Tuesday, 2017-07-25

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mithropaddatrapper: if we can push it out an hour that works05:37
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paddatrappermithro: I need to be back at work at 11:15. It's a tournament I'm umpiring and I have the 9:10-10:20 and 11:30-12:40 games07:19
* paddatrapper will add details to the calendar in a bit07:21
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paddatrappermithro: can you review the descriptors PR?09:56
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xfxfblah, too much to do11:25
xfxfis there any consensus yet on a recent firmware that seems 'good' to use?11:25
xfxfi still need to flash and test an opsis here for a few days - may as well ask for intel if others have done recent testing11:26
xfxfping jea vys CarlFK[m] mithro11:26
jeawe used 710 and it was alright11:26
jeamithro has got the latest building now though, so it might be worth trying that11:27
jeaCarlFK: I don't think we did. I'd have to check again what it is doing11:28
jeaI could probably fix that if it is a bug11:28
xfxfpycon this year is *filled* with buckets of venue logistical fun11:40
xfxflike, not only do we not get venue access until the morning of the event, we have to be out the night it ends, and we can't move our AV gear directly to the sprints venue until the next day11:41
xfxfso i am wondering whether I scale this back and take a much more KISS mentality11:41
xfxfthat said, we do have a good core crew, and enough volunteers11:41
xfxfwe're just going to need to focus more than normal on getting videos out quickly11:42
xfxfi.e. same day processing11:42
xfxfdid you have any luck with the usb installer?11:42
xfxfi'm at the point where i'm starting to modify the installs by hand, so i really should re-image, but i don't want to create a nightmare for myself a week out from the event11:43
xfxfsorry.  create a bigger nightmare :P11:44
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CarlFKxfxf: use it12:35
CarlFKv0.0.3-730-gf9c031d  seems to run on my Atlys12:36
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CarlFK[m]jea: https://github.com/timvideos/HDMI2USB/issues/13412:51
tpbTitle: video_mode list hangs · Issue #134 · timvideos/HDMI2USB · GitHub (at github.com)12:51
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jeaxfxf: I think we should be fine to setup in that time and packup will be pretty fast (take everything out then do a better pack later).13:05
jeathe USB installer worked, but it was slow for me due to downloading everything. I ended up using the CD installer and choosing the same options as the preseed.cfg, then doing ansible after that. It worked, but was definitely slower than doing all of it automated13:06
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CarlFK[m]jea: you have wc files to encode right ?13:33
jeaCarlFK[m]: yes13:33
CarlFK[m]and you have them backed up in case ansible lights your box on fire13:34
jeayes, in two or three places so far13:35
CarlFK[m]did you do recording sheets where you write the start/end times down?13:35
jeaNo, not for this one. We have some notes on it all, but I'll be doing a lot of manual processing regardless13:37
CarlFK[m]do you have a title.svg with sponsor logos?13:38
jeanot yet13:39
CarlFK[m]wget http://veyepar.ndv.cdn.nextdayvideo.com/veyepar/pyohio/pyohio_2017/titles/The_Art_of_Mentoring_and_Being_Mentored_because_we_are_all_always_both.svg13:39
jeabut they will be giving me one13:39
CarlFK[m]ah, so thats a blocker .. yay ;)13:40
CarlFK[m]send me some sort of schedule data, Ill bang out the import code13:40
jeaat least I didn't promise next day video!13:40
CarlFK[m]unless it is html, then you get to parse it :p13:40
jeathat can be pycon instead13:40
CarlFK[m]brb - need to run don the block to get milk13:40
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CarlFK[m]what do you have in the way of schedule14:00
jeai have a thing on a website, but not sure if there is a feed yet.14:02
CarlFKurl of thing?14:02
tpbTitle: Schedule | WordCamp Brisbane 2017 (at 2017.brisbane.wordcamp.org)14:03
CarlFK[m]jea: pretty sure that page hits a feed.  quick peek found https://2017.brisbane.wordcamp.org/wp-json/14:23
CarlFK[m]but that isnt' the schedule14:23
jea[m]Yeah. I’ll talk to Dion and see if there is something, otherwise I might write a thing for them14:26
jea[m]I can see it being useful in future if they don’t have anything14:27
jea[m]Anyway, that’s for later. Now is bed14:27
CarlFK[m]<h1>Sunday, July 23rd</h1>14:28
CarlFK[m]under that is the <table>.. all on one long line14:28
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mithrojea / CarlFK / xfxf: It seems unlikely that I'll be able to fix the video_mode issue before PyCon AU. Does that crash / lockup prevent the device from being usable or can you just avoid that command?22:37
mithroIshan_Bansal: yes, you can index an Array with a Signal - I'm pretty sure you have done that before?22:38
mithropaddatrapper: actually it turns out I have something on Thursday too. I also have something on Friday. So it will either need to be tonight or Saturday to sync up.22:39
CarlFKmithro: I can avoid it22:41
xfxfits an issue. might stick with the LCA firmware23:00
xfxfthx for info23:00
xfxf(mithro do you have any issue if I do that? we will have spare opsis's we can experiment with.)23:15
xfxfactually... maybe it isn't an issue now you added the 50/60hz dual mode thing23:16
xfxfi can't recall having to change it in ages23:16
CarlFKxfxf: it isn't changing it, just listing the available modes.23:17
CarlFKchanging modes works ok23:18
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jea[m]I don’t think it will be an issue. We didn’t have to touch that at all on the weekend - all worked first go23:30
jea[m]mithro: if the issue is in firmware then I can take a look23:31
jea[m]CarlFK: what case is that? Looks like a good size23:31
CarlFKjea: https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01B575EMA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_dp_T2_vu9Dzb68DVBAP23:33
xfxfjea[m]: you prob didn't have hdmi2usbd/hdmi2usbmon running (or did you?  does carl's deploy thing install that?)?  actually i don't think that does video_mode anything, just status/debug23:39

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