Thursday, 2017-04-27

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mithroxfxf: Jaycar has a clearance on HDMI to 3G SDI converters and
tpbTitle: 3G SDI to HDMI Converter | Jaycar Electronics (at
mithroxfxf: Probably cheap crap, but would probably work with the HDMI2USB04:24
tpbTitle: New MINI SD-SDI HD-SDI 3G-SDI to HDMI 1080P Converter 2.97Gbit camera to TV GH (at
xfxfjaycar is all overpriced ebay crap these days :(04:24
xfxfbut thx, always happy to hear of deals04:24
mithroxfxf: You should buy some of them and pull it apart04:25
xfxfi've probalby already got one somewhere, what would you want to see?04:25
mithroWhat IC it is using internally04:25
tpbTitle: Mini SDI to HDMI Extender HDMI Conveter 720P 1080P 3G HD SD SDI HD SDI 3G SDI for Driving HDMI Monitors + EU US AU Plug-in Audio & Video Cables from Computer & Office on | Alibaba Group (at
xfxfcomic sans MS specifications04:27
xfxfalways a good thing04:27
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