Tuesday, 2017-05-09

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CarlFKthey taped the mic to his face?!!!06:10
paddatrapperCarlFK: that's actually very common, usually they do a better job of hiding it though. Especially in theatrical applications like musicals.08:15
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Ishan_BansalJoel : I made the blog and set up the Xilinx ISE suite on the PC.12:43
Ishan_BansalCurrently learning migen for the project. Just want to know how to simulate the code written in migen in a Xilinx ISE (Is it like converting the migen code in verilog file and than use it for stimulation or is their any other way of stimulating it directly on the ISE)12:48
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shenkiIshan_bansal: hello!14:14
shenkiIshan_bansal: in migen, you write testbenches in python and they are executed as python. you don't use ISE for this14:15
shenkiIshan_bansal: i am not an expert in this area. _florent_ can teach us best practice14:16
Ishan_bansalshenki: ok,so I need to print the output at each clock edge and compare it with the expected output. Is that the way ?14:19
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paddatrappermithro: ping14:47
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