Monday, 2017-07-31

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mithrotumbleweed / CarlFK[m]: ping?02:24
CarlFK[m]mithro: pong02:25
mithroCarlFK[m]: So you just used boards for PyOhio, right?02:25
mithroCarlFK[m]: Can I get a list of issues / problems and such you have been having?02:25
mithropaddatrapper: Where does the doxygen documentation say you should be putting the docs? I'm guessing in the header?02:26
CarlFK[m]mithro: walking to denture now, on phone, in 10 hours I can write something up02:27
mithroCarlFK[m]: The sooner the better, I want to verify they won't affect PyCon AU recording02:28
mithroCarlFK[m]: I'm guessing you are mostly using Atlys boards?02:28
CarlFK[m]We had to pull the opsis board and use an atlys02:47
CarlFK[m]The venue system displayed color bars diagonally02:51
mithrojea: ping? You used the Opsis boards at Wordcamp?02:53
CarlFK[m]The atlas was running a very old firmware so can't really say it was specific to the opsis02:54
mithroCarlFK[m]: Need to know why you want back to a very old firmware on the Atlys02:54
CarlFK[m]mithro Atlys wasn't streaming - tumbleweed kinda decided it was related to the hdmi2usb.hex not building02:58
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: because the new firmware didn't work02:59
tumbleweedwe used a version that worked02:59
mithrotumbleweed: Yeah, I need more info if possible03:01
mithroCarlFK[m]: Did you actually test streaming when you were doing things?03:02
tumbleweedI gave you a screenshot03:02
cr1901_modernmithro: Ping when you get a second.03:11
mithrocr1901_modern: pong03:11
cr1901_modernmithro: Are you still using this repo?
tpbTitle: GitHub - mithro/litex: Build your hardware, easily! (at
mithrocr1901_modern: Possibly, why?03:12
cr1901_modernB/c I had to do a fairly involved rebase, but I rebase the SPIflash 1x reading onto _florent_'s master03:12
cr1901_modernbut I'm forked off of _your_ repo03:12
cr1901_modernSo I'm wondering if you could possibly bring your repo up to date w/ _florent_'s03:13
cr1901_modern(for saved headaches later ;)...)03:14
mithrocr1901_modern: I'm happy to use whatever is needed...03:14
cr1901_modernmithro: Then when you get the chance, could you rebase your current changes on top of _florent_'s current master?03:15
mithrocr1901_modern: Have you already done this?03:15
cr1901_modernSo my repo says something like: "This repo is 3 commits ahead, 3 commits behind mithro/master"03:15
mithroCan I just pull your repo and set my master to be the same?03:16
cr1901_modernsure nothing wrong with that03:16
cr1901_modern(but your other changes may not rebase nicely. See:
tpbTitle: soc/cores: move flash cores to cores directory · cr1901/[email protected] · GitHub (at
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cr1901_modernmithro: I guess I never gave this much thought, but why do you have a separate copy of platforms in HDMI2USB? Shouldn't litex provide that, and you can put your additional constants into targets/$TARGET/
CarlFK[m]mithro: heading back to the hotel - Ill be back in 30 min03:44
mithrocr1901_modern: I don't care about my changes if you have working stuff03:45
mithrorohitksingh_work: ping?03:45
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cr1901_modernmithro: Ack. Fair enough, we can discuss more later03:47
* cr1901_modern prob gonna sleep for a few hours03:47
mithrocr1901_modern: Were are you at?03:48
cr1901_modernmithro: implementing xmodem/sfl, waiting on opsis charger so I can do spiflash 4x.03:49
mithrocr1901_modern: You should be able to start with the MimasV2 and spiflash 1x right?03:50
cr1901_modernmithro: Sure. spi bitbang reads already work there03:52
mithrocr1901_modern: With sending xmodem/sfl data?03:52
mithropaddatrapper: ping?03:53
cr1901_modernmithro: Oh no, not yet :(. Just my debugging code works03:53
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mithropaddatrapper: Hrm, I think you are going to be getting on a plane to DebConf soon....04:44
mithrotumbleweed: Are you going to DebConf straight after today?04:44
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CarlFKmithro: tumbleweed is on his way, may have landed by now05:04
mithroCarlFK: Where is actually? DebConf05:25
CarlFKmithro: DebConf is in Montreal Canada05:26
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mithrorohitksingh_work: ping?07:05
paddatrappermithro: ping?07:12
mithropaddatrapper: pong07:12
