Friday, 2017-07-28

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mithroCarlFK[m]: I'm guessing you are not around - but the solution is to get travis to retry the build until it works00:10
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CarlFK[m]mithro: just stopped for dinner.  Oh my.01:13
mithroCarlFK[m]: Sadly until I can figure out how to get ISE to be 100% deterministic, there isn't much we can do apart from that...01:14
CarlFK[m]I'll just run over to the opsis any time I need the list01:14
mithroCarlFK[m]: It's likely the next push I do it will work again...01:15
mithroCarlFK[m]: really need to find some people who are really into reverse engineering + reproducibility to help fix that...01:15
mithroCarlFK[m]: If you can keep actively looking for people who might be interested in that, please do02:46
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xfxfmithro: where are you staying for pyconau and when are you getting in?03:46
xfxfi was thinking about doing a core AV team meeting late on Wed at our AirBNB03:47
mithroxfxf: See tripit?03:47
xfxf(ping jea, micolous)03:47
xfxfi haven't, too many emails :P03:47
xfxfactually i don't see your details in tripit, only michael's03:48
xfxfmithro: i'll be spending wed morning picking up a rental van, grabbing other stuff for pycon au, then dropping it to the venue03:49
xfxfshould hopefully have the arvo free03:49
xfxfwe don't have venue access until the thu, but the venue will bring all the gear i've dropped off into the AV room03:49
xfxfthu is tutorials.  fri is when we're recording from, so thu is prep day03:49
xfxfalthough everything should be ready to go, will mostly just be testing and adjusting if we feel like it03:49
xfxfi've kept one of the kits aside as a 'testing' kit, we can optionally take that into the airbnb with us on wed if we feel like fiddling with things early03:51
mithroSo I fly in Tuesday evening03:55
mithroOn Wednesday evening I will be at CCHS organising LCA2018 stuff03:55
mithroOn Thursday I have a tutorial I'll be attending03:55
mithroxfxf: So I should be around on the Wednesday to help with things04:00
xfxfcool - i won't be avail until mid arvo I reckon, but that'd be great if you were available04:03
mithrocr1901_modern: I'm guessing your asleep?06:45
mithro_florent_: ping?06:54
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paddatrappermithro: my visa has just been approved for Canada. So I'll be at Debconf the next two weeks10:40
mithropaddatrapper: yay!10:45
mithropaddatrapper: when do you fly out?10:45
paddatrappermithro: Monday at 5pm10:53
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tumbleweedpaddatrapper: \o/12:02
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CarlFK[email protected]hcp151:~$ ls Videos/17:57
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tpbTitle: Ubuntu Pastebin (at
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mithrocr1901_modern: ping?22:43
mithroCarlFK[m]: When is pyohio exactly? This weekend?22:44
CarlFK[m]This weekend22:48
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tumbleweedmithro: I could use some help22:55
mithrotumbleweed: Shoot22:56
tumbleweedflash-gateware flash.bin is all that's needed these days, right?22:56
mithroI may be a bit in/out22:56
tumbleweedthis opsis just stays in 544022:56
mithrotumbleweed: For Opsis boards22:56
mithrotumbleweed: You need to power cycle the board after flashing22:56
tumbleweedyeah, did taht22:56
mithroWhat flash.bin did you flash?22:56
tumbleweedI tried the latest, and some earlier ones22:57
tumbleweedlet's go back to the latest22:57
tumbleweedbin/hdmi2usb-manage-firmware --flash-gateware ~/git/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.3-730-gf9c031d/opsis/hdmi2usb/lm32/flash.bin -v22:57
tumbleweedthat's with HEAD mode-switch22:57
tumbleweedalso, CarlFK[m]'s atlys22:58
tumbleweederr opsis22:58
tumbleweedwrote 2228224 bytes from file /home/stefanor/git/HDMI2USB-firmware-prebuilt/archive/master/v0.0.3-730-gf9c031d/opsis/hdmi2usb/lm32/flash.bin in 84.824203s (25.653 KiB/s)22:59
tumbleweedcontents match23:00
* tumbleweed power cycles23:00
tumbleweed[589456.940728] usb 1-1: New USB device found, idVendor=2a19, idProduct=544023:01
mithrotumbleweed: For the Atlys you also have to manually load the hdmi2usb.hex file using fxload after every power cycle23:01
tumbleweedand yes, I know that23:01
tumbleweedthat's it, it hasn't done the disconnect thing23:01
mithrotumbleweed: For the Opsis if FX2 isn't resetting properly it is likely caused by the jumpers being incorrect23:03
tumbleweedK1 is VCC-ADDR223:03
tumbleweedP18 is closed23:03
mithrotumbleweed: If I tell you how the jumpers should be, could you document it at ?23:04
tumbleweedprobably not now, I've got a pile of broken shit to fix for pyohio23:04
mithrotumbleweed: JMAC-ADR / K1 jumper is labelled on the board with both JMAC-ADR and K1. JMAC-ADR / K1 jumper is a 3 pin header. It can be found just north-east from the Cypress FX2 IC.23:04
mithrotumbleweed: Sure, sometime in the future is fine23:04
tumbleweedbut yes, I need this stuff documented :)23:04
tumbleweedyes, I've got K123:05
tumbleweedit's on VCC-ADDR223:05
mithrotumbleweed: That jumper turns out to not matter23:05
mithrotumbleweed: K3 - JFX2-RST is the important one23:06
tumbleweedit's on the right hand side23:07
mithrotumbleweed: And so is P1823:07
tumbleweedit's closed23:07
tumbleweedare those correct?23:07
mithrotumbleweed: K3 - JFX2-RST should be connecting pin 2 and 323:08
mithroAnd P18 should be closed23:08
tumbleweedyeah, we have both of those correct23:09
tumbleweedso the question is why is this atlys doing what it's doing :P23:09
tumbleweedI hav ebroken atlys here too :(23:09
mithrotumbleweed: If you put the Opsis into serial mode (hdmi2usb-mode-switch --mode=serial) and connect with flterm -- do you get the H2U> console after hitting enter a couple of times?23:10
tumbleweedso, the firmware is running23:11
mithrotumbleweed: Okay, while at the console with flterm running, hit the button on the board23:14
tumbleweedfx2: Waiting for FX2 to load firmware.23:15
tumbleweedfx2: Waiting at 00 (end: 1BAC)23:15
tumbleweedfx2: Waiting at 00 (end: 1BAC)23:15
tumbleweedfx2: Waiting at 00 (end: 1BAC)23:15
tumbleweedfx2: Timeout loading!23:15
tumbleweedI skipped some of the Waitings23:15
mithroI wonder if Carl has accidentally nuked microboot on the EEPROM23:16
tumbleweedis that fixable?23:16
tumbleweedI have jtag kit here (I think)23:16
mithrotumbleweed: Yes, and it shouldn't require JTAG either - it's just not something that I've done frequently so it's going to be a bit awkward...23:17
mithrotumbleweed: Any way I can get ssh access to a machine connected to the Opsis?23:18
mithrotumbleweed: It would be much quicker for you to watch me trying to debug it via a shared screen session rather than "remote control person" :-P23:19
tumbleweedI'll try to organise something23:20
tumbleweedthat's an XFCE desktop being captured by an atlys. They are all doing this23:21
tumbleweedmithro: got that?23:35
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