Wednesday, 2017-06-14

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CarlFKtumbleweed: not sure I have a PR for the usb stick stuff03:27
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
tumbleweednot sure what I'm looking at03:28
CarlFKI scripted the instructions from the dc vid readme on how to make a usb stick installer03:30
CarlFKand tried to roll in lots of options: debian/ubuntu , and where the files would be hosted (preseed, late_command)03:31
CarlFKone thing I concluded - everyone expects there to be a connection to ... something internet like03:31
CarlFKfor the deb repos03:32
tumbleweedit's to be able to avoid that, but more work03:32
CarlFKI don't think anyone is expecting a stand alone install, including the ansible stuff03:32
tumbleweedyeah, I mean, that script looks reasonable enough03:32
tumbleweedbut what do you want me to review?03:32
CarlFKstart with high level - is what I am doing too "noisy"03:33
CarlFKscript looks reasonable - is what I was hoping for.03:33
CarlFKscript scares me - is what I was expecting03:33
tumbleweedI mean, bits are amusing, but nothing scary03:34
CarlFKthere are a bunch of ways of boot strapping the 'thing' - like 1. install os from cd, log in, apt install and setup keys.. then ansible either --local or remote03:39
CarlFKwhat is here: clone the repo to your personal box, mk_usb.. put usb stick in new, boot, enter host name...03:40
CarlFKhostname is in ansible hosts somewhere.. and it can become a pxe server03:40
tumbleweedthat's what we want for debconf03:40
CarlFKor a vocto box, or veyepar...03:40
tumbleweed(err before you mentioned pxe server)03:41
CarlFKright right03:41
CarlFKdo you see how I am hosting the preseed file?03:42
CarlFKthats ... goofy ;)03:42
CarlFK  ./http_server.sh03:42
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFK  python -m SimpleHTTPServer03:43
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
tumbleweednot that goofy, we did something similar at lca03:43
CarlFKgood. another one that I wasn't sure it it was too kludgy03:44
tumbleweedalthough you're copying it to the flash drive too?03:44
CarlFKyeah - that was left over from the readme03:44
CarlFKand thinking I could put all the things on the usb stick03:44
tumbleweedthat's probably what one would do once the preseed file is stable03:44
CarlFKand then realized that is too much work03:44
CarlFKim not sure it matters given you need to host something somewhere... like ansible's inventory files, and the whole playbook03:45
CarlFKso as long as that is provided for, may as well host the preseed.cfg there too03:46
tumbleweedfrom the point of view of the ansible stuff, this is all implementation details03:46
tumbleweedthere are may ways of skinning the cat, we suggest picking something that works well for you03:47
CarlFKbut... copy it onto the stick, and now you have a copy you can mess with for a 'odd box'  so seems like an ok thing to have floating around03:47
tumbleweedscrews you when you want to customize it, of course03:47
CarlFKum.. you know what the sharp edges are ;)03:48
CarlFKI am still fuzzy on where I think "production" files should live.  a git repo for inventory/ makes me fidgit for some reason.  not sure why.03:50
tumbleweedversion-controlling your config is usually a good idea03:50
tumbleweedand makes it friendlier for multiple people to hack on03:51
CarlFKmakes it yucky for testing03:51
CarlFKive got like 30 commits as I try this and try that03:51
CarlFKbut anyway.. I can live with hit03:51
CarlFK  is empty.03:52
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKon my box, I have a few scritps that help debug failed installs03:52
tumbleweedI tend to hack locally, and when it's looking good then I commit. That helps reduce the noise03:53
CarlFKlike bring up sshd in the isntaller and scp syslog and stuff off to another box03:53
tumbleweedshould I say, when it's looking good, then I try to break down what I've done into explainable commits03:53
CarlFKcomit noise - I am talking about: test box foo as dhcp, test foo as vocto, foo as opsis...03:54
tumbleweedright, but that's a mission :)03:54
CarlFKthose are ansible inventory changes - that currently live in xfxf's git repo.03:55
tumbleweedwhy don't you just have vocto, dhp, and opsis as hostnames?03:56
tumbleweedthen you don't need to change it03:56
CarlFKanyway, as long as it worked for me and you are ok with it.  good.03:56
CarlFKbecause I have always pinned hostnames to hardware03:56
CarlFKhardware has a sticker on it with the hostname writtin with a shapie.03:56
CarlFKbut I see your point03:57
CarlFKmaybe.  I'll file that for next time03:57
CarlFKanway,             gets loaded/run from preseed.cfg but as is does nothing03:58
tumbleweedyeah, I see03:59
tumbleweedwhat sort of things do you find early_command useful for?03:59
CarlFKthe stuff I do .. is yucky and may have keys and stuff.    and if you have never wanted it before, for now leave it out - less for us to review03:59
CarlFKsec.. it is in my old veyepar pxe repo...03:59
tpbTitle: veyepar/ at master · CarlFK/veyepar · GitHub (at
CarlFKI thought there was a 3rd thing - maybe 3. install scritps to bring up 1. sshd and 2. gather stuff and copy to some other hardcoded box04:02
tumbleweedan sshd, by the look of it04:02
tumbleweedfor debugging?04:02
CarlFKwhen the isntaller errors, alt-f2, tail syslog.. and 90% of the time "I can't see what I need... /tmp/misc/ a"04:03
CarlFKand now "everything" is on a real box with real text tools04:03
CarlFKthats the cpl.sh04:04
CarlFKbut sshd - same thing. box is often not easy to get to, type on, see monitor ... ssh from my laptop is much nicer04:05
