Monday, 2017-05-22

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tumbleweedxfxf: not yet. It seems people in the know are off to secret dinners (I'm not in the know)00:00
xfxfhaha I have zero idea where anybody has gone00:00
xfxfeveryone just dispersed00:01
tumbleweedI am going to help asheesh out with the sprint newbies session, if tehy need me00:01
xfxfI'm wandering towards downtown anyhoo00:01
tumbleweedwe're going to find out if there are enough mentors, in a minute or two00:01
* tumbleweed is keen to get out and get food + beer00:01
xfxfoh there are still people at the convention centre?00:01
tumbleweedyeah, hiding in corners00:02
xfxfI assume everyone left00:02
tumbleweedoh, and CarlFK \o/ at sheila's award for pyvideo00:02
xfxfit looked like the room bookings were only until 3pm and I know what those places are like00:02
xfxfoh I didn't see that. congrats!00:02
CarlFKtumbleweed: she saw a pic someone tweeted00:03
CarlFK"tell him thank you"00:03
tumbleweedxfxf: it was announced a while ago
tpbTitle: Python Software Foundation News: Sheila Miguez and Will Kahn-Greene and their love for the Python Community: Community Service Award Quarter 3 2016 Winners (at
* tumbleweed thinks there are too many people here, and I can escape00:04
xfxfmeet you somewhere?00:06
xfxfI want to know where everyone has gone haha00:06
tumbleweedI,'m guessing there'll be people everywhere00:06
tumbleweedxfxf: anything good near you?00:07
tumbleweed(or heading anywhere?)00:07
xfxfI'm wandering towards downtown, on the bridge00:07
xfxfI'll end up... somewhere00:08
tumbleweedOK, I'll do so too00:08
tumbleweedprod me on hangouts, if you stop anywhere00:08
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Ishan_Bansalshenki: Hi Joel10:48
shenkiIshan_Bansal: hello11:32
Ishan_Bansalshenki: Is everything fine with the introduction mail send to you11:37
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Ishan_BansalIs their any way to change the name of the signals in gtkwave Simulator. The names are quite confusing13:15
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