Saturday, 2017-07-29

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tumbleweedwell, going back to 0.0.2 firmware resolves that atlys problem :/00:36
* tumbleweed wonders if CarlFK[m] actually tested USB video on the 0.0.3 firmware00:36
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tumbleweeddid that trigger CarlFK?00:37
CarlFK[m]ta da!00:37
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: any idea what the last firmware that worked well on atlys was?00:37
tumbleweedI just flashed v0.0.2-81-gd0d3aea which I see you mentioned in here, before00:37
CarlFK[m]that's where I wold look ;)00:38
tumbleweedbut after that, whenever you mention a version, it's usually to do with some testing00:38
tumbleweedand that doesn't inspire much confidence00:38
tumbleweedwhen did you last use atlys for a show?00:38
tumbleweedI'm pretty sure the weird behaviour we're seeing here is what I saw when I tried the litex firmware on at atlys, at LCA00:38
tumbleweedwhich is why asked you if you were *sure* it worked on atlys :/00:39
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tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: any idea how we'd find what you used in november?00:40
CarlFK[m]not really00:41
CarlFK[m]maybe greppng what I said here in chat00:41
tumbleweedbecause this is running, but it's also dodgy as fuck00:42
tumbleweedI mean jumpy, horrible noise on the pattern... :/00:42
CarlFK[m]oh god00:42
CarlFK[m]have tried the Opsis?00:43
tumbleweedmithro said he'd try to fix it, via ssh, but then vanished (probably quite sensibly) :)00:43
CarlFK[m]now I forget why I am asking...00:44
CarlFK[m]oh, because Opsis in cartoon1 starts at 9, Atlys talks at 1000:44
CarlFK[m]what state are your Atleys in?00:44
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tumbleweedbut workable00:45
CarlFK[m]check firmware ver00:46
tumbleweedhello, this is what we're talking about00:46
CarlFK[m]oh, right00:46
tumbleweedalso, it's getting late to eat00:46
CarlFK[m]want some more leftovers?  or I can have Sheila get your food, or if you need a break, take a break00:48
tumbleweedyeah, a break would be good, getting hungry is distracting me00:49
tumbleweedbut I have to leave my laptop here in case mithro returns (for him to be able to get in)00:49
tumbleweedI can flash these all to an old working-ish version00:50
CarlFK[m]Sheila is on her way back to the hotel - it would be nice if the two of you got food00:50
CarlFK[m]iming her now...00:50
tumbleweedyeah, it looks like this version was the most recent bulid around nov last year00:53
tumbleweedlet's do it00:53
CarlFK[m]im encouraged00:54
CarlFK[m]s is on her way, will go to your room when she arrives00:54
tumbleweedooh, it's not even noisy now \o/00:58
CarlFK[m]why can't I pull data from the bm card?00:58
CarlFK[m]go check hall wayfor shela00:59
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: how did you connect the bm card?00:59
CarlFK[m]right now gst-launch-1.0 declinkvideosource connection=sdi mode=17 !  queue ! videoconvert ! queue ! fpsdisplaysink sync=false01:00
CarlFK[m]ERROR: piepline doesn't want to pause01:00
CarlFK[m]bm driver is loaded01:01
CarlFK[m]camera says 720p sdi01:01
tumbleweedhrm, dunno01:02
tumbleweedshould we do a quick debugging visit?01:03
CarlFK[m]debugging audio now.. get food01:05
CarlFK[m]crazy alian ship landing noise ... kinda gross .. they are Hmmm...01:05
CarlFK[m]"oh god, I don't like any of this"01:07
tumbleweedCarlFK[m]: get me on hangouts if you need me01:07
tumbleweedmithro: I hope you manage to make some progress with this opsis01:07
tumbleweedI also have some brand new opsises that we can borrow01:08
CarlFK[m]the osps wasn't working?01:09
mithroCarlFK[m] / tumbleweed: I'm be around in an hour ish01:13
CarlFK[m]mithro (IRC): yay01:14
CarlFK[m]tumbleweed: get food first01:16
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mithrotumbleweed: ping?01:51
