Wednesday, 2017-07-05

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xfxfCarlFK: are you aware the ansible stuff is broken? malformed yaml etc02:32
xfxfwhen have you last deployed a new machine using it?02:32
CarlFKxfxf: what malformed yaml ?02:33
xfxfI don't know because it's changed the videoteam password and I can't log in anymore. What is it?02:34
CarlFKtry RedPill02:35
xfxfare you documenting these changes anywhere?02:36
CarlFKwhat docs are you reading?02:36
xfxfevery time I try using this I'm getting frustrated02:36
xfxfI'm not, I'm just trying to apply both ansivle playbooks from both repo's02:36
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
xfxfroles/shortcut/tasks/main.yml is malformed, url line has wrong spacing02:37
xfxfoh a branch02:38
xfxfthat script isn't going to work for me, no network server02:38
CarlFKwhat do you mean by server ?02:40
CarlFKor never mind that question  yet... did you   do # Do this:                       # 1. sudo apt install git pmount dcfldd02:41
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xfxfCarlFK: know why above occurred?02:58
CarlFKxfxf: I hate to say it, but I am guessing you didn't follow the instructions02:59
xfxfi'm not following where these instructions are.  the comments in the usb stick script don't seem to apply?03:00
xfxfi'm not making a usb stick03:00
xfxfi'm trying to deploy onto an existing ubuntu install03:00
CarlFK# 2. git clone this repo                       # 3. adjust ansible inventory file, commit and push back to public rep03:02
CarlFKoh right, you can't push to my repo03:03
xfxfi can do whatever so i'll make a USB stick installer if it'll work03:04
xfxfwhat do i need to adjust?03:04
xfxfi'm happy to use an existing hostname03:04
xfxfthis is just a standalone laptop, i don't have my PXE installer thing here, don't want to use that or have the script try to pull things off a local HTTP server or whatever03:04
CarlFKwhy not?03:04
xfxfwhy not what?03:05
CarlFKdon't want to use that or have the script try to pull things off a local HTTP server or whatever03:05
xfxfi am happy to use the usb stick installer.  currently running it with a usb stick shoved into the computer03:05
xfxfi am currently about 4000km away from my AV server03:06
xfxfthis is a standalone laptop i want to provision for an event tomorrow03:06
CarlFKare you running on your mac os?03:06
xfxfsorry make that 2600km away.  different country tho :P03:06
xfxfno, on said ubuntu installation i was trying to run the stuff on03:06
xfxfi'll just make a usb installer and reinstall onto it03:07
CarlFKwhat OS will you use to makethe usb installer ?03:07
xfxfubuntu LTS03:07
xfxfoh hey, this is using debian stretch?03:07
xfxfi thought you were using ubuntu?03:07
CarlFKk, the secript will bring up the one line pyton http server03:08
xfxf(i'm looking at what the usb installer is downloading)03:08
xfxfbut it's the same machine i'm about to install onto03:08
CarlFKyou need a 2nd machine to host files03:08
xfxfwhy the swap from ubuntu to debian?  all of the LCA machines were ubuntu LTS03:08
CarlFKI've done Ubuntu too, but ... read the script to see what it's a little harder03:09
xfxfif debian works as well/better, whatever, just a lot has changed since our LCA installs03:10
xfxfwill your scripts fully deploy a machine to do everything including streaming and veyepar encoding?03:10
CarlFKyes, if you slow down03:10
CarlFK"your scripts" isn't a thing03:10
CarlFKand I haven't touched streaming, so can't really say about that03:11
xfxfmm, i need streaming03:14
xfxfdoes it still deploy the same systemd scripts we used at LCA?03:14
xfxfas long as what we used gets deployed, i can fix03:14
CarlFKI don't think there was a single  box at LCA that does all the things you want03:19
CarlFKso you have to figure out what you do and don't want.03:20
xfxfthere most certainly was - the vocto mix machines do everything i need03:34
CarlFKI don't think they had a full veyepar install03:35
xfxfthat part doesn't bother me too much03:36
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CarlFKwhat is the hostname of your box?03:43
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xfxfCarlFK: i disabled a couple of the debian-centric (i.e. apt) roles and it actually deployed onto an existing ubuntu install fine, so \o/09:42
jeawhat good timing. now I know where the scripts are to setup a machine12:06
jeathanks :)12:08
CarlFKif you want stuff to go smooth, you should get involved now12:33
jeayes, that is a good idea12:36
jeaCarlFK: do you have any recommendations on machines to use for vocto?12:36
CarlFKjea - I use 2nd gen i3s12:36
jeaoh really? that is a lot less than I expected!12:37
CarlFKbut that wasn't enough when I needed to consume a 1080i feed from the venue, so I have a box of i5 chips to do upgrades12:38
jeado you think intel nucs would be adequate?12:39
