Saturday, 2017-06-24

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Ishan_Bansalmithro: ping06:45
mithroIshan_Bansal: pong06:45
mithroIshan_Bansal: how goes things?06:46
Ishan_Bansalmithro : The modules which are present in the timvideos/litejpeg are working or I need to test them ?06:48
mithroIshan_Bansal: you need to test them06:48
mithroIshan_Bansal: Isn't it the same as the stuff you started from?06:49
Ishan_Bansalmithro : OK I get that, this is some commits behind the Nueron1k/litejpeg thats why this looks something different.06:52
Ishan_BansalBut both of them are more or less the same06:52
mithroAhh, that is possible - I don't think Nueron1k's work was ever merged06:52
Ishan_BansalOK, I am going to generate the pull request for adding my changes.06:55
mithroIshan_Bansal: You should be able to delete your repo on github, fork from TimVideos and then push the contents of your local repo into the new fork06:56
Ishan_Bansalmithro : what is the need of deleting the previous repo?06:56
mithroIshan_Bansal: You mean - how do you do it?06:56
Ishan_BansalNo, like I can have two repos at the same, Is it not so ? Sorry I didn't know that.06:58
mithroYou can't have two repos with the same "litejpeg" name06:58
mithroI'm unsure what would happen if you rename your existing litejpeg repo to litejpeg-old and then forked from TimVideos again...06:59
Ishan_Bansalmithro: Ya , I am thinking of the same.07:00
mithroYou can give it the same07:00
mithroWorse you can do is try the rename and then delete if it doesn't work07:00
mithroIshan_Bansal: is that all?07:12
Ishan_Bansalmithro : ya , I have deleted my previous repository, try to generate the pull request as soon as possible07:14
mithroOkay, I'll probably be around for another 10-15 minutes07:14
mithroIshan_Bansal: any luck?07:38
Ishan_BansalAdded changes to my repository, generating a pull request07:48
Ishan_Bansalmithro : Generated a pull request.08:14
Ishan_Bansalmithro :
tpbTitle: Adding additional files by ishan98 · Pull Request #1 · timvideos/litejpeg · GitHub (at
Ishan_BansalGoing for lunch, back in an hour08:24
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