CarlFKoh yeah, I can cut/paste stuff at cjwatson in #u-installer :p04:05
CarlFK  echo "none /dev/shm tmpfs rw,nosuid,nodev,noexec,noauto 0 0" >> /etc/fstab04:06
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/ at usbstick · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
tumbleweedI noticed that, what's that all about?04:07
CarlFKread the 4 #comments above04:07
tumbleweedit doesn't really answer that :P04:07
tumbleweeddoes d-i not have a /dev/shm?04:07
CarlFKI guess not04:08
tumbleweedwe didn't have this problem at lca04:08
tumbleweedbut that would have been an older d-i, and an ubuntuised one04:08
CarlFKthere were a few packages that seemed to trip it04:09
tumbleweedif you're worried about the fstab entry, just mount it, rather than adding an fstab line04:09
CarlFKI couldn't figure out the mount command04:10
tumbleweedbut what unmounts it?04:10
CarlFKit reboots ;)04:10
CarlFKi think so.. what do you mean?04:10
tumbleweedI would have expected it to want to unmount /target before rebooting04:11
tumbleweedbut it can't do that if /target/dev/shm is still mounted04:11
tumbleweedbtw mount -t tmpfs none /dev/shm should work04:11
CarlFKmaybe the shutdown unmounts it?04:12
tumbleweedI thought in-target unmounted several bind mounts when leaving the chroot04:12
tumbleweedbut that's just a vague memory04:12
tumbleweedI can play with this if you want04:12
tumbleweedbut it's probably more useful to talk about ansible, I mean, that's what we're here for right?04:13
CarlFK 39 # mount -t tmpfs none /dev/shm04:13
CarlFKadded for later04:13
CarlFKwell, I was more worried about the scaffolding?  to have something to ansible...  but sounds like you are OK with it04:14
tumbleweedwell, this stuff matters when you're trying to image 100 machines04:15
tumbleweedbut it's not that important for development of the ansible repo04:15
tumbleweedbecause you just directly run ansible against something04:15
CarlFKok, so PRs - only 2?  I guess we merged the 3rd04:16
tpbTitle: Pxe toucheup by CarlFK · Pull Request #3 · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFKthis is about the same issues as the usb stick stuff04:17
tumbleweedI don't know what that means04:20
tumbleweedthere's a lot in here, I don't really know how to pull this apart04:20
tumbleweedwhat's the "distro" variable?04:20
tumbleweedbut ansible_distribution gives you that04:21
tumbleweedah, I guess not for the pxe config04:22
tumbleweedbut you're using it everywhere04:22
CarlFKim trying to remember...04:23
tumbleweedlol, yet another serial console implementation04:24
tumbleweedwe support 4 now :P04:24
CarlFKwhat comes to mind is wanting to be able to have 1 pxe server config that I can use to create both debian and ubuntu boxes04:25
tumbleweedthat's going to be a very rare use-case04:25
CarlFKbut that doesn't really justify using distro04:25
CarlFKexcept I account for 1/2 the use cases ;)04:25
tumbleweedtrue, but it adds some complexity04:26
tumbleweedanyway, that explains it in the ansible template, but not anywhere else04:26
tumbleweedand I don't see a default / anything that documents what itis04:26
tumbleweederr in the pxe template04:26
CarlFKoh yeah.. I realized at some point I wasn't doing 'that'04:27
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CarlFKthats why I want all the late stuff in its own dir, seperate from the early stuff05:22
CarlFKI think late is where I put the bm blobs05:23
CarlFKhmm, but now  ansible...05:24
CarlFKI think I remember this conversation now05:24
tumbleweedthat makes sense for *your* lc directory, it doesn't for this, if this is going into debconf's one05:27
tumbleweedbecause then you'll have two lc directories, that come from different places05:27
CarlFKtwo - one for usb, 2nd for pxe?05:29
tumbleweedthe one in this repo, with one script in it05:29
tumbleweedand the one in your veyepar repo05:29
CarlFKah - my veyepar one is 'dead'05:29
CarlFKI was thinking of it like the early - where I have stuff I may toss in there on the fly,  but don't want to clutter the repo05:30
CarlFKbut Im not sure thats needed for late given all that stuff is now handled by ansible05:31
tumbleweedthe preparing for clutter is clutter in its own right05:31
CarlFKlol - true05:31
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tumbleweedthere are some good changes in there, some things that I don't think you're using, and some things I think are blatently wrong05:32
tumbleweed(and lots to nitpick about, but meh)(05:33
CarlFKI think you are mis understanding the dns hosts thing.  but I miht have gotten it wrong too05:33
tumbleweedno-hosts means it won't read /etc/hosts05:34
CarlFKthe intent is to provide the stuff you want05:34
tumbleweedso the DNS server won't know the IP:hostnames of any of the machines05:34
CarlFKI think I see where I am confused05:43
CarlFK  {{ host.ip }} {{ host.hostname }}.{{ domain }} {{ host.hostname }}05:43
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/hosts.j2 at pxe-toucheup · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
CarlFK  dhcp-host={{ host.mac }},{{ host.ip }},{{ host.hostname }}05:44
tpbTitle: video-stack-deploy/machines.conf.j2 at pxe-toucheup · CarlFK/video-stack-deploy · GitHub (at
tumbleweeddhcp-host is not host-record05:44
CarlFKI think I didn't notice those were two different things05:46
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CarlFKhuh - running fatresize on the ubuntu boot.img .. breaks it.  it won't boot now05:55
CarlFK1am - I need to get to bed.05:57
CarlFKI'll take a shot at addressing the issues tomorrow05:58
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