time, so I'm asking a little extra.18:24
CarlFKno prob18:25
CarlFKI've heard good things about your show18:26
Choco31415Not to surprise, but I'm not part of their crew yet.18:26
Choco31415I want to be, because again their videos suck. I submitted the volunteer application earlier, and I'll escalate it from there.18:27
Choco31415LinuxFest is good!18:27
CarlFKhow many roooms are you hoping to record?18:27
Choco314151, maybe 2 if my roommate helps out.18:28
Choco31415He does video work too, and he livestreamed the OHIO engineering hackathon.18:29
Choco31415It got maybe 5 views.18:30
CarlFKI would skip the streams and just record / upload to youtube18:31
Choco31415Streams include livestreams?18:32
CarlFKfor live to be worth it, you need to advertise it, and you don't want to advertise it till you know t is  rock solid18:32
Choco31415I can only imagine the disk usage...18:33
CarlFK5g/hour - no big deal18:33
Choco31415Never mind.18:34
tpbTitle: veyepar - Show: PyOhio Pyohio_2017 (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)18:36
Choco31415I just checked, and OBS does support Video Capture Devices.18:36
CarlFKthat shows you disk space by day/room/total...18:37
CarlFK4 rooms 2 days expected:473g18:37
Choco31415That makes sense. The reason why events have multiple audio files is because of pauses or "do not release" videos?18:40
Choco31415Under "Cartoon 1" "Sat 29", under the "Audio" section, time 07:03 has 4 audio files. I assume this is the audio for one talk?18:42
CarlFKah, that. no.18:43
CarlFKfirst.. those should be images of audio waves... sec...18:43
tpbTitle: Veyepar: Video eyeball produce and review. (at veyepar.nextdayvideo.com)18:44
CarlFKleft/right channel. you can see big chunks of missing audio18:44
CarlFKI save out 30 min then start a new file.  or if I am setting up and restart things, like at the begining of the day.. smaller files get created18:45
CarlFKthere is a log file of 'cuts' which are where you would cut movie film to separate junk from content18:46
CarlFKrecord all day long - then use the cuts file and the talk schedule to find the data to assemble into a video of a talk18:47
Choco31415Oh, good idea. I've never thought of that.18:48
CarlFKthat's what veyepar does18:52
CarlFKwell. that's kinda the point of it.  then 100 other things were added on, like tweeting the URL once the presenter has clicked Approve18:53
Choco31415As long as they organize every functionality by script, it's not bad.18:59
Choco31415I'll be back in a bit.19:28
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Choco31415CarlFK: Can I ask for a small favor?19:43
CarlFKwhats that?19:43
Choco31415I reloaded the chat and I forgot I wanted to save the chat history.19:43
Choco31415Could you copy our chat to, say, Pastebin?19:43
Choco31415Thank you so much!19:44
* CarlFK points at topic 19:45
CarlFKit is all logged19:45
Choco31415IRC chat is logged?19:46
CarlFKthis channel is19:47
Choco31415history 1019:47
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Choco31415Is mithro here now?22:13
Choco31415CarlFK: Is there a good time to catch mithro?22:28
Choco31415I have to get off soon.22:29
CarlFKsoon .. and then for the next 18 hours22:29
Choco31415That's an interesting sleep schedule.22:30
CarlFKhe lives in Australia22:31
CarlFKIt is 8am Wednesday over there now.22:31
Choco31415That's a coincedence. I'm in Europe right now, the opposite of Australia.22:33
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Choco31415Good night Carl!23:37
CarlFK[m]See ya23:43
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