Friday, 2017-04-28

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CarlFKmithro: just checked into a hotel.  hooked the Opsis up to the tv.  the text on the left is cut off.    any interest in this?00:03
tumbleweedsadly TVs often trim the edges03:53
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mithroHey tumbleweed03:58
mithrotumbleweed: Did you see the qemu / Linux stuff recently?03:58
tumbleweedI saw you've been doing stuff there, yeah03:59
mithrotumbleweed: Do you think you might be able to get some debian people excited enough to start contributing to it? We have a very basic SoC booting Linux to userspace in QEMU04:00
tumbleweednobody jumps to mind, I'm afraid04:02
mithrotumbleweed: Damn, we really need Linux kernel hackers04:02
mithrotumbleweed: While it's probably not a good idea, you could probably run a minimal debian on this04:03
tumbleweedyeah, debian tends not to be suited to very embedded things, a minimal install is still in the hundreds of MB range04:03
tumbleweedor1k and lm32, right?04:04
tumbleweedIIRC there was is an or1k port of debian04:04
mithrotumbleweed: Just or1k for Linux at the moment04:04
tumbleweedI don't know the people behind it, though04:04
tpbTitle: OpenRISC - Debian Wiki (at
mithrotumbleweed: Do you think you could start doing some publicity / recruiting inside the Debian project?04:07
tumbleweedI'll certainly talk about it to people, but I don't think I can do any useful active publicity04:10
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xfxfCarlFK: go into the menu on the TV, see if there's an overscan on/off mode05:05
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tumbleweedusually the TV's panel size isn't 720p / 1080p. so "overscan off" is actually "don't resize"18:05
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