Sunday, 2017-05-21

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xfxfCarlFK: videos are being uploaded within hours. haven't watched so no idea about QA, but kudos to that - we need to up our workflow00:30
xfxf(which I'm OK with, nothing wrong with a reminder to innovate more)00:31
CarlFKmeh - i have done it. we don't need to.00:31
xfxfsame, but it assumes network connectivity. they don't have that (believe they're ejecting SD cards and moving them to the edit room)00:32
CarlFKi've used usb drives.  doubles as backup00:33
xfxfsure, but that's moving after every break or at lunch, right?00:33
xfxfthese are moving after every talk00:33
tumbleweedat debconf we'll rsync between talks on the last day, so we can get everything done by teardown00:33
tumbleweedbut that does come with some risk00:33
xfxf(my intention is to have encoding kick off almost immediately after recording and QA - we have discussed it)00:33
xfxfyeah, this needs to be low risk so it's scalable and nobody gets burnt out00:34
CarlFKthe doesn't need to happen00:34
CarlFKgetting the gig needs to happen00:34
xfxfactually I care about improving our process00:35
xfxfThe next day thing isn't special anymore00:35
xfxfIt was 5 yrs ago00:35
tumbleweedyou've seen what c3 does? dumping streams to files, before the official videos come out00:35
xfxfI know you and I disagree on this regularly :P00:35
xfxfthere are workflow improvements that can be made that'll improve a bunch of things IMO00:35
tumbleweedI don't think doing the final encode live is out of the question00:36
xfxfjust needs time00:36
xfxfyeah, I suspect a live encode will be on par quality wise with a dump and encode from SD00:36
xfxfI'm guessing there are gonna be QA issues they'll fix later00:36
xfxfI don't like that approach00:36
xfxfBut we can negate that with our remote monitoring00:36
xfxfThe SD solutions don't allow for that00:36
CarlFKyou can do what you want. Ill keep doing what I want ;)00:37
xfxfstill doesn't mean I'm not gonna ping you about it. I know you do your own thing :P00:37
CarlFKmy current focus is on getting the conference people more in tune00:37
xfxfI'm legit weighing up a job offer versus going full time with NDV at the moment00:39
CarlFKless cruft at the beginning of talks, better meta data, swarm of people who care and will shore up the QA00:39
xfxfIf I do the latter I'll be hitting up the commerical sector heavily00:39
xfxfHence thinking about workflow improvements00:39
xfxfI'd be looking at contracting regular knowns, the types of conferences with actual budgets won't want volunteers00:40
xfxfbut that's a bit of a different model than what we normally do00:40
xfxfbut a lot of the same things can apply00:40
xfxfideally I'll find a model that works for both so I can sustainably keep doing the smaller confs with small budgets but good purpose that deserve decent video00:41
xfxfmostly thru more automation00:41
xfxfI told you I kinda got basic speaker tracking working?00:41
xfxfneeds more work tho00:42
xfxfCarlFK: I suspect a large part of your challenge there is to make the value of those things more visible so people care00:44
xfxfright now they don't know they should care - expectations aren't high00:44
xfxfand anything perceived as extra work for the events will work against you00:45
xfxftumbleweed: doing anything this evening? dinner?00:47
tumbleweedxfxf: no dining plans yet. I was planning to do the auction, though00:49
xfxftumbleweed: sorry, got distracted - ping me when you want to do dinner. Where is the auction?01:43
tpbTitle: PyLadies Auction | PyCon 2017 in Portland, Oregon (at
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xfxftumbleweed: dinner plans?23:57

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