Friday, 2017-06-02

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jamminand whats timvideos?01:40
jamminalso hey all01:40
jeatimvideos is a collection of projects to record talks at conferences/meetups/etc, process the videos, do live streaming, etc01:43
jammincheers mate, thx01:44
xfxfjea: you interested in doing pycon av again?  i'm looking at organising a shared airbnb, will be around $60/pp/night01:45
xfxfmithro: same goes for you, although i assume you'll prob organise your own accom through work?01:46
jeaxfxf: yes I'm interested in pycon av! I should really start looking at booking time off for that01:46
xfxfcool, let me know, i'm looking at booking accom this sunday01:47
xfxfas long as i can get roughly enough interest in accom (6-8 people), am looking at booking a big apartment01:47
jeamay as well count me in for it01:47
jeaI don't expect any issues with getting time for it01:47
xfxfi'm planning on figuring out how to get videos out the same day for this one01:48
xfxfwhich might involve a second laptop in each room, where the second volly does QA immediately after a talk01:48
jeathat sounds like a good project. you might have to change your company name though :P01:50
xfxffine, we'll automate it so the videos come out at 12:01AM the next day instead01:55
jeahaha, that solves it01:56
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tpbTitle: snickerdoodle: Create Something Different - piSmasher has arrived | Crowd Supply (at
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