Saturday, 2017-05-20

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tumbleweedxfxf: you noticed the projectors are out of registration today?16:54
tumbleweedit's really doing my eyes in16:54
xfxfout of focus?16:55
xfxfthey were out of focus yesterday too16:55
tumbleweedI think the overlaps aren't overlapped correctly16:55
xfxfI am noticing lots of things making me twitch16:55
xfxfthe PA in the breakouts is totally underpowered16:55
tumbleweedit could be focus, the bottom of the edges of the speakers slides are the worst16:56
xfxfactually it may be overlap, if the interleave between two projectors is slightly out16:56
xfxfI don't think most people notice :/16:57
CarlFKoverlaps ?16:57
CarlFKg morning16:57
tumbleweedthey have a big *wide* screen at the front of the keynotes16:57
tumbleweedwith 6 projectors, or so, making a single seamless image16:58
tumbleweed(theoretically, seamless, I'm complaining about the boundries)16:58
tumbleweedeither the projectors are struggling with the focus difference between the top and bottom of the screen16:59
tumbleweedor the keystone is out, and causing them to be incorrectly registered, at the bottom16:59
tumbleweedit probably looks fine if you aren't in the front17:00
CarlFKlocal AV guy told me "thats expensive and not that great for the people in back.  lets have 3 sets of screens hanging down so everyone has something close to look at"17:00
xfxfit's fine, it's just not setup properly17:01
CarlFKobviusly he was all wrong.  people in the back are fine17:01
tumbleweedpeople at the back are always screwed17:01
tumbleweedhaving extra screens for them would be a nice touch, in most large venues17:01
xfxfthe line array hasn't been setup properly either17:03
xfxfI actually think the equip isn't adequate for the room size17:03
CarlFKhey, they had to ship all that stuff from Canada17:22
CarlFKthe far side even17:22
CarlFKI wonder if that made Ewa more comfortable "same stuff"17:23
xfxfthat's why I suspect it's like that tbh, what they could fit17:23
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