CarlFKrunning my test pattern sources  (which use the cpu for generating the pattern)  source, mixer, gui, sink = 80% of 4 cores12:39
CarlFKI don't see why not12:39
jeabased on that usage level, i suspect they should be alright12:41
CarlFKsome of my i3s have 2 gig of ram.  that works too, but also just barely.  but 4 gig is fine12:41
jeado you still use opsis/atlys for camera feeds -> computer like we did at lca, or something else?12:41
jeaok, that is good to know12:42
CarlFKno - bm pci card12:42
jeai've never used one of htem12:43
CarlFKoh wait.. I use them for the camera.  hdmi2usb on both Opsis and Atlys for presenter capture12:45
CarlFKexpect a similar experience: plug the card in, boot, lspci, yes it is there.  now try to figure out what apps and parameters will work with it12:45
CarlFKobviously you need to run gst-inspect and look at the "mode" section and plug the correct value into ... um....12:52
tpbTitle: av-foss-stack/r1mix.yml at master · xfxf/av-foss-stack · GitHub (at
CarlFKnot there ...12:52
CarlFKxfxf: what are you using for camera capture?12:53
CarlFKI use them because audio capture12:57
jeaso you do camera and audio into the bm card?12:57
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/[email protected] at pxe-toucheup · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKExecStart=/usr/bin/voctomix-ingest -v --video-source blackmagic  --video-attribs 'device-number=%I connection=2' --audio-source  blackmagic --audio-attribs 'device-number=%I connection=1' --port 1000%I12:58
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CarlFKI thought we needed to set mode=17 or something.  maybe the default of "auto" works13:00
CarlFKhow is your git squishy skills?13:01
jeaum, alright i think13:02
CarlFK CarlFK       wants to merge 40 commits into      master      from  pxe-toucheup13:02
tpbTitle: Pxe toucheup by CarlFK · Pull Request #3 · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKtumbleweed wants fewer commits to review13:02
CarlFKI have no idea how to go about that13:02
CarlFKI am lucky to commit to the right branch13:03
CarlFKare you up for spending an hour or so helping me consolidate my commits?13:03
jeawould you like to merge them all together, or groups of them?13:03
CarlFKI am guessing groups.13:04
CarlFKlooking back, I should have branched more when I ran into issues I needed to fix to make my current fixes work13:05
jeagroups should be possible13:05
jeamaybe, but you often don't know that before you start doing it13:05
CarlFKcommit messages:  don't instal python again,                                    fix missing space typo13:07
CarlFKi thought I could pick out some obvious commits to squash, but...:p13:07
CarlFKmaybe find multiple changes to the same line. I am sure that exists too13:08
CarlFKone problem with our ... flow... the preseed/late_command does: git clone ansible stuff; do ansible stuff13:09
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKso to test I edit on my laptop, commit, push, test13:11
CarlFKso untested stuff gets commited13:11
CarlFKwhich is why there are so many commits that fix other commits13:13
jeaso I think what you will want to do is an interactive rebase from the start of that branch13:23
jeathen go through the list and change some of the picks to squash, where appropriate13:23
jeathe nice thing is that you will be given the list of all the commits with `pick` next to them, and you can basically just change that to `squash`13:24
CarlFKthose words don't surprise me.  no idea how to do it13:24
jeagit checkout pxe-toucheup13:25
CarlFKsec.. give me 15 min to go get some food13:25
jeaI'll put the stuff here now anyway, because I'm close to falling asleep sorry13:35
jeaafter doing the branch checkout, you want to do the rebase. do it from the first commit in the branch, I think13:36
jeagit rebase -i c8d9f2813:36
jeathat will open up a text editor with all of your commits, and you can then start changing `pick` to `squash` where appropriate13:37
jeai recommend and as guides13:38
tpbTitle: Using Git rebase on the command line - User Documentation (at
CarlFKwhere appropriate is what I need help wiht13:39
jeaI think I'd put ffb55e6, c013150 and bc1b42d together13:42
jeaI'm struggling to work out which things should go together13:44
jeaand that is even with using sourcetree and seeing all of the changes in each commit during a rebase13:45
jeathis is nice
tpbTitle: Interactive rebase in SourceTree - Atlassian Blog (at
jeabut it needs windows/macos unforuntely13:45
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CarlFKjea: thanks for trying.  I feel a little better knowing it isn't easy14:24
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paddatrappermithro: Weekly progress report done and ready for you18:22
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