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xfxf@mithro any idea what's going on there?  i'm going to try a reflash tonight, but it's super wierd, it was working fine, wasn't dropped or anything, and tried three different power supplies in case it was a power issue.00:28
mithroxfxf: that very much looks like you haven't flash the firmware onto it.00:29
xfxfit was a working unit i used 12 hours earlier00:29
xfxfbut, will reflash00:29
mithroI'm skeptical00:30
mithroDid fact that it doesn't say it's checking to boot from flash is weird00:30
xfxfabsolutely the case, because it was the only unit i had in a box 60km from where I live, so zero chance i mixed it up with another one00:31
xfxfplugged in to test everything, put back into box, unpacked everything again to train an AV colleague who is recording something for me tomorrow, no worky00:31
xfxfi had to do mode-switch --serial to see the above00:31
xfxfoh, right, maybe the above is because i did that so a red herring?  in any case, it wasn't coming up with the uvc video device or the serial console00:32
xfxfagain, will try reflashing, will see what happens00:32
xfxfalso brought two other units today so i'll just use another one that works in prod and poke at this later00:33
mithroStill skeptical.. Also why are you using firmware / gateware from Jan 15?00:33
xfxfit's a box we used at lca.  i haven't updated the firmware on any since we last used it00:34
xfxfi'm hesitant to update firmware/gateware before an event for obvious reasons :)00:34
xfxfdirectly before, rather.  especially seeing as I won't be there00:34
mithroYes, but you should be regularly updating and testing the firmware otherwise there is no guarantee we haven't broken it00:35
xfxfin theory, agreed, in reality, i only do events every ~3 months and things have been super busy for me recently, only getting breathing space again now00:35
xfxfmy intention is to do this in the coming weeks in prep for pycon au00:36
mithroSure, the project however gets very little value from you using such an old firmware. IE any feedback you provide is probably going to be useless as the first thing we have to do is see if we can reproduce on the newest firmware.00:38
xfxfvalid point - i'll upgrade the units this weekend after this gig00:38
mithroI should put a timebomb in the firmware to stop people using really old versions - luckily the boards don't have a clock to do that :-)00:40
mithroBtw, I'm pretty sure you still owe me a GUI and fixes to the C firmware to make the status lines more useful for computers to parse.00:43
mithroIn theory, with the new qemu stuff, you can even do that development without needing hardware too00:44
mithroMaybe you could get deeprave onto it? He did a pretty good job with hdmi2usbd00:45
mithropaddatrapper: is slowly making progress on getting the USB audio stuff done.00:47
mithroxfxf: did you see my comments about the SDI stuff too?00:48
xfxfdeeprave is pretty busy with his work, i've just changed jobs (again) - i have done more work on both, just haven't finished01:06
xfxfand I did, looks interesting if it happens01:06
CarlFKmithro:  TODO Put instructions here.02:04
CarlFKThat is the end of my attempt to update firmware02:04
xfxfCarlFK: you're not very adventurous!02:20
CarlFKxfxf: meh, I've do more in the past, result is the same, so cutting my losses02:21
mithroCarlFK: So, the whole TimVideos project comes partly from your effort to add documentation for dvswitch and stuff you did with the TwinPact. I not sure how you would still be doing recording without our efforts so I'm not sure why you would be "cutting your losses"...02:37
xfxfmithro: i think for us it's when we're doing gigs there's like a million things we need to be keeping track of / doing.  firmware is just one and experimenting with new firmware at an event we're meant to be doing as a reliable vendor is super dicey, and testing firmware regularly always requires intentionality and a workflow which doesn't happen naturally02:40
xfxfnot to say we shouldn't be doing it, but it's just one of many things we need to be doing02:41
xfxfthe best way to do it would be to tie in video recording via the hdmi2usb as something we regularly do.  maybe i'll setup an external security camera or something fed into it02:42
xfxfi've setup a test bench a few times but it always gets packed up within weeks due to lack of space02:43
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mithroSure, we all have a huge amount of things we need to do and resources we are contributing. We all have to be selective about where we spend our time.02:48
mithroFor everyones information, running on old firmware does nothing to help the HDMI2USB project.02:51
mithroI've not got the resources to spend effort on supporting people running the older versions.02:52
xfxfalready acknowledged that and told you'll upgrade firmware this weekend02:53
xfxfi'm not telling you why i'm not doing it, i'm just explaining why things are the way they are02:53
xfxfs/you'll/you that i'll/02:53
mithroxfxf: Yeap, and it awesome that you'll do that.02:54
mithroJust making my position clear so you have the right expectations.02:54
xfxfalready understood :P02:55
CarlFKmithro:  put a link do "how to flash" and I'll try it02:57
CarlFKmithro: otherwise I am fishing for docs and have no idea if what I find has been replaced by something02:58
mithroCarlFK: I know you have flashed boards, I'm pretty sure I have emails from you to prove it03:02
mithroThis is the style of help we need at the moment ->
tpbTitle: MicroPython on the Numato Mimas v2 (at
CarlFKmithro: I still find it very frustrating03:04
mithroCarlFK: Yeah - I'm confident that it is - I find it frustrating that I'm not more organised, better at writing docs and have enough time + motivation to fix everything like this03:14
CarlFKmithro: find some docs, put the URL on
xfxfCarlFK: i think mithro is trying to say he'd appreciate somebody else helping with that.  you may already have the info in your email03:27
xfxfotherwise i'll do it this weekend when i reflash the stuff03:27
CarlFKxfxf: can you update that page?03:28
xfxfadded to my TODO03:28
xfxfi think i have commit access to that webpages repo but i'll PR it against mithro so he can tell me everything i'm doing wrong :P03:29
CarlFKif you have a URL, do it now03:29
xfxfjust started a new job, sorry, can't do, i don't remember off the top of my head to do it and i'd need to get gear out to test03:30
xfxfzero way i'm doing that now03:30
CarlFKyou are 2 steps ahead of me03:30
xfxfi'll just write down the process i follow when i update firmware this weekend and throw it up on the page03:30
CarlFKoh god, more docs03:30
xfxfit'll probably involve looking at my .bash_history :P03:30
xfxfiirc mode-switch does the update anyway, and you can use the precompiled firmware/gateware, --help should tell you03:31
CarlFKI am sure there is a doc that says that03:32
CarlFKsomeone should find it and put the url on that page.03:32
mithroCarlFK: I've updated the page as much as I have time to do ->
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mithroCarlFK: The source is here ->
tpbTitle: at master · timvideos/ · GitHub (at
CarlFKmithro: can you remove  "TODO Put instructions here"03:36
mithroCarlFK: I don't have any more time to dedicate to this today, I have work I need to finish and I've already spent way longer on this then I should have03:37
mithroCarlFK: pull requests welcome03:37
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CarlFKVShell: hmm.. thanks.15:15
VShellperfect. :)15:15
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paddatrappermithro: ping?19:59
CarlFKpaddatrapper: 6am for him - doubtful he is up20:29
paddatrapperCarlFK: ah yes. Forgot about timezones20:37
rk[ghost]err, is the Opsis still purchasable?20:58
paddatrapperrk[ghost]: there are currently none in stock. The last was bought 2 hours ago21:13
rk[ghost]paddatrapper: ha!21:15
* paddatrapper knows only because the debconf video team were the ones who bought it21:16
rk[ghost]i see that Novena is on the "todo" list for porting the hdmi2usb project.. any progress with this?21:18
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