mithrotumbleweed: Am I going SYD->South Africa->US? :-P01:51
mithrogah, odroids aren't x86....01:57
mithrotumbleweed: The modeswitch you are using is ancient....02:00
mithrotumbleweed: Hrm, the eeprom on the Opsis looks fine....02:04
tumbleweedmithro: no, SYD -> AWS US East -> my laptop -> an odroid02:13
tumbleweedyeah, we know that modeswitch is ancient02:13
mithrotumbleweed: I wouldn't guarantee that it can flash things properly...02:13
tumbleweedthat's fine02:13
mithrotumbleweed: In fact I'm kind of surprised you are even able to flash things...02:14
tumbleweedI plan to upgrade it after this02:14
tumbleweedand I've been flashing with a git checkout, not that02:14
mithroI look at the eeprom and I can't see anything wrong with it...02:14
tumbleweedI guess we need to swap it out and debug later, then :/02:15
tumbleweedmithro: you want to poke at it more, or can we swap?02:42
mithroHelping someone else at the moment02:42
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tumbleweedmithro: I tightened the connections on the jumper on K3 and it works now \o/03:43
tumbleweedCarlFK[m] said "You can't do that!"03:43
tumbleweedmany hours wasted by one shitty jumper :/03:45
mithrotumbleweed: :-(04:03
mithroSo what is up with the Atlys?04:03
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mithrotumbleweed / CarlFK[m] : ^04:23
tumbleweedmithro: I think 0.0.3 doesn't work on them04:28
tumbleweeddoes anyone know that it does?04:29
mithroWhat happens?04:29
tumbleweedI went back to v0.0.2-81-gd0d3aea04:29
tumbleweedHDMI outputs are fine, but the streamed video is a mess04:29
mithroWhat should that be showing?04:30
tumbleweeda pretty XFCE mouse04:30
mithroWhere are the lines coming from?04:30
tumbleweedsomething like
mithroAs well what does status and debug show?04:31
mithrotumbleweed: is that captured via USB or picture of a screen or?04:32
tumbleweedsomething like:04:32
tumbleweedH2U 00:27:07>s04:32
tumbleweedinput0:  0x004:32
tumbleweedinput1:  1280x720 (capturing)04:32
tumbleweedoutput0: [email protected] from input1 (underflows: 0)04:32
tumbleweedoutput1: [email protected] from input1 (underflows: 0)04:32
tumbleweedEDID primary mode:   [email protected]04:33
tumbleweedEDID secondary mode: [email protected]04:33
tumbleweedencoder: 1280x720 @ 0fps from input1 (q: 85)04:33
tumbleweedcaptured via USB04:33
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tumbleweedit's bedtime here, with about 6 hours sleep ahead of me04:33
tumbleweedbut I can re-flash one with the latest firmware tomorrow, and we can play04:34
mithrotumbleweed: okay04:34
mithroI'm probably be asleep by then04:34
tumbleweedyeah first thing tomorrow is going to be a scramble to setup, anyway04:34
mithroWhat was the screen showing?04:34
tumbleweedit looked fine04:34
mithroOkay, which means it's something in the encoder pathway04:35
tumbleweedyeah, it felt like that04:36
CarlFK[m]The good news is we get to sleep in, the bad news is breakfast starts at 704:36
xfxfyou two look like you're having fun :P04:37
mithroWhere were you getting hdmi2usb.hex?04:37
tumbleweedfrom v0.0.2-81-gd0d3aea04:38
tumbleweeddid the interface actually change? :)04:38
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paddatrappermithro: how do you want me to document functions, on the implementation or the header declaration?09:05
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tumbleweedso, venue HDMI switcher can't pick up opsis video stably, but atlys works just fine16:35
tumbleweedlooks like a timing issue, we get diagonally skewed video every second frame16:36
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CarlFK[m]cartoon1 atlys is angry21:33
CarlFK[m]mac - hdmi didn't work well, mac mini dp to hdmi works fine21:37
tumbleweedyeah, seen that a few times today21:50
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