Sunday, 2017-07-09

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jeaxfxf: it is a sign...00:20
CarlFKjea: tumbleweed and I are merging and other gity things to the ansible stuff I pointed you at00:23
CarlFKso if you were planing on touching it in the next hour.. hold off00:23
jeai probably won't get to it until later, so that will be fine00:23
jeaxfxf: are you around?01:31
CarlFKjea: the usb branch got merged - there are some other things, mostly pxe related that need work04:31
CarlFKso I think the usb stuff in master should be good - start here04:33
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at master · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
jeaok, will do04:47
jeaCarlFK: I take it that the USB installer is much the same as what we used at LCA, but using a usb drive to install instead of net boot?04:48
jeanow all i need is the machines to put it on. should have them by next weekend04:51
CarlFKboth usb and pxe need files hosted somewhere.  pxe is easy: the pxe server04:53
CarlFKusb - with enough work you could put them all on the usb stick..04:53
CarlFKbut instead we try to use the same eveything, so it uses wget to pull from some local server.04:54
CarlFKwhich is the machine that created the usb stick.04:54
jeathat should be fine04:56
CarlFKI get a little lost sometimes trying to keep track of what file is stored where ...04:57
CarlFKlike I have files on my laptop, I edit them, I want to test....04:57
CarlFKso I put some on a usb stick, send some to github and serve some up from my laptop04:57
CarlFKall as one test!!!04:57
CarlFKlets not forget sometimes they are in a different branch.04:58
jeahaha, nice and simple!04:58
jeado you need to image machines very much? I imagine you would just keep using the same things from one event to the next?04:59
CarlFKI test .. a lot.05:01
CarlFKI really love that I have a box with an ssd - I can go from 0 to working box in under 10 min05:02
CarlFKspinny took over 25 min. so testing was a little harder05:03
jeawhat are the specs of that box? and is it mixing, capture, something else?05:03
CarlFKi5, 8 gig, 256 gig ssd05:04
CarlFKiv run vocto on it.  I think it is the newest cpu I have05:05
CarlFKhmm my lapto has an i705:05
jeathey must have improved vocto a bit. i remember when we first did it you needed a really powerful machine05:06
CarlFKhard to say - CCC does 1080 stuff.  that needs more spu05:07
jeaah, good point05:07
jeai presume you just do 720?05:08
jeaare you using atlys or opsis?05:09
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xfxfmithro: to confirm, the latest firmware i should be trying for pycon au is what is in master? (not a branch)?07:19
xfxfand beyond the test we formulated at LCA (test all inputs/outputs one by one with various laptops), anything else I should do?07:19
xfxfkeeping in mind i don't have infinite time :P07:19
xfxfi have a stack of HDMI2USB's on my bench, will start reflashing soon07:20
jeaand is there a version that works with the atlys board you lent to me?07:29
xfxfi lent you an atlys board?  (or i assume you meant mithro)08:47
jeamithro lent me one09:41
jeagoing to use it and my opsis for recording wordcamp brisbane in two weeks09:41
jeaso now i'm putting together a list of things i need to actually do it09:41
jeawell, i have a list, but need to get it all09:42
paddatrapperjea: there should be atlys firmware in the pre-built repo10:06
jeai keep forgetting there is a pre-built repo10:06
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xfxfmithro: you around?  or maybe you remember jea12:57
xfxfi'm wanting to order a couple of extra USB-C HDMI dongles for pycon AU, given USB-C macbooks are a hell of a lot more popular now (even i own one)12:58
xfxfi bought a few, i remember we tested them at LCA along with another adapter tumbleweed had12:58
xfxfbut i can't find any data12:58
jeaoh do you now? finally gave in and upgraded!12:58
xfxfi can only find this:
tpbTitle: Google Sheets - create and edit spreadsheets online, for free. (at
xfxfbut none of the USB-C ones are there12:58
xfxfi swear we found one of the third party ones worked better than the apple ones12:59
xfxflol, sort of - new job a few weeks ago, they said they'd buy a new one, i wasn't complaining12:59
xfxfmy 2013 rMBP has lasted me through a few jobs now12:59
jeaI'd be happy with a new one13:00
xfxfthey're nice!13:00
xfxftouch bar seems completely useless though haha13:00
xfxfi've grown to like the keyboard after initially hating it13:00
jeaI remember one of the adaptors being pulled apart because it didn't work at all. was a third party one13:00
xfxfya, i remember that13:00
xfxfmaybe i just buy a few of the apple ones, they're probably the safe choice13:00
xfxfso expensive tho :/13:00
jeapretty sure apple ones worked, but were not any better than some other third party ones13:01
xfxfi should clarify that - buying them doesn't phase me so much, them growing legs at events and having to buy them regularly does :P13:01
jeabut i don't remember which third party ones they were13:01
xfxfyeah, that's what I remember too13:01
xfxfi want to remember which ones they were13:01
xfxfi mean i have the cables here and a HDMI2USB, but i'm sure we tested + recorded that info13:01
jeaI thought we did13:01
xfxfonly thing I can find is the spreadsheet I linked above13:01
jeais there anything in the github repo as an issue?13:02
jeathat is the only other place I can think of13:02
xfxfah, maybe13:02
xfxfi should use the issue board again for pycon planning actually13:02
xfxfi've got an epic list i'm going through but it's in trello and i can only see it, which isn't very useful :)13:03
tpbTitle: Test USB-C dongles (3) with new Macbook with Opsis · Issue #20 · xfxf/av-foss-stack · GitHub (at
xfxfjea: good thinking13:03
tpbTitle: Test USB-C dongles (3) with new Macbook with Opsis · Issue #20 · xfxf/av-foss-stack · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Test USB-C dongles (3) with new Macbook with Opsis · Issue #20 · xfxf/av-foss-stack · GitHub (at
jeai still think this is the best github issue I've ever seen :P13:04
tpbTitle: Shopping List 13 Jan · Issue #31 · xfxf/av-foss-stack · GitHub (at
xfxfhahaha i forgot about that13:04
xfxflooks like my monoprice ones worked just as well13:05
xfxfi shall order more13:05
jeawell at least we know which dongle was destroyed from that13:05
jeagood thing you asked about this - i would have forgotten about dongles for wordcamp13:06
xfxfbah that's useful, they don't even sell the dongle I bought anymore13:09
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mithroxfxf: Well, I totally forgot we were going to hack on stuff on Sunday because I ignore whole day events20:37
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-tvCommitBot- [av-foss-stack] CarlFK pushed 1 new commit to master:
-tvCommitBot- av-foss-stack/master 8a1836e Carl Karsten: sync canged +user_password_crypted name, pull veyepar_confs (secrets) from default install.22:42
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CarlFKjea:  testing usb install now.. on fix #3...22:47
CarlFKjea: installed with no errors!23:21
CarlFKand something about more secure password hash.  and a few veyepar stuff23:22
CarlFKread the pull requests if you really care.23:22
CarlFK# appends='partman-auto\/disk=\/dev\/nvme0n1 grub-installer\/bootdev=\/dev\/nvme0n1hostname=gator domain=lan'23:27
mithropaddatrapper: I believe I have merged or commented on all your pull requests now - is there anything else outstanding?23:30

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