Wednesday, 2017-07-12

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mithropaddatrapper: You found an LED on the Atlys?01:34
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Ishan_Bansalmithro : ping04:23
mithroIshan_Bansal: pong04:24
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Regarding the pull request.04:24
Ishan_BansalI have made the changes as per your needs. Any other thing which you think is missing ?04:25
mithroI will take another look at it04:29
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Ishan_Bansalflorent : ping05:27
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paddatrappermithro: yup. There's a multi colour led connected to the JTAG communication lines07:03
mithropaddatrapper: Oh07:03
paddatrapperNeeds testing though, not sure if it causes issues with anything else07:04
mithroLD14 - on USBDONE?07:06
paddatrapperNo. D1, connected between the FX2 and the JTAG header. There's a different colour connected to each trace - In, out and the other two which I can't remember off hand. I'll get the page number in the schematic in about 10 minutes07:08
mithropaddatrapper: Okay, I'll be interested to see which one07:10
mithroOh, I think you are talking about ESD protection diodes.... if they are labeled D107:11
paddatrapperTop left of page 8, but looking again, yes they look like diodes not LEDs07:15
mithroLD14 does look like an LED though07:16
paddatrapperIt does. I'll change it today and someone with an atlys can test it07:18
mithropaddatrapper: Are you waiting for me to do something?07:23
paddatrappermithro: only thing I can think of is a suggestion for the project number in the docs config07:30
mithropaddatrapper: Is there a way to use the git revision?07:30
paddatrapperI thought that was what happened by leaving it blank, but I'm not sure07:31
paddatrappermithro: there also seems to be a lack of docs in the point. I'll keep looking, but it looks like you need to use cmake or something similar which generates your doxygen config dynamically to make it work like that07:35
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Ishan_Bansalmithro : ping09:40
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CarlFK(02:17:40 AM) paddatrapper: It does. I'll change it today and someone with an atlys can test it14:27
CarlFKI can hook one up to a linux box and give you ssh access14:27
CarlFKand either use my eyes over IRC to let you know what it is doing, or point a camera at it and.. not sure what14:28
paddatrapperCarlFK: that would be great thanks15:42
CarlFKpaddatrapper:  give me 10 min..15:43
paddatrapperCarlFK: Cool15:43
paddatrappermithro: docs use the git revision now15:47
CarlFKpaddatrapper: Atlys hooked up.. had to find one not mounted in an enclosure so we can see the LEDs16:06
CarlFKnow to get ssh keys and routing for you.. more minutes16:06
paddatrapperCarlFK: cool. No rush16:08
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paddatrapperCarlFK: my public ssh key is here:16:13
CarlFK[email protected]:~$ ssh-import-id lp:krobbertze16:17
CarlFK... 2017-07-12 11:16:28,931 INFO [1] SSH keys [Authorized]16:17
CarlFKlove that command16:17
paddatrapperThat is pretty cool. Never heard of it before16:18
CarlFKlp for launcpad, gh for github16:19
CarlFKssh -p 2522 [email protected]16:21
CarlFKfeel free to do whatever you want to the box - I re install the OS often to test the automated installs16:23
CarlFKnow let me see if I can bring up a camera stream16:24
CarlFKanyone have any ideas for how to make that happen?16:24
paddatrapperThat I am not sure about16:25
CarlFKI have done a bunch, each has its difficulties16:26
CarlFKcan you gtalk me at [email protected] - that hits my phone so I don't have to move my laptop into the same room the atlys is in16:27
CarlFKcamera on a tripod, powered up and now looking for cables and stuff17:03
CarlFKpaddatrapper: I see an led pulsing dim/bright - is that the goal?17:23
paddatrapperCarlFK: Yup :D17:24
CarlFKI am in a dc-video meeting, so ... ok, no stream17:24
paddatrapperCarlFK: so am I, so no worries17:24
CarlFKneat!  I helped!!17:24
CarlFKoh right, I knew that :p17:24
paddatrapperCarlFK: Can you check what the label of the flashing LED is?17:41
CarlFKoh gosh.. ill take a picture17:41
CarlFKpaddatrapper: turn the led off... it's too bright17:43
paddatrapperit's off17:44
CarlFKpaddatrapper: it is on solid17:50
paddatrapperCarlFK: now?17:51
CarlFKpaddatrapper: why can't I find your gtalk thing.. ;/18:05
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paddatrappermithro: weekly update up for you19:32
CarlFKpaddatrapper:   do you want the atlys/cnt5 box any more or can I reinstall the OS?20:46
paddatrapperCarlFK: you can reinstall21:01
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