paddatrappermithro: the doxygen docs don't really specify which place to put comments07:13
mithropaddatrapper: Lets go with the header then07:13
paddatrappermithro: ok cool. I'll update it on the plane then07:14
mithropaddatrapper: I'd like to merge the doxygen generation travis commit but it seems like there are some other makefile changes in that request?07:15
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paddatrappermithro: realised I should have added it to the description, but those extra rules are for Travis to build the other firmware07:17
mithropaddatrapper: That should probably be in a separate pull request technically...07:18
paddatrappermithro: ok should be able to break them up. Won't be able to until this evening when I'm in the air though07:20
mithropaddatrapper: Okay07:20
mithropaddatrapper: When you get to debconf lets discuss what you should focus on while there?07:20
paddatrappermithro: ok sure. I get there at 16:10 local time tomorrow (UTC-4)07:23
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rohitksingh_workmithro: pong08:36
rohitksingh_workerrr....I was away with my PC on08:37
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jeamithro: yes, we used opsis boards at wordcamp. they worked fine10:37
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Just to remind you regarding the review of the pull request for adding the JPEG modules in the main repository11:10
tpbTitle: Adding additional files by ishan98 · Pull Request #1 · timvideos/litejpeg · GitHub (at
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tumbleweedmithro: yeah, I'm at DebConf14:06
mithrotumbleweed: I assume paddatrapper might have just arrived as I just saw him push changes?14:07
tumbleweedmithro: haven't seen him yet, but we're just getting started on the first day of debcamp14:08
tumbleweedI have atlys and opsis here14:08
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mithroI have to run home and do washing as I fly to Melbourne tomorrow'14:09
paddatrappermithro: I'm sitting in CPT International14:16
paddatrapperI get to Montreal tomorrow at 16:10 UCT-414:16
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: fly well14:17
paddatrapperThe first leg of the trip is supposed to have wifi and I have 2 FX2s in my bag \o/14:17
paddatrappertumbleweed: thanks :)14:17
tumbleweedpaddatrapper: via?14:17
paddatrappertumbleweed: Frankfurt and Heathrow14:18
tumbleweedhop hop hop14:18
paddatrappertumbleweed: well hop, hop, balance for 7 hours, hop again14:21
paddatrappermithro: Can you review the audio traffic PR? -
tpbTitle: Audio data transfer by paddatrapper · Pull Request #34 · timvideos/HDMI2USB-fx2-firmware · GitHub (at
mithropaddatrapper: Not likely to happen soon14:28
paddatrappermithro: no problem14:28
paddatrappermithro: I've fixed the documentation PR conflicts14:28
mithroYou will give I have already merged it14:37
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mithropaddatrapper: you should poke Rohit about the audio IC14:50
paddatrappermithro: will do14:50
paddatrapperbording now, so will be around later14:50
mithropaddatrapper: hopefully I'll be asleep but we will see14:50
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mithrotumbleweed: So your first task is to figure out what is up with the Atlys / Opsis boards and the latest firmware?15:19
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tumbleweedmithro: I can flash it, but I'll need help on the figuring out side16:14
CarlFKtumbleweed:  good Monday !16:58
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CarlFK[m]tumbleweed (IRC): your comment on subshells for mananageing cd.....   do you mean (cd foo \n command\n command\n command\n )18:42
CarlFK[m]wrapping a bunch of lines in ( )18:42
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mithroxfxf: I just found some long redmere cables that are marked as "special" - I'm pretty sure they are from LCA and exhibit the corruption on wiggle that you are seeing21:19
mithrotumbleweed: I do that subshell thing all the time21:20
mithrotumbleweed: were did you get with testing?21:21
tumbleweedmithro: we've been bringing up a conference network21:39
mithroBah, who needs internet access21:50
mithroxfxf: Any idea where I could pick up some USB3.0 thumb drives which are decent speed for cheap in the next 24-48 hours?22:44
mithroxfxf: MSY?22:44
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