Wednesday, 2017-05-24

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tsgloveHello everyone.  n00b question: What software would you recommend to stream videos to various users?    It will be hosted on a linux machine, and the users will use webrowsers to access the video.19:13
tsgloveNot sure if .mp4, or h264... or what.   And no idea what software to use on the linux server.   I reckon it would be Apache, and...   Icecast?19:14
paddatrappertsglove: icecast is certainly tried and tested19:14
tsglovepaddatrapper, super super.  Going to try that then, hopefully tomorrow night.19:14
CarlFKyoutube ;)19:14
tumbleweedyotube is the easy answer :)19:15
tumbleweedicecast will do webm19:15
tsgloveI still have long ways to go (like going from the on-site camera HDMI, all the way to the server)... any HDMI encoder hardware you can recommend?19:15
tumbleweedfor mp4, I think you need nginx + a patchset?19:15
tumbleweedor cubemap19:15
tsgloveCarlFK, I know YouTube is there, yet I rather do it non-Youtube or non-FacebookLive19:15
CarlFKtsglove: just 1 video source, like a usb camera?19:15
tsgloveCarlFK, yeah... just one video source, yet HDMI camera.19:17
tsgloveAnd, another question: Any hardware recommended?       Somewhere I can plug in the HDMI video source, and have it output the stream either USB to a computer, or ethernet straight to a server?19:27
CarlFKHDMI video source is a camera, the same one every time, right ?19:30
tsgloveCarlFK, yes... the same one, every time.19:34
tsgloveIt´s a hand-held camera, a la Sony Handycam.19:34
tsgloveI am looking at this hardware, yet not sure if it's what is needed for hdmi-to-mp4 :
tpbTitle: Blackmagic Design: Products (at
CarlFK$180 bm pcie card, or $350 bm usb device20:05
tsglovebm = blackmagic?20:06
tsgloveok, searching now their site =)20:06
CarlFKlots of us have used the pci-e cards - xfxf has use the usb device20:07
CarlFKif you want more opensource, Opsis20:07
tsgloveOk, pardon my ignorance, yet the encoding would be done in the BlackMagic card itself?   I plan on running a laptop on-site, which has an Intel i5 and 16GB... yet I don't think it will fare well if it has to do the encoding itself.20:08
CarlFKer, scratch the more.  If you want Open source Open Hardware - Opsis20:08
CarlFKno - these are just interfaces between the linux box and the device20:08
tsgloveYeah, I saw the Numato Opsis...    I think I'm going to go with that one, because of the open source-ness20:08
tsgloveCarlFK, Oh.  Oh.   So, the linux box would do the encoding?    Using ffmpeg, possible?20:09
tsglovealright!   btw, thank you for the help.   I know it's a lot of questions that I am sending.20:09
tsgloveSo... the laptop should be somewhat beefy?   processor-wise?    Because the hdmi-camera --> Numato Opsis --> linux box20:10
CarlFKna, perfect qustions20:10
CarlFKI think an 3ghz i3 is fine20:10
tsgloveReally!?   Wowza.  Nice.  Really nice!20:10
tsgloveObviously, I am testing everything before hand.  The event is in October, yet I want to get a head start on all the setup.20:11
CarlFKwhat sort of event ?20:11
tsgloveIt's a small "surfing contest" ran locally (wave surfing).20:12
CarlFKhow are you connecting to the internet?20:12
tsgloveI have small Mikrotik switch on-site, then a small Mikrotik antenna point-to-point off-site.  From there, I do another hop, and hook-up to a relatively-good internet connection.20:13
tsgloveAbout 12 MBps upload... not the best, yet... the best I can get there after much searching.20:13
CarlFK12 is plenty.  you need  2 to 320:13
tsgloveAh that is super!20:14
CarlFKoh hey.. the Opsis can only do 720p 30 - 1080 anything is going to be low framwork20:14
tsgloveHmm... what do you think? Low framerate as in,... sub 30fps?20:15
tsgloveahh I see.  I read up earlier on it, yet didn't read that part.20:16
xfxfCarlFK: i thought it did 1080i/25, but, barely20:16
xfxf(we've always used them in 720p/25 or 30)20:16
xfxfeither way, for laptop capture for presentations, it's more than sufficient20:17
CarlFKOpsis is usb2, so it has to do a  lossy compression to do  720p3020:18
CarlFKtsglove: where are you located?20:19
tsgloveCaribbean island of Puerto Rico =)20:20
tsgloveI was looking at this guy, yet it also does 720p HD webcam.   -->
tpbTitle: Blackmagic Design: Blackmagic Web Presenter Tech Specs (at
CarlFKneat! ... I where there in 1992?  and 95 or such20:21
tsgloveI mean, 720p will look good, yet... 1080p would be better.20:21
tsgloveCarlFK, Nice!!20:21
tsgloveMuch better days that time.   Now, we are bankrupt... or rather, we can't actually go bankrupt.  Like, the entire government.20:21
CarlFKloved it.20:21
tsgloveThus is the life of a colony.  =)20:21
tsgloveGlad to hear that !   The heat can get to you, yet... every beach is 10-20 minutes away... so that's a plus.   And there's also a rainforrest... that's another cool thing.20:22
CarlFKId like details on your wireless connection (later.. I need to run soon...20:25
tsgloveSure thing !20:25 Start with $500 and a Power Wheel. (Or any electric kids’ ride on vehicle.) Get some new batteries. A new motor. Heck, some nice new tires. Tie LEDs to the hood. Sprinkle it with glitter.20:26
CarlFKI know the group that started that20:26
CarlFKthey want to stream.. but have trouble .. cuz there are 500 geeks with smart phones soaking up all the local bandwidth20:26
tsgloveCarlFK, that is *precisely* the reason I "export" the signal out via point-to-point antennas.20:27
tsgloveEverything works fine the test weekends... yet when 5,000 people show up on the beach, and everybody wants faceboo, twitter, instagram, and your stream goes into the bottom priority 100.20:27
tsgloveYet if you "export" the signal with point to point antennas, ... you don't have to compete.20:28
CarlFKthat was my thought.20:28
CarlFKor find a telco that will sponsor and bring in a truck with who knows what $1,00,000000 worth of whatever20:28
tsgloveThe antennas I am using are very small, Mikrotik SXt5  ...  like 120$ the pair for 100MB... and i think 160$ for the "gigabit" (which run 800 Mbps or so)20:28
tsglovehaha yes, I tried that.  And there is very nice satellite services... with guaranteed uplinks... yet equipmment is like $8,000, and 24 hours of guaranteed bandwidth is like 1400$20:29
tsglovesooo... not an option at the moment.20:29
tsglovethose power wheel racing things look nice!  I like it!20:29
CarlFKyou need to find a company that wants to sell stuff to the viewers20:30
CarlFKI think powerwheels have the right audience for advertising telco service20:30
CarlFKno clue what your audience is20:30
tsgloveMaybe t-mobile... they're the most, imo, agressive in USA.20:31
CarlFKoh hey... ffmpeg and gstreamer will both do the same thing.. we here use gstreamer more, and there are some gst core devs that hang out here20:31
tsglovegstreamer... noted!20:31
CarlFKoh hey, my patch landed in gst main !!!20:32
xfxfCarlFK: you've asked me the same question and i had a similar response to tsglove :P  run a point to point link elsewhere using completely different RF spectrum than everybody else using the cell network20:32
CarlFKima dev!20:32
xfxfthe gear these days is stupidly cheap20:32
tsgloveCarlFK, yah!!  nice nice! congrats on the pullrequest20:32
tsglovexfxf, "different RF spectrum" ... nice way to put it20:33
CarlFKxfxf: remember the spinny ball test parttern from lca ... um.. New Zealand ..20:33
CarlFKit is in now20:35
xfxfin what? gstreamer?20:38
CarlFK  " videotestsrc also gained some new properties to make the ball pattern based on system time, and invert colours each second ("animation-mode", "motion", and "flip" properties)."20:43
tpbTitle: GStreamer 1.12 release notes